Bites of My Life

I'm confused. Today is Thursday, but it feels like Tuesday to me. With being in two different time zones over the past week and daylight savings time happening, my internal clock is off.

Over the weekend my family flew up to New York to see oldest sis run the New York Marathon! It was an incredible weekend celebrating her run, eating delicious food, catching up with friends, the whole fam and exploring new parts of the city. We got home in time for all the election drama, but with a three day week for me, I'm still working on adjusting. 

-I'm a sucker for Starbucks specialty cups. Last week they distributed these green cups, but today red cups are LIVE! Don't worry, I already got mine this morning!
-Easy, creamy, healthy, delicious butternut squash soup with savory granola. A must make recipe for this fall. 
-Flavor of the month = turmeric. Picked up this golden milk drink for sipping when I'm not making a homemade turmeric latte at home!
-The power went out one evening in our neighborhood last week. I was quickly reminded how dependent on electricity I am. No TV, no wifi, no oven, microwave, no netflix. It was harddddd.
-Went to Target for a work errand and walked out with a crock-pot. Why Target why????
-A few months late, but I can check off "take a coffee/latte class" off my Spring TDL. Disclosure none of these latte pours were done by me, it is as hard as it looks. 
-From ages 8 to about 14 I was highly obsessed with Hello Kitty. I had Hello Kitty calendars, water bottles, earrings, t-shirts, blankets, iPod covers, it was a lot. My heart skipped a beat when this filter showed up on snapchat last week.
-Barre 3 OKC turned 6 last Friday and I loved getting to join in the celebrations with a DJ led class  taught under strung twinkle lights. 
-Arrived in New York on Saturday and got straight to eating. We assisted in Claire's "carb loading" with copious amounts of truffle cheese and pomodoro bucatini. 
-Long waits altered our breakfast plans, but for the better I think. We ended up at a little French Algerian cafe with the best avocado toast and a massive curbside view to the marathon runners going by.
-Team Slarrrrrrr! Sis finished the marathon in 3:53:46. Blasted so fast!
-Creamy overnight oats, blueberries, cashew cream and granola. If only my local Whole Foods had a breakfast parfait bar like the Brooklyn Whole Foods did. So obsessed we went twice. 
-Ended our trip with some bubbly and an incredible dinner at Bobby Flay's, Gato. 
-If you go to NYC you must make an appointment at Paintbox. It's becoming a sister tradition, to fancify our nails when together in the city!