Bites of My Life

First week back to school is down and a very successful sister weekend in New York is now over. A busy few days getting adjusted to my new schedule, internship and classes was followed up by bachelorette fun! More on my weekend to come. 
-A pile of fried eggs and green things while plopped in front of the TV for the Golden Globes last week. Sunday dinners are always a favorite of mine.
-Sifting through my cookbooks to kick off one of my New Years Resolutions
-Cherishing time with this pup!
-#KatsBrooklynBach weekend finally arrived! My sisters and I had a whole weekend in NY for just the three of us to celebrate our soon to be bride of a sister. 
-First stop in New York was for lox and bagels.
-Custom tattoos in case anyone forgot what we were celebrating. 
-Cheers to the bachelorette!
-New York brunch you never disappoint. Sunday morning at Prune.
-A stop at Milk Bar of course. Went for salted pistachio caramel soft serve with crunch. Everyone ooh and ahh with me now. 
-Us Tucker's eat a lot so a butt kicking workout at Soul Cycle was just what we needed and actually amazing. 
-Last meal at Jack's Wife Freda. Home of amazing avocado toast and adorable sugar packets.