Bites of My Life

Thank goodness for a really great weekend to pull me out of my Hawaii depression. Last week was hard coming off vacation. However, it was super busy playing catch up, work in general being busy, life in general being busy, it all helped distract me from my post-vacay blues. But nothing like oldest sis coming in town, leading to a great fam filled weekend to turn things around. Truly a great weekend, that's all I can say. 

Now back to the craziness. April man. Always kicks me in the.... 

bites 249.jpg

-Finishing up the workday on my back patio with spring like weather is the best way to end a Monday. 
-PSA letting you know how delicious the lunch (especially the tacos) are at Okay Yeah!
-When Take A Bite and Claire Martin Designs collide.
-Loved celebrating 5 years of Take A Bite giving away some of my favorite things!
-When sis is in town we eat, drink, and then eat and drink. #notmad.
-Ladies who brunch. (p.s. EnCroute has some very notable brunch additions to their menu.
-And the winner for the best wedding invitations goes to...
-Grilled Pizza for Claire's last night in town.


Bites of My Life

Aloha! Fresh off the Island and in full on post-vacation depression mode. I'm not going to go into full trip details, because a recap post is coming this week. For now just teaser photos will have to do. I'm not dealing well with having to go back to realty today. I keep scrolling back through my camera roll looking at vacation pictures pretending I'm still there...Monday, here we go. 

bites 248.jpg

-Finally finally finally got to take a class from my favorite fitness instructor. If you live in Dallas you have to check out Class Studios!
-Trying to franchise East Hampton Sandwich Co. to Oklahoma.
-Best time celebrating #KatieFoundHerMattch in Dallas and getting to talk wedding deats with Marge for #GoingGoingVaughn.
-First morning I woke up with sunrise yoga on the greens of our hotel. 
-My slide or dies. 
-Minutes before having the best meal of our lives. 
-Give us all the açaí bowls and rice. Add in poke and piña coladas and that is basically all we ate. 
-3 girls, 4-wheels. 
-Exhibit A, rice and poke. 
-Hawaii we love you. 
-Roomie night out at Artini.
-Happy 5th Take A Bite! Keep a watch on my instagram for 5 days of giveaways this week in honor of 5 years.


5 Years


Hard to believe it's been 5 years. 5 years since Take A Bite staked it's claim in the interweb. I really can't beleive it. 


This little website has brought me the coolest experiences, some incredible friends, delicious eats, ups, downs, all-arounds. I can't thank you enough for reading my blog posts, for making my recipes, for snapchatting and texting me pictures labeled #takeabite. It's incredible to think that what started out of the dining room of the OU Kappa house has transformed itself into this. Whatever this may be. 


Take A Bite Quick Facts:

I've written 247 Bites of My Life Posts with another on the way this Monday. 

I've posted 200+ recipe posts. 

This post still remains as my most popular read post, thinking it is much due for an update, seeing as I wrote it 4 years ago. 

These bad boys have made their way to my second most popular post, just as they should. I feel like they are the mascot of TAB. 


You can see how TAB has evolved by reading my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th birthday posts. 

And it wouldn't be a blog birthday/blogiversary without some Birthday Toast. The stupid easy recipe is linked here


Thank you for reading friends. It means the world. Here's to 5 more!


Bites of My Life

I apologize if you fell for my April Fool's joke yesterday, you weren't alone. However, I'm not sure I've ever pulled off an April Fool's joke more successfully. I was quite proud. I was also blown away by the amount of people who fell for my joke and messaged me saying how sad they would be if TAB really was ending. I've said it before, but you put all this content out and wonder if people even read it. So thank you, thank you for reading my posts, making my recipes and letting me know that you do so! 

Jokes aside, I leave for Hawaii in one week. Did I tell you all I'm going to Hawaii? I haven't been on a real vacation in I can't tell you how long. It's just me and two girl friends, very spontaneously jetting off to paradise for a week.  Did I also mention we booked this trip 3 weeks ago? Really embracing the "YOLO" motto for this trip. 

I also posted 4 times last week. I haven't done that since hmm maybe 2015. TAB was in full force last week. Scroll back through my feed to see said posts. 

bites 247.jpg

-So excited to add Caroline to my Arbonne team!
-That soft boiled runny egg spilling out is giving me all the feels.
-Welcome to the hood Stella Nova. I don't know how you make your almond milk latte so good, but you officially have me hooked on them. 
-Raspberry Lemon Protein Muffins were posted last week and you simple need to make them as soon as possible. 
-Carrot cake protein shake was equal parts festive and delicious. 
-Hello fresh, hello roomie taco dinner!
-When Claire love's espresso martinis, you surprise her with espresso martinis for her birthday.. 
-Creamy Vegan Lemon Bars, loved by all the non-vegan's I fed them too. 
-Successfully pulled off an April Fool's joke for the first time ever. 
-Double desserts and dessert fails are oddly becoming an Easter tradition. Carrot cake fail 2K12, double cheesecakes 2k14, pie crust mishap and two coconut cream pies this year. 
-Eggcellent first Easter for Elle!
-Love our Easter feast tradition at home we have continued that past few years opposed to brunching out to eat. 


Goodbye To You

5A1A1748 copy.jpg

Michelle Branch said it best when she sang, "Goodbye to you, Goodbye to everything that I knew." Goodbye Take A Bite. It's been a stellar 5 years in this corner of the internet with you.

Today is my last day posting at Take A Bite. It took some serious thought and something I have gone back and forth on, then back and forth again, but I'm finally at peace with my decision to close the door on my little food blog.  

at1-12 copy.jpg

I've loved sharing recipes, bites of my life and the occasional fashion inspo post, but after five years I'm saying goodbye to you. 

I hope you understand. I hope you enjoyed the past few years. I hope you were able to make a couple of my recipes. I hope you still come back and visit (the site isn't going anywhere despite my posting coming to a halt). I hope you still following my life happenings on social media. I hope you keep on taking bites.

5A1A1738 copy.jpg

And I hope you aren't too distracted with all the Easter shenanigans to remember that it is also April 1st.  

5A1A9774 copy.jpg

Happy April Fool's Day! TAB ain't going no where!! ;) 


photos by KGC Photography