Bites of My Life

I’ve kind of gotten back into running the past few weeks. I used to run all the time in college, but weak knees and getting burnt out, had me write it off completely. Until recently. While in Newport Beach a couple weeks ago, and seeing people out running along the beach and all through the city, I had a craving for it. I bought new running shoes and jumped on the treadmill (it’s still middle of winter here). I’m a short distance kind of girl only running 2 to 3 miles at a time, only a few times a week. However, it feels great. I have to be cautious of my knees because they don’t love it, but it feels so good to just take off and get the endorphins flowing. I had also been in a workout rut and running is helping pull me out of that.

It’s a nice balmy 26 degrees today…I’m one to enjoy all seasons, but winter you can go now. I would kill to go on a walk or run outside! Anyone else craaaaaaving spring?


-Started the week with lunch with mom, featuring one of my favorite salads. No really, I named it my fave in my quest for the Best Salad in OKC.
-Got asked to teach a photography class for the bartenders at The Jones Assembly. So fun getting to share my trade secrets and to see them really absorb what I was saying. Here is me with my open mouth breathing-means business-serious picture-taking face.
-Saving this recipe for a little longer, but let the anticipation build for these Thin Mint Brownies!
-Valentine’s Day steaks with our favorite sauce and not pictured pound cake with strawberries and homemade whipped cream. BIL John was out of town, so mom, dad, Kat and Elle and I cherished our little Vday dinner together!
-Book 2 out of my 24 goal done. This one was great!
-Valentine flowers not from mom and dad ;)
-Dallas for the weekend to see Rainbow Kitten Surprise and other things…
-When you partake in an organized 500 person bar crawl you are bound to see a few people you know!
-A little health after a day of bar crawling. The Sunrise Bowl from True Food Kitchen did the trick.


Extra bite: Discovered Jess Ann Kirby after Ellen linked to Jessica’s post about body image. Jessica is a lifestyle blogger but goes beyond just fashion and food. She touches on so many topics pertinent to my life. I spent all morning going down a rabbit hole reading some of her recent posts.

Sound bite: can’t stop listening to Mt. Joy after they opened for RKS on Friday. Do yourself a favor and listen in. My favorites are I’m Your Wreck, Sheep and Dirty Love.

Bites of My Life

Last week looked like breakfast for dinner and chocolate for dinner, combined with busy work days gearing up for a fun weekend. Looking into this week, I think the week may be very similar. Emphasis on the chocolate for dinner with Valentine’s Day being this week. Cue the sweets! I’ve already made a batch of Perfect CCC’s to share at work and at a meeting I have tonight. More cookies and Thin Mint brownies are also on the baking menu for the week.

bites 287.jpg

-S_B is for beauty!
-Fun fact: I highlight my hair about twice a year, but I’ve only professional colored my hair once. Yes that is right, anytime I color my hair, my sister does it. It’s amazing what a $15 platinum highlight kit from Walgreens can do. I wanted a more all over color this time so I used Madison Reed. Anyone heard of it? This was my second time using their at home color kit. It’s extremely easy and foolproof in my opinion, but both times the color has not turned out how i wanted. It’s a little hard to tell but my hair is now taking on more of a strawberry blonde affect. Looks like we need to add some blonde highlights back in after all Kathleen!
-Dinner last week was breakfast for dinner. Sautéed “breakfast” sweet potatoes with 2 scrambled Vital Farm eggs on Siete tortillas with avo, salsa and chives!
-Not lying when I say I genuinely look forward to my morning celery juice. I do 8 oz over ice every morning post-workout, pre-food.
-Any sunbutter fans out there? I have tried but I am not. I wanted to love these sunbutter cups from TJ’s but I took one bite then threw them away. I’ve even bought a jar from TJ’s and returned it because I hated it.
-Year two judging Chocolate Decadence benefiting Automobile Alley with these two OKC foodies.
-Finally got to try Osteria this weekend. I went with the special, but for mainstays I would recommend the octopus, truffle potato skins and lemon and thyme cocktail.
-Leaning tower of tuna for a Saturday sushi lunch.
-Target impulse buy/Saturday snack was this Mint Chocolate Chip Cado ice cream. Texture was on point for being dairy free and vegan but would not buy again.
-Celebrating our Cali couple Oklahoma style.
-What Sunday morning should look like: eggs with a big side of hash browns!
-And what Sunday evening should also look like. I’ve been getting into a self-care routine of taking an epsom salt bath every Sunday night and it truly is the best way to detox from the weekend and start the new week.


web bite: Seth Meyer’s get’s Ina Garten drunk and it is amazing.

MD Comes to OKC


BB MD of BOD comes to OKC to visit TAB! Enough acronyms for you?

BB = blogger bestie. I wouldn’t say we still use this term because we are real life besties instead of just blogger besties, but back in 2014 when Molly and I first virtually met, we were BBs through and through.
MB now MD = my sweet sweet Molly Bridgett but now the Mrs. Molly Duncan
BOD = Bridget’s Own Diary aka Molly’s corner of the internet.
OKC = only the greatest big league city you’ll ever meet!
TAB = hopefully you know, but I’m talking about old Take A Bite


If you’ve read Take A Bite for a while, you know Molly! We initially met through blogging (yes, it’s true), but have since met up at ACL weekend, OU/Texas games, Houston, Dallas, her wedding, and talk multiple times a week.

We had talked about it multiple times, but I was so excited when Molly texted me letting me know the plane ticket had been booked and she was heading to OKC end of January! I pulled out my OKC City Guide (yes I use my own city guide) and started crafting out our weekend.


We had talked about it multiple times, but I was so excited when Molly texted me letting me know the plane ticket had been booked and she was heading to OKC end of January! I pulled out my OKC City Guide (yes I use my own city guide) and started crafting out our weekend.


If you are local to OKC or plotting a trip to “the city” soon, the weekend went something like this…

Dinner at The Jones Assembly

Barre3, lunch at Kitchen at Commonplace, midtown shopping at Commonplace, Shop Mode, Salt + Water, Chirps and Cheers and Sara Kate Studios.

A hot tea pick me up at Coffee Slingers then natural manicure at Well Beauty.

Wine flight at Anatomy Wine Bar and then dinner at Goro Ramen.

Brunch at En Croute


I loved showing off my city, but even more, enjoyed getting to make stops I don’t get to make everyday.


They say to play tourist in your city. But really, you should do it. I was a host, but felt like a tourist. I felt like I was looking at Oklahoma City in a new way. I’ve always loved where I’m from, but I was so excited/proud getting to show off my friends, fam and favorite spots in little ole Oklahoma.


Meet you in Chapel Hill MD! (or maybe D.C!!)


Bites of My Life

Food coma, weekend coma, busy week, groundhog saw his shadow, early spring. That is my jumble of thoughts looking back on last week as I’m trying to keep my eyes open while finishing this post, so goodnight.


-While Molly was in town the weekend before we swapped some recent favorite dinner dished. Molly has been cooking up a storm up in Chapel Hill (check out their Dunc Dins in her saved highlight), and suggested I try these asian spaghetti squash noodles. Tried them, loved them, can’t wait to make again.
-A few months ago i read an article on how we’ve all been cooking spaghetti squash the wrong way. To cut down on cook time and to ensure longer spaghetti like strands, cut your squash into 1 inch rings. scoop out the center of each ring, then drizzle with salt and pepper and bake at 400 for 20 to 30 minutes. It’s the best way, y’all.
-Tried the brandy ice at The Drake on Friday. While it struck a cord, Junior’s still takes first place in my book. Also, while I have you, are Brandy Ice’s just an Oklahoma City thing or do you indulge in your neck of the woods too? Please comment below.
-Came for the croissants, stayed for the cinnamon buns! if you haven’t take a Sur la Table cooking class, you should. And may I suggest starting with the Saturday morning croissant class. We loved it! (not pictured, the multiple attempts to recreate the scene from It’s Complicated).
-Post brats, beer and pretzels! A very happy German 30th to Uncle Joe!
-I know Kerrygold is the “it” butter, but I’m tend to lend toward the cheaper ingredients when baking. However, after the instructor from our croissant class said she only uses Kerrygold when baking, I got intrigued. She said if she was going to take the time to make a baked good, she might as well use the best ingredients she could. So, I upped my Perfect CCC recipe again by using the butter of all butter. And I must say it made a difference.
-Homemade French Onion Dip a la (my favorite) Bon Appetit. I posted the recipe in the caption of this post, but I also polled everyone on insta all to see if you preferred getting the recipe from instagram or on the blog or both. 80% said instagram caption, 20% blog and a few DM’d me saying both. What do you prefer?
-”Best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had.” Proud to share this quote from a friend who told me this after having a Perfect CCC at our Super Bowl Party.
-I still have a stomach ache from all of this.


Streaming Bite: The past two weeks I’ve been all caught up in the hooplah of the Fyre festival documentaries #TeamHulu, but I started You last night and the fist episode has me hooked. Anyone else watching?

Bites of My Life

Last week deserves more of a spotlight on the weekend! I don’t want to give away full details as I am working on a separate post to fully document the weekend, but Molly came to visit me in OKC! I had a blast crafting our weekend plans, and couldn’t wait to share my city with her! If you know me and Take A Bite, you know Molly and Bridget’s Own Diary. Catch a glimpse in this bites post and a full recap coming soon.

bites 285.jpg

-Easiest way to come off vacation and ease into the week is to keep your food healthy and simple. I always overindulge in my diet and my wallet while on trips. So I kept my post-California dinners simple, cheap and healthy with roasted veggies and chicken sausages (with lots of dijon for dipping). How do you transition after vacations?
-If you love food and romance, I recommend Delicious, but esteemed chef and food writer Ruth Reichl. I was gifted this book by my sister’s mother-in-law, who clearly knows me well! Next up on my 2019 reading list is this one. Shop my reads on amazon.
-MB(now D) made her way to OKC this past weekend and our first stop was rightfully so at The Jones. Dips + Spreads extra dough was the highlight of our girls night dinner!
-A trip to Kitchen at Commonplace for the food and the perfectly styled photos.
-I geek out over a place where the space and food are equally photographable.
-OKC people, have you been to Salt + Water? We popped in on their last day in their temp space, but they are taking residence off Lee Ave downtown and they are your top shop for all things natural beauty.
-I love these wellness shots from KOR. I love to pick one or two up from Whole Foods when I’m feeling sluggish, on the edge of a cold or after eating all the things.
-You may remember this meal when I posted it after the first Sur La Table class I took with my mom and sister. Well, we recreated our ‘Tuscan Kitchen’ meal for family Sunday dinner and it was just as good as when we made it in class.


Super bite: With the Super Bowl this Sunday, I have agreed to bring Perfect CCC’s and this Bon Appetit French Onion Dip. Are you hosting or attending a SBLIII party? This Onion Souffle Dip or Avocado Verde Dip would be great (hellllllloo post from the archives). And for a sweet treat I recommend this or these.