So Easy a Ramen-Grilled Cheese-Microwave Popcorn-Only Skilled Chef Could Make

Simple, easy, gourmet and delicious. These are the words I like to use when describing anything I'm cooking or eating. This recipe is just that. A gourmet tilapia dish so easy a ramen-grilled cheese-microwave popcorn-only skilled chef could make! You essentially place veggies, tilapia, and seasonings together in a package of foil then bake it up in the oven!

This is the ultimate "college-level" recipe that blows your average college meal away!


Before the oven.  


After the oven.

Tilapia Foil Packet
serves one

1-fresh or frozen fillet of tilapia. (If using frozen make sure it is thawed).
Veggies of your choice, I used shaved brussels sprouts, frozen corn (it will thaw and cook in the oven) and sliced cherry tomatoes.
Dijon mustard
salt and pepper
butter or olive oil
aluminum foil 

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Cut a piece of foil and place a dab of olive oil or a pat of butter in the center. Place your tilapia over it in the center of the foil. Spread mustard over the top of your fish. Arrange chopped veggies around your fish on the foil. Sprinkle everything with fresh cracked black perpper and sea salt. Pull the sides up of your foil and fold down creating a packet with your fish inside. Place on a cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes. Your fish should be cooked perfectly after 20. Take out of the oven and enjoy the easiest gourmet meal ever! 

I haven't experiment but I'm sure chicken or any other kind of fish would work as well! 

Try it, let me know how it goes, and I promise anyone can do it!