Barre3 Challenge

image via  @barre3

image via @barre3

This year I am striving to challenge myself more. Challenge myself in the kitchen, challenge myself at work and challenge myself in everyday life. Working out is a part of my everyday life. It's something I do almost everyday and honestly really enjoy. I didn't always like to work out until I discovered Barre3. Barre3 changed the way I look at working out. I crave it instead of dread it. Barre3 is often described as a combination of ballet, pilates and yoga. It is built on the three pillars of exercise, connection and nourishment.

Yesterday marked the first day of the Barre3 January challenge. In efforts to challenge myself more in 2016, I jumped on the bandwagon. The challenge is to commit to four in-studio classes, one 10-minute online workout and try out a new Barre3 recipe each week for the whole month of January.

Challenge accepted! My sister/instructor/barre3 buddy and I are living out the challenge by cooking our Barre3 recipes together each week. Up first is b3's Chicken Tikka Masala! Stay tuned.

We would all be lying if we didn't tell ourselves we were going to eat better and work out more in 2016. The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is what you feed yourself. Since this is a food blog I have rounded up a list of my most nourishing and b3 approved recipes! You can find more on the Barre3 website if you are a member and by purchasing the app

Anyone other Barre3ers out there doing the challenge? Never heard of Barre3? I challenge you to read into and try it out. The mind body connection is something you don't get anywhere else. If you are in the Oklahoma City area, grab me and we can take a class together!