Bites of My Life

No Spend November kicked off last week. I can report that so far so good. I had a lunch meeting that was covered for me, a fun cheese class, that I had paid for a few weeks ago and then ate at home every night during the week besides that. I treated myself to Starbucks this weekend because I really wanted a holiday cup (lol) and then purchased a couple drinks out on Saturday. I had dinner with a friend Saturday, but lucky us, our tab got picked up - ha! So indeed I did only spend money 3 times on food/drinks for the week!


-No Spend November started last week, and I loved seeing how many of you were on board to join me!
-This Cider Chicken is a recipe from a friend who is a nutritionist. I had big plans to make it and shoot it and share the recipe, but since daylight savings hit last week I need to rethink my photography time frame.
-Fun work lunch at the original Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on TCU’s campus. Little back story, my restaurant group owns the Oklahoma Fuzzy’s only, however we work closely with the corporate Fuzzy’s team who are based out of DFW. I’ve been able to meet with a couple of times now since being in Dallas!
-My Kale Quinoa Salad made an appearance for meals last week. I swapped out the cranberries for avocado and added in leftover chicken from the cider chicken. It’s so simple but good!
-Look at that board!! Pretty proud of myself for this one. My friend Kacie, who serves as the Marketing Director for Jack Mason, asked me to make a few cheeseboards for a launch party they were having in collab with the menswear line, Taylor Stich.
-Cut the cheese for my bestie Margaret on her bday. If you are in Dallas, I highly recommend the cheese classes at Scardello!
-I got an itch to bake Friday night. I typically always have ingredients stocked for Perfect CCCs. I started baking only to realize I was out of eggs… I’ve had a few people ask me for an egg replacement, so this was an accidental time to test out the applesauce method which I randomly had on hand. 1/2 cup applesauce actually worked great in replacement for 2 eggs.
-A mimosa, a few Ranch Waters, a French 75 and an espresso martini later led to a really fun day with my girl Caroline, but a night of no sleep and a not fun headache the next day…
-Sunday Chili night with the Cowboys and great friends!


Bites of My Life

Halloween, check! Now bring on the TURKEY!!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’m currently in OKC for a quick work trip, and my family spent part of yesterday planning out our Thanksgiving menu. Truly the best time of the year!


-I tried Culina plant-based yogurt for the first time this week and me-oh-my it’s so good! TBH it’s really expensive for yogurt, but worth the splurge here and there.
-Got a little crafty Monday night and was quickly reminded how much I love to use my hands. Felt good to make something while watching TV, instead of scrolling Instagram all evening.
-First oatmeal of the season! Pumpkin for Halloween of course!
-Creepy crawly CCCs for Halloween + 11 other festive recipes!
-Does anyone else serve their chili over rice? This was new to me, but when a friend made chili for a group on Halloween, he served it over rice. And I approved. Seems strange, but works.
-Friday afternoon remote working at one of my favorite places, Royal Blue!
-If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the tortilla chip saga last week. Tortilla chips are my kryptonite. 5 chips leads to 50 far to fast, anyone else?
-I got to be in a really fun fitness shoot Saturday afternoon. Post-shoot meant beers and cheese fries ;)
-Blondes + Marge!
-I started this book yesterday and already halfway done. It’s short essay style, my favorite and too relatable.
-CHEEEEEEESE with my best girl Elle!
-In OKC for a very quick work trip, but got to squeeze in a belated birthday dinner for my mom. Dinner was at my favorite, Cheever’s, which also meant finishing the meal with the best brandy ice in OKC!


12 Halloween Inspired Recipes

When you aren’t eating fun-size pieces of candy, try one of these 12 spirited recipes. All perfect for you Halloween celebrations in some way!


1. Halloween Candy Compost Cookies
Doesn’t get more Halloween than these! Make them for your Halloween celebration or bake them after the holiday for a way to use up all the leftover candy you have lying around.


2. Double Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Cookies
For when you want to be festive, but aren’t a pumpkin person. These cookies use pepitas (pumpkin seeds) instead of actual pumpkin puree.


3. Pumpkin Bread
This is my family’s tried and true recipe. There’s not a better pumpkin bread out there, I’m sure of it.


4. Pumpkin Pecan White Chocolate Cookies
These cookies > candy this year.


5. Pumpkin Green Smoothie
The easiest way to sneak in some greens on a day centered around treats!


6. Pumpkin Spice Bulletproof Coffee
Fuel for your long day of tricking and treating!


7. Upside Down Pumpkin Crumb Cake
This recipe comes from my two friends Madison + Peyton, formerly Identical Ideals. These two actually re-designed my site!


8. Pumpkin Curry
It’s supposed to be cold in this area on Halloween. A bowl of pumpkin curry sounds like the best way to cozy up on Halloween night.


9. Halloween Slutty Brownies
Layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, a layer of seasonal orange oreos, and topped with a layer of gooey brownie. What could be better?


10. The Best Pumpkin Soup
Soup baked in a pumpkin? Sold.


11. Pumpkin Dip
My mom used to make this dip when I was little. It was the BEST treat to come home to after school. Now let me just add this to my list of TAB recipes that need to be updated…Killer filter Annie…


12. Creepy Crawling CCC’s
I just took my classic Perfect CCC’s and made little legs on the chocolate chips to make them look like spiders. Before baking place one chocolate chip point side down on the top of the ball of dough. I used Toll House dark chocolate chips for the bodies because they are little bigger than semi-sweet chips. Sprinkle with Maldon Salt and bake as normal. Melt 1/4 cup chocolate chips (helps if you add a tiny bit of ghee or coconut oil to the chocolate to make it easier to design with). Once the cookies have cooled, using a toothpick, dip the toothpick in the melted chocolate and then draw on three little legs on each side of the chocolate chip to replicate a spider!

Happy Halloween!

Bites of My Life

Fall has finally made it’s way to Texas. I’m soaking up the cozy days, but still trying to get outside as much as possible. After a decent work week, I got to celebrate one of my best friends birthday, then headed up to OKC for a wedding shower. Leeeeeetle bump in the road when my tire pressure light came on and I found out I needed 3 new tires after only being on the road for 30 minutes. But kudos to Pep Boys for getting me home safely. Now it’s time for Halloweek!! Halloween gets some hate, but I’ve loved it since I was little. If you need some last minute costume inspo, take a bite of my food themed costumes the past few years.

bites 324.jpg

-I’ve had this recipe saved to make for forever. Y’all know I love an egg baked into something. Shakshuka, a sweet potato, and now an acorn squash! Just cut the squash in half and scrape out the seeds. Cut a little off the bottom so the squash halves stands up straight. Roast with olive oil, salt, pepper and a little cinnamon for 45 minutes. Crack two eggs into the well of the squash and bake for another 15-20 minutes. Top with hot sauce and enjoy.
-Kombucha and a dish of chocolate chips. The ultimate dessert when I’m trying not to ruin a day of healthy eating.
-Turmeric Chicken Zoodle Soup hit the blog with a refresh last week and I loved having it to eat on all week. Wifi was out at my co-working space, so my make-shift standing desk (kitchen counter) at home, yummy soup and Gilmore Girls in the background made for a cozy work from home day.
-The new CB2 opened just a stone’s throw away from me and it. is. gorgeous. I now want to redo my entire apartment with the money I don’t have.
-Wasabi peas are nostalgic for me. Where are my KKG 7-girl roommates at? We used to have wasabi peas stocked in our room in the sorority house. I got a bag to snack on while I was shopping at Central Market and it immediately took me back to sophomore year!
-My good friend in Dallas, Caroline has started a monthly supper club, getting together all the girls from different groups she knows together for dinner. It was the perfect way to meet more people in this city and honestly just so fun. We did a salad bar style meal and each brought a different topping. Despite lettuce being the main event I still somehow managed to devour 5 cookies and copious amounts of cheese.
-Had a hankering to bake something late Thursday night. I needed it to include ingredients I already had and I wanted it to be relatively healthy. I found Pey’s snickerdoodle muffin recipe from @choosingbalance. They were paleo, GF and had just enough sweetness. They also only made 6 which was perfect for me and few to share.
-A sleepover themed birthday party for princess Olivia. Honestly the most ideal cozy Friday night in our PJ’s with pizza, wine and junk food.
-Quick trip home to celebrate Trinian and Carson!


Bites of My Life

I felt like a real working professional this week. I took a “business trip” (lol) home to OKC on Monday for work meetings, the opening of our 7th Oklahoma Fuzzy’s and to help with the launch of our new fall menu at The Jones Assembly. Got back in town late Wednesday and finished out the week with a pumpkin carve, the Maggie Rogers concert and quick 20 hour lake trip and now ready for a new week. A great week indeed!

bites 323.jpg

-Best part of still working for The Social Order in OKC, is more excuses to get to see this little pup!
-Another Fuzzy’s under our belt! It’s always fun to help and see a new restaurant open. And to see guests genuinely so excited to see it open.
-The new fall menu at The Jones Assembly is not one to sleep on.
-After work walks are my favorite, especially when the weather is gorgeous and houses are starting to decorate for the holidays. I loved this little pumpkin stoop.
-My pumpkin has a bow on it. Are you surprised? Our resident hostess Olivia threw the most fun pumpkin carve.
-Take. A. Bite! My girl Bailey caught my name de plume in action while shooting for work this week.
-A very very spontaneous lake trip just an hour outside of Dallas. We caught sunset, sunrise and then were back on the road in to Dallas.
-Before packing up, a HUGE Sunday lake breakfast was aa must.
-QT with my girl Caroline! I love Dallas for bringing me Carol! We met for Pressed Freeze and the seasonal pumpkin flavor is all it’s cracked up to be.