Bites of My Life

Last Tucker girl standing. Claire is officially a married women. Serious depression flying home yesterday from such an incredible weekend. Still haven't slipped back into routine, Hint why this post is coming at you Monday night. 

Kathleen, John, Elle and I landed in Brooklyn last Wednesday. The pictures below don't do the wedding weekend justice. Especially since I don't know how to import video into my collages, so you are missing out on our very impressive and equally embarrassing (on our part) maid's of honor speech. Think feathered fans, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen. Every detail from the flowers, to the venue, to the food, the amazing food, to the dance party were perfect. Best wishes Claire and Mike, love you guys so much and loved this weekend!

bites 223.jpg

-Double dose of sweet potato. The OG and in soup form. 
-Turmeric Smoothie on repeat with these turmeric packets from Republic of Tea. Should I do a recipe post for this??
-Traveling with an 11 week old is not for the faint of heart.
-Farro salad with poached eggs and pesto from Five Leaves. Our group self-nominated it as the best restaurant in Brooklyn after each visiting guest made their way there to eat at some point over the weekend. 
-Most gorgeous bride!
-These two have set the wedding bar extremely high. 
-Snapshots from the best night ever.
-New York must: walk through central park. 
-Blocking the haters. 


Bites of My Life

I'm confused. Today is Thursday, but it feels like Tuesday to me. With being in two different time zones over the past week and daylight savings time happening, my internal clock is off.

Over the weekend my family flew up to New York to see oldest sis run the New York Marathon! It was an incredible weekend celebrating her run, eating delicious food, catching up with friends, the whole fam and exploring new parts of the city. We got home in time for all the election drama, but with a three day week for me, I'm still working on adjusting. 

-I'm a sucker for Starbucks specialty cups. Last week they distributed these green cups, but today red cups are LIVE! Don't worry, I already got mine this morning!
-Easy, creamy, healthy, delicious butternut squash soup with savory granola. A must make recipe for this fall. 
-Flavor of the month = turmeric. Picked up this golden milk drink for sipping when I'm not making a homemade turmeric latte at home!
-The power went out one evening in our neighborhood last week. I was quickly reminded how dependent on electricity I am. No TV, no wifi, no oven, microwave, no netflix. It was harddddd.
-Went to Target for a work errand and walked out with a crock-pot. Why Target why????
-A few months late, but I can check off "take a coffee/latte class" off my Spring TDL. Disclosure none of these latte pours were done by me, it is as hard as it looks. 
-From ages 8 to about 14 I was highly obsessed with Hello Kitty. I had Hello Kitty calendars, water bottles, earrings, t-shirts, blankets, iPod covers, it was a lot. My heart skipped a beat when this filter showed up on snapchat last week.
-Barre 3 OKC turned 6 last Friday and I loved getting to join in the celebrations with a DJ led class  taught under strung twinkle lights. 
-Arrived in New York on Saturday and got straight to eating. We assisted in Claire's "carb loading" with copious amounts of truffle cheese and pomodoro bucatini. 
-Long waits altered our breakfast plans, but for the better I think. We ended up at a little French Algerian cafe with the best avocado toast and a massive curbside view to the marathon runners going by.
-Team Slarrrrrrr! Sis finished the marathon in 3:53:46. Blasted so fast!
-Creamy overnight oats, blueberries, cashew cream and granola. If only my local Whole Foods had a breakfast parfait bar like the Brooklyn Whole Foods did. So obsessed we went twice. 
-Ended our trip with some bubbly and an incredible dinner at Bobby Flay's, Gato. 
-If you go to NYC you must make an appointment at Paintbox. It's becoming a sister tradition, to fancify our nails when together in the city!


Sisters and the City

My sisters and I grew up watching Father of the Bride and can probably agree it's our favorite movie. We always pictured our dad as George Banks and us as his little girls. When it came to one of us getting married I never really pictured it happening. It's one of those things you know eventually will but just can't picture it. Well the time has come. Kathleen got swept up and she's the first one to walk down the aisle. This whole Maid of Honor thing is new to Claire and I, but when Kat said she didn't want a conventional bachelorette party, we easily supported that. A trip up to New York (Claire's home) was the substitute bach party! 

Claire and I are six years apart, so until recently, we haven't really been on a similar page of life. Now that we are all technically "grown up" we could have fun grown up sister time! Nothing crazy here people, but having a drink at dinner changes things. We spent the weekend shopping, getting manicures and eating, typical Tucker sister things but double the fun when you're in New York. 

Our fancy dinner at ABC Kitchen may have been our favorite meal of the weekend. We went all out on crab toast, kombucha squash toast, roasted butternut squash with hazelnuts and goat cheese and the roasted carrot and avocado salad for apps. That was just the beginning. A variety of fish dishes and an amazing brussels sprout pizza with jalepenos and garlic for our mains then somehow stuffed in their famous salted caramel and popcorn sundae.  

Kathleen and I may be little Barre3 ballerinas, but Claire is an intense Soul Cycler. We all signed up for a class Monday morning before coming home and holy cow. Fifteen minutes into the class I hated it. Cursing under my breath about to give up then all of a sudden I loved it. A black room with candles burning, an insane/awesome instruct and a great playlist really gets you in the groove. I was a nasty sweaty mess afterward, but I'm already having withdrawals. 

Okay enough of the workout, back to the food. Hello beautiful brunch. Saturday at Prune and Sunday at Jack's Wife Freda. I couldn't pick a favorite. They are both equally tiny and have amazing menus. Kathleen and I both mentioned how there are few places at home we would wait an hour for brunch, but since the spaces are all so tiny in New York and the food knocks it out of the park I didn't mind at all. 
So at Prune we started with banana bread after having order envy with the table next to us. Then we got the huevos rancheros, pear dutch pancake (so dang fluffy) and the spicy stewed chickpeas with crispy battered egg. Unusual but spectacular. 
At Jack's Wife Freda I went in knowing I would get the avocado toast. I'm on a huge avo toast kick right now, but with their sweet cherry tomato jam on top it really kicked it up. Claire got the green shakshuka and the mediterranean breakfast for Kathleen. All a win. 

Lox and bagles and of course some soft serve from Milk Bar also made the food list. It was cold and rainy, but we didn't let much rain on our sister bachelorette weekend. Who knows if and when we will be able to do something like this again so I'm really cherishing it. Maybe when the next sister gets married...

Bites of My Life

First week back to school is down and a very successful sister weekend in New York is now over. A busy few days getting adjusted to my new schedule, internship and classes was followed up by bachelorette fun! More on my weekend to come. 
-A pile of fried eggs and green things while plopped in front of the TV for the Golden Globes last week. Sunday dinners are always a favorite of mine.
-Sifting through my cookbooks to kick off one of my New Years Resolutions
-Cherishing time with this pup!
-#KatsBrooklynBach weekend finally arrived! My sisters and I had a whole weekend in NY for just the three of us to celebrate our soon to be bride of a sister. 
-First stop in New York was for lox and bagels.
-Custom tattoos in case anyone forgot what we were celebrating. 
-Cheers to the bachelorette!
-New York brunch you never disappoint. Sunday morning at Prune.
-A stop at Milk Bar of course. Went for salted pistachio caramel soft serve with crunch. Everyone ooh and ahh with me now. 
-Us Tucker's eat a lot so a butt kicking workout at Soul Cycle was just what we needed and actually amazing. 
-Last meal at Jack's Wife Freda. Home of amazing avocado toast and adorable sugar packets. 

D.C. Diary Part III

The third installment of D.C. Diary starts now. Take a tour through my world as I travel to NYC, celebrate the 4th of July and entertain you with my obsessive food pictures. 

The donuts were practically forced upon us after finishing our entrees at Matchbox. After taking one bite of the orange scented donuts with kaluha and cream dipping sauce, I knew why our waiter was being so pushy. 

Feeling all cool and popular inside when my fav DC foodgrammer reposted my Farmers Fishers Bakers oatmeal pic. 

Pre-New York meal at Roti. The Chipotle styled restaurant with Mediterranean flair is right across from our dorm and way too delicious. I've decided I'm going to become a franchiser, so I can just bring all of my favorite DC restaurants back to Oklahoma with me. 

My colorful plate consisted of chicken roti, falafel, eggplant, pickled onions, cous cous, tomatoes, red curry sauce, hummus all on a bed of lettuce. 

My first love is DC, but my absolute/all time/can't beat it, favorite place is in New York. Got off the the bus in the big city and made a b-line to Milk Bar East Village for cereal milk soft serve with crunch and an iced coffee with cereal milk. 

PS450 was brunch like never before. Music blaring, lights dimming, beads hanging everywhere it was insane but way too fun. My chilaquiles consisted of shredded chicken, queso fresco, pico de gallo, and crushed tortilla chips all topped with an egg. Other popular dishes on the table were the smoked salmon eggs Benedict, s'mores french toast and BEC french toast meaning bacon, egg, and cheese.

Our New York clan for the weekend. 

Post brunch was a long leisurely walk to the Highline Standard hotel. The white and black with fresh greens and pops of yellow really striked my fancy. 

Dining al fresco, nothing better. 

Date night with my Kappa twin at the chic General Assembly was fresh ricotta dip to start and citrus halibut for dinner. 

Best weekend with my girl. 

Wondering around the west village by myself before meeting Claire and Mike for brunch.

Soft scrambled eggs and smoked salmon at The Dutch.

Shrimp fried rice, brunch style. Thanks Claire and Mike for my belated birthday brunch!

I've actually never had one of these strawberry shortcake ice cream pops until now. It was the perfect treat to cool off with in Central Park before heading back to D.C.

New York had me fooled and made me think I loved it more, but being back in the district, I'm thinking more straight. 

A scoop of green tea and a scoop of snickerdoodle cookie dough ice cream for a walk around Georgetown on a Monday night. 

Kimchi Ramen from Toki Underground, but delivered to the dorm. In order to avoid the hour long lines, we ordered take-out 24 hours in advance. My first ramen, and it was totally worth it. 

A delicious lunch treated by our boss with my fellow interns at Malmaison. I got the avocado, corn and tomato salad. The cobb and smoked salmon salad were also ordered. Mine was amazing but I am still wanting to go back for the cantaloupe and tomato salad. 

Brain Food Friday at work was brought to us c/o Sweet Green! 

This was my second time at Cava Mezze, but my first time for dinner. The first time was for Father's day brunch where we feasted on tapas sized plates of gyro hash and lamb benedict. Sydney and I went on a date here after Jazz in the Garden for one of her lasts meals. You start with warm pita, olives, harissa and oils, then we ordered the spicy lamb meatballs, the zucchini fritters, cheese dumplings and the chicken souvlaki.

We then opted for dessert wine, coffee, apple pie and chocolate mousse for a girl's night instead of going out. 

Le Diplomate! Anna is rubbing off on me and has me on a Frenchie kick!

Not a traditional French dish, but they know how to make some mac and cheese. 

A cappuccino to start. 

And the mushroom tart to finish. I still dream of that mushroom tart. 

Every dish was beautiful, including Anna's salmon tartine. 

First time at a pool all summer, although after a little 'incident' no one was allowed in the pool for the rest of the day. Ahhh the joys of public pools.

The Jefferson by night. 

The Washington Monument and D.C. all lit up!

The oreo and nutella donut from GBD. So worth I don't even care that I'm posting a picture of me shoving it in my mouth, or shall I say, taking a bite?

Ted's Bulletin is the sweetest little diner restaurant on Capitol Hill. It was high on our list, mainly because of the homemade pop tarts. They use newspapers for menus and have old movies playing on the big screen in the main dining area. 

Of course I instagrammed the food, and then it also got regrammed by @dcdining

I purchased some fresh figs at Whole Foods, but then had no idea what to do with them. This was the most delicious and pretty little dinner I have ever whipped up. Recipe here.

Lemonade and pistachio Pinkberry topped with dark chocolate crunches, granola and raspberries. 

I often catch myself snapping pics of Georgetown on my walk to or from work. The colors and the quaintness gets me every day. 

Every corner of the Georgetown neighborhood streets has the most breathtaking brownstones and greenery. 

Kate and Melissa finally got in town for the 4th after spending the night in the Chicago Airport because of Hurricane Arthur. Our first dinner was at Farmers Fishers Bakers because I can't get enough. 

We did table side guac, pretzel rolls, and this wasn't mine, but I was eyeing the prosciutto and fig pizza all night. 

It didn't photograph well, but it's one of the best salads ever. The corn cake ranchero salad rivals my go to, fried brussels sprout salad.

Two best gal pals finally made it! 

Salmon scramble round 2 for a 4th of July brunch at Kramer's in Dupont. 

Take a freaking bite. Hot dogs on the fourth are a necessity. 

Good Stuff round three while new visitors where in town. A bunless steakhouse burger so I could un-guiltfully enjoy a hefty portion of village fries. 

Not, just, a shake. The whipped cream Good Stuff tops their shakes with is so thick it's like a scoop of ice cream.

Barbecue burger, village fries (sea salt, rosemary and thyme), oreo shake and toasted marshmallow shake all in view. 

Stuffed and feeling good after Mel and Kate's first Good Stuff Eatery experience. 

Made the hike to  La Colombe for breakfast after sending Kate and Melissa off! The hemp milk latte and pistachio morning roll did the trick.

Peek-a-boo white house. My view all the way down 16th St. in Logan Circle.

After trying Ted's Bulletin on Capitol Hill for brunch, we opted for the 14th street location for dinner. Look at all those homemade pop tarts, snowballs, donuts and scones. 

This one has the same 50s soda fountain feel, but slightly more modern and fancy. 

Just because I was there for dinner didn't mean I wasn't going to get a pop tart. 

The parisian chic interior of Malmaison. Same place where I got my avocado, corn tomato salad. This time I was just getting coffee which I must admit was very marginal, but the ambience of this place gets me every time. 

That's all for now with my D.C. updates. Only about two weeks left:(