Bites of My Life

Thank goodness for a really great weekend to pull me out of my Hawaii depression. Last week was hard coming off vacation. However, it was super busy playing catch up, work in general being busy, life in general being busy, it all helped distract me from my post-vacay blues. But nothing like oldest sis coming in town, leading to a great fam filled weekend to turn things around. Truly a great weekend, that's all I can say. 

Now back to the craziness. April man. Always kicks me in the.... 

bites 249.jpg

-Finishing up the workday on my back patio with spring like weather is the best way to end a Monday. 
-PSA letting you know how delicious the lunch (especially the tacos) are at Okay Yeah!
-When Take A Bite and Claire Martin Designs collide.
-Loved celebrating 5 years of Take A Bite giving away some of my favorite things!
-When sis is in town we eat, drink, and then eat and drink. #notmad.
-Ladies who brunch. (p.s. EnCroute has some very notable brunch additions to their menu.
-And the winner for the best wedding invitations goes to...
-Grilled Pizza for Claire's last night in town.


Bites of My Life

Last week was minor compared to my weekend. After a flight rebook and a few delays, I made it to Miami to commence "Ta Ta Tucker" with Claire. Kathleen couldn't make it due to angel baby Elle only being 5 weeks old, but getting to spend time with oldest sis and her closest friends was more fun than I hoped. I haven't been to the beach in a hot minute. The trip was quick but I absolutely loved stuffing my face at 27 Restaurant & Bar, recovering with a latte the size of my face, napping in the sun piña colada the frozen mojito in hand, then some classic late night Miami clubbing. Miami you exceeded expectations! We are now just under 6 weeks until Claire's big day. The countdown is on as well as a sister act of "Whole 6 weeks" for the final push until the wedding. 

bites 218.jpg

-Worked on perfecting my mint chip smoothie all week. It came down to nut milk, spinach, frozen cauliflower, frozen banana, hemp powder, cacao powder, cacao nibs in and on top, and a drop of peppermint essential oils.
-Working on a "Spaghetti Squash 4 Ways" post...stay tuned. 
-Been embracing my calmer schedule and spending mornings working from home spending way too long staying in my PJs. 
-#tatatucker in South Beach with big sis bride!
-Take me to the beach and all I want is a piña colada! 
-Partied in the city where they heat was on.
-"The Workout" smoothie at Uptown Grocery. I can't get enough!
-Pilates by Dallas aka pilates at Four Graces. My current obsession. Because of my multi-studio membership I have with StudioHop, I've stepped outside my normal workout routine and discovered my love for pilates! My code AnnieHop20 is still available to get $20 off your first month of SH!
-Aunt Annie makes for a great napping spot.


Bites of My Life

Week 1 of funemployment was a little too fun. Let's hope this week can compare. With oldest sister also between jobs, she made a trip down from New York for the week. We took full advantage of her being here and having time off from work. Lunch, dinner, workouts, shopping, pedicures, puppy time, family time, we squeezed it all in. Having a family of foodies meant lots of eating, cooking and snacking. We amped up our workouts to counteract the calories! Sad to see last week go, but this week is already shaping up to be a good one!

-Started my week of "funemployment" off right with a fun stack of raspberry pancakes!
-Kept the fun going by treating myself to a massage at Udander. Seriously amazing, highly recommend to locals. 
-Lunch at my current fav, Cultivar. I could eat those chips and guac for every meal. 
-With oldest sis in town, we instantly became sous chefs for the week! Spring green salad with scallops over garlic ginger pea puree.
-Showing sis the OKC can be just as cool as NYC. 
-Another dinner win with slow roasted citrus salmon and harissa israeli cous cous salad.
-My sweet little site has officially been published for 3 years. HBD TAB!
-Made a stop in Norman, OK to visit my grandmother, which led to lunch at this college town staple. 
-Made homemade kimchi with big sis while she was home. Used the recipe from Edible OKC.
-Randomly craving bananas in any form. And I usually hate bananas... Recipe for this banana bread tomorrow!
-Homemade cashew butter about to come in handy for a recipe later this week. Followed the same recipe as my homemade almond butter just roast the cashews for 7-9 minutes instead.
-Spaghetti Squash Kimchi Korean Bowl slayed Sunday night dinner, comment if you want the recipe and I will post it!


Sisters and the City

My sisters and I grew up watching Father of the Bride and can probably agree it's our favorite movie. We always pictured our dad as George Banks and us as his little girls. When it came to one of us getting married I never really pictured it happening. It's one of those things you know eventually will but just can't picture it. Well the time has come. Kathleen got swept up and she's the first one to walk down the aisle. This whole Maid of Honor thing is new to Claire and I, but when Kat said she didn't want a conventional bachelorette party, we easily supported that. A trip up to New York (Claire's home) was the substitute bach party! 

Claire and I are six years apart, so until recently, we haven't really been on a similar page of life. Now that we are all technically "grown up" we could have fun grown up sister time! Nothing crazy here people, but having a drink at dinner changes things. We spent the weekend shopping, getting manicures and eating, typical Tucker sister things but double the fun when you're in New York. 

Our fancy dinner at ABC Kitchen may have been our favorite meal of the weekend. We went all out on crab toast, kombucha squash toast, roasted butternut squash with hazelnuts and goat cheese and the roasted carrot and avocado salad for apps. That was just the beginning. A variety of fish dishes and an amazing brussels sprout pizza with jalepenos and garlic for our mains then somehow stuffed in their famous salted caramel and popcorn sundae.  

Kathleen and I may be little Barre3 ballerinas, but Claire is an intense Soul Cycler. We all signed up for a class Monday morning before coming home and holy cow. Fifteen minutes into the class I hated it. Cursing under my breath about to give up then all of a sudden I loved it. A black room with candles burning, an insane/awesome instruct and a great playlist really gets you in the groove. I was a nasty sweaty mess afterward, but I'm already having withdrawals. 

Okay enough of the workout, back to the food. Hello beautiful brunch. Saturday at Prune and Sunday at Jack's Wife Freda. I couldn't pick a favorite. They are both equally tiny and have amazing menus. Kathleen and I both mentioned how there are few places at home we would wait an hour for brunch, but since the spaces are all so tiny in New York and the food knocks it out of the park I didn't mind at all. 
So at Prune we started with banana bread after having order envy with the table next to us. Then we got the huevos rancheros, pear dutch pancake (so dang fluffy) and the spicy stewed chickpeas with crispy battered egg. Unusual but spectacular. 
At Jack's Wife Freda I went in knowing I would get the avocado toast. I'm on a huge avo toast kick right now, but with their sweet cherry tomato jam on top it really kicked it up. Claire got the green shakshuka and the mediterranean breakfast for Kathleen. All a win. 

Lox and bagles and of course some soft serve from Milk Bar also made the food list. It was cold and rainy, but we didn't let much rain on our sister bachelorette weekend. Who knows if and when we will be able to do something like this again so I'm really cherishing it. Maybe when the next sister gets married...

Bites of My Life

First week back to school is down and a very successful sister weekend in New York is now over. A busy few days getting adjusted to my new schedule, internship and classes was followed up by bachelorette fun! More on my weekend to come. 
-A pile of fried eggs and green things while plopped in front of the TV for the Golden Globes last week. Sunday dinners are always a favorite of mine.
-Sifting through my cookbooks to kick off one of my New Years Resolutions
-Cherishing time with this pup!
-#KatsBrooklynBach weekend finally arrived! My sisters and I had a whole weekend in NY for just the three of us to celebrate our soon to be bride of a sister. 
-First stop in New York was for lox and bagels.
-Custom tattoos in case anyone forgot what we were celebrating. 
-Cheers to the bachelorette!
-New York brunch you never disappoint. Sunday morning at Prune.
-A stop at Milk Bar of course. Went for salted pistachio caramel soft serve with crunch. Everyone ooh and ahh with me now. 
-Us Tucker's eat a lot so a butt kicking workout at Soul Cycle was just what we needed and actually amazing. 
-Last meal at Jack's Wife Freda. Home of amazing avocado toast and adorable sugar packets.