Bites of My Life

I started my Monday morning and one of my favorite spots in the city, Kitchen at Commonplace. They promoted having free coffee on Monday’s and it seemed like the perfect place to start my week and get some things done before heading into the office. Well, on the way there I realized I left my phone at home. I opted out of going back to get it and decided I could live a day with out my phone (really testing myself here). I then got there to find out the “free coffee” special was for networking purposes. The idea was to have a cup of coffee and mingle and meet with like minded people. I missed that message. I wasn’t quite in the mingling mood, I had things to get done for goodness sake! So I grabbed my cup of coffee, said hi to the business owners and a few others I saw and knew, and then settled into a corner of the Kitchen.

I pulled out my computer and couldn’t find the wifi. Second realization of the day, they don’t have free wifi for guests. While I can appreciate that I was slightly annoyed. I needed to finish this blog post and reply to emails. All things that require wifi. And, let’s remember, I didn’t have my phone so I couldn’t connect to my hotspot. Instead of getting up and leaving, I was taking the no phone and no wifi as a sign.

I had brought my bible study and book club book, thinking maybe if after finishing my post and emails I may work on my study or read a bit. But let’s be honest, I knew I wouldn’t. Although, it was the thought that count! Well, I had no choice. No wifi, I couldn’t leave I already said hi, no phone. It was time to read, time to write, with actual pen and paper. So I drank my coffee and went through three days of my study. It was wonderful honestly. No distractions, no screens. I think I might start leaving my phone at home once a week and going places that don’t have wifi. A perfect slow start to a Monday and new week.

bites 290.jpg

-Last week I went to the store with no idea what I was buying. I never do that. I always have a list. I mentally knew I wanted to cook vegetarian for the week, but I just let the store speak to me (LOL) as far as what I ended up putting in my cart. It was slightly stressful and I don’t plan to just roam the aisles without a plan again, but I ended up with a great meal. I made a batch of lentils and did a composed salad of romaine, cooked red lentils, chickpeas, avocado, marinated onions, cherry tomatoes and topped with Trader Joe’s Turmeric Almond Butter dressing and black sesame seeds.
-My bestie is now a proud new homeowner! Bonus: she’s right down the street from me!
-I posted a picture of my room in bites last week too, but I’ve just really been loving this space lately!
-Old episodes from The Hills and a glass of wine in bed from 5pm Friday until I fell asleep.
-Fun Saturday popping up at Madewell to promote upcoming shows at The Jones Assembly!
-Always always always my go to snack. Apple with cinnamon and fresh ground almond butter.
-Ready to get these two married so I can get my liver back!
-Prior comment aside, we had a great time showering Alex and Graham!
-Panera delivery. I hate that I’m becoming that person to order food delivery, but its v necessary sometimes. And the $2 delivery price is hard not to pass up.


Meal prepped this for lunches this week and it’s going to be the perfect lunch for this cold weather that won’t go away.

BIG Bites of My Life

I blame the holidays for this, but I’m combing three bites posts in one. Lot’s to read, so I won’t bore you here. If you are willing to take an extra big bite, carry on, if you give up before the end I understand.

bites 283.jpg

Week leading up to Christmas…

-Easily one of my favorite recipes, and I love that it is many of y’alls too. This Crock-Pot Verde Turkey Chili is best in the winter and can be made Whole 30.
-Trying ashwaganda for the first time. I’ve been hearing of it’s many benefits to combat stress, but hadn’t tried it until recently. It tastes pretty earthy and I am still looking for the best way to mask that, but I will let you know when I do. Picked up this golden milk mix before the holidays too. The perfect drink to wind down with during the chaotic season.
-Worked/ing on eating more veggie friendly breakfasts instead of oatmeal and smoothies during the sugar filled holidays. Hooked on a version of this sweet potato hash inspired by my friend Lauren.
-Collagen hot cocoa swept insta before Christmas and I happily jumped on the train. Posted my recipe here.
-2nd Annual Cookie Decorating Party! A fun new tradition my best girls and I started last year.
-Sucker for a good snack spread. Hummus and cucumbers, salami and olives and baked brie for my girlfriends to counteract all the icing and cookies we ate…
-If you know you know. And if you’re night ends here, you know it was a good one.
-Here we go a wassailinggggg! Mom’s wassail is a staple at the holidays!
-Christmas Eve Eve traditions run deep with this group!

bites 283.2.jpg

Christmas Week…

-More cookie decorating because that’s what you do at the holidays. Used my Signature Sugar Cookie recipe which is the OG recipe Santa asks for every year.
-Dad and I always on the puzzle grind come the holiday season.
-As our family grows, it also get’s small in some instances. Just me, mom and dad this Christmas Eve, but celebrated the night with church, spaghetti and meatballs (we used this recipe for the sauce and it was perfect) and a late night walk through the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, just the three of us!
-Tucker tradition of OJ/mimosas with raspberries on Christmas morning. Served along side our traditional sausage crescents and new tradition of this cranberry orange bread.
-Our littlest family member was so sick, but powered through Christmas. And loved her kitchen gadgets gift from Aunt Annie :) Toast and coffee anyone?
-It’s a GRIL!! We found out back in September that Kathleen and John were pregnant with their second baby. We anxiously had to wait until Christmas to find out the sex. Best news ever that Elle is getting a little sister.
-CopperBoom! Never taking this sweatshirt off. Thank you Kathleen!
-I love for Tucker holiday meals. Beef tenderloin, twice bakes, glazed carrots and our family Christmas salad.
-Remember that golden milk mix I mentioned earlier? I used it to flavor this smoothie bowl and I highly recommend. Frozen cauliflower, some ice, vanilla Arbonne protein powder, oat milk, little almond butter, topped with chia seeds, cacao nibs and pecans.
-2018 was the year of reading. And I blogged about it.
-My London girl is back in the USA, better yet Fort Worth (for now, but hopefully for longer coming soon)!!
-We’ve been coming to Fort Worth for OU weekends since our freshman year of college thanks to The Felton’s! Glad that some things never change!

bites 283.3.jpg

First week of 2019…

-Balloons ready to DROP for NYE at The Jones.
-Who else has to eat black eyes on New Year’s Day? BEP or no luck for the year!
-All the groceries to get back in the swing of things post holidays.
-Celery juice trend ain't stopping anytime soon. Clear skin, smooth skin, look and feel of hair, reduced eczema, less bloat it helps it all!
-S N O W. We got about 3 inches unexpectedly this week. And funny thing about this picture is I took it at about 10pm, but it looks so bright from all the white!
-Snow day lunch at home consisting of my Spicy Red Pepper and Tomato soup, gala apple and rosemary Flackers (my new obsession).
-The Defined Dish’s Hibachi Chicken with Magic Mustard sauce lived up to the hype~~
-My favorite part of my job is when I get to taste all the fun concoctions our bartenders and chefs come up with. Exhibit A, this Oreo inspired beer cocktail.
-Always love a quick Dallas trip.


Bites of My Life

Back from a perfect girls trip to California and I’m already counting down until I go back. 5 months to be exact, in case you were wondering. No birthday or bachelorette to celebrate just a good ole girls trip.

“I should move here.” Something I say after just about every trip I go on, my dad says it too me to. I did it once, hi DC! I had only been to southern California one other time, both times now to Newport Beach. Looks like NP is trying to show off for me…

bites 274.jpg

-Cold temps are here in OKC! My last week of the “fall reset” I was participating in called for pumpkin overnight oats, but I had to opt for warm pumpkin oats over cold with the cooler temperatures. I did low sugar maple instant oatmeal with a spoonful of pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice and chia seeds mixed in.
-INSANE matcha from the new Woodshed Tea that just opened in the city. Order it with oat milk and ask for a sample of their oat milk matcha cold brew. Equally insane.
-Headed to sunny southern California for a long weekend girls trip. Highlight of the trip was seeing my long lost bestie gal that left me for LA in June.
-First morning in Newport had to be fueled properly. The Bueno Bowl from Alta Coffee was muy delicioso!
-Boat, drink, eat repeat. The outline for our southern California girls trip!
-Cheese from a tub still deserves to be styled.
-Scout spotted in Newport! My favorite brand making an appearance on our trip to keep our boat ride drinks cold and cool in style. I quickly jumped on this photo opp!
-Sunset rooftop drinks at Lido House with a RHOC celeb sighting. Trip accomplished.
-Sweet finish to a super sweet trip!


I’m working on some travel posts recapping my recent trips. Until then, let’s time travel to my visit to Newport Beach two years ago.

Bites of My Life

October get outta here! Pinch me, but was it not just April? I’m confused. Not mad, but confused. October is set to be fast and furious, so I’m sure in a blink it will already be November. Ended September starting the Fall Reset (which I’m loooooving), working a lot (ugh), and then off to east Texas for my bestie’s bachelorette. Another hustling week then crossing the border again for the infamous OU/Texas weekend!

bites 271.jpg

-I spoke about the Fall Reset I’m doing a bit in last week’s post, but it officially kicked off last Monday. Woke up for a great workout coached by Kandyce and followed it with a delicious Reset Smoothie recipe by Blakely. Packed with pumpkin, spinach and turmeric!
-Another Fall Reset meal were these Veggie Fajita Tacos on siete tortillas I ate for dinner each night.
-And one more —> this Reset Avocado Toast was 2 pieces of Trader Joe’s Gluten Free bread with 1/2 an smashed avocado, turmeric, black pepper and a little cayenne (so satisfying).
-Big night for The Social Order crew, named 25 out of 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies in OKC!
-The prettiest house and sunset to host Camp Marge!
-Mornings at the lake >
-My very first college friend and bestie is getting married!
-Always taking pictures of food even at the lake. But this avocado chicken salad had to be documented. Just avocado, a little greek yogurt, cilantro, red onion, s&p and shredded chicken! Kudos to margaret’s MOH for planning the best bach weekend eats!
-Camp Marge campers all in for our girl!


Bites of My Life

This post combines the past two weeks into one big bite. I got home from vacation late last Wednesday and quickly had to jump right back in to work and social life as I knew it. A big work event, busy playing catch up, a besties birthday and a personal to-go list that is becoming miles long has me typing as fast as I can to get through this post to continue tackling the others. A full round up of our trip to Aspen is in the works! It was too good of a trip not to devote a post to. Catch a glimpse in the snapshots below and stay tuned for the whole shebang!


-Channeling “back to school” vibes with my new work bag/backpack - that I can’t get enough of!
-Aunts do Aspen! And Elle does Aspen really well. #gimmethosemoccasins
-We were lucky to get to stay in a big house on our trip. We played to our strengths and cooked a few meals at home. After some delicious nights out, we all agreed our dinners at home were the best!
-The reason that brought us to Aspen, Pop’s 60th birthday! His birthday was actually in June, but there are many reasons to celebrate 3 months later!
-The whole fam damily! Not often does the whole crew get to be together, but I sure love when we do!
-I went on a kale salad kick while in Aspen. It seemed that just about every menu had their own rendition, so I took it upon myself to test them out. Like this kale caesar from Ajax Tavern
-I’ll follow up my kale salad note by mentioning that I washed down my healthy salad with fries at pretty much every meal. It’s called vacation! The infamous truffle fries from Ajax Tavern could not go without ordering.
-Just like one of the beautiful trees around me! We had a successful hike through the Maroon Bells.
-Book 12 out of my 12 in a year goal. Went out with a bang with this one. Can’t recommend it enough.
-The best breakfast casserole returns. Might I add, this is always a crowd pleaser. I brought it to a morning tailgate were it was aside donuts and bagels and many people reached for the casserole over the other options.
-Played cowgirl for the day to celebrate our favorite OSU Cowboy’s birthday in Stillwater!
-After a the kale salad craze on vacation, I knew I was inspired to recreate one at home. This kale quinoa goodness is coming your way later this week.