City Guide: OKC

Oklahoma City. I love this place, but I'll be honest I didn't always love it. I grew up in the burbs and loved my suburbian bubble. In the past few years OKC has evolved and changed in front of my eyes. It's the place I now call home and I love living here in the heart of all it's growth.

Below is a complied list of my favorite coffeeshops, restaurants, pick-me-ups and shops. List is subject to change, as my city continues to grow.


Chirps and Cheers image by Ely Fair Photography

CK and Co. 
On A Whim
Betsy King Shoes

Chirps and Cheers
No Regrets
Sara Kate Studios
Plenty Mercantile

Do you live in the city, are you new to the city, or will you be visiting soon? Locals or newbies, I hope you enjoy my list. Feel free to email me at if you need any more recs or suggestions on what to order!