Hop Till You Drop


If you know me at all or have followed me on social media for 5 seconds you have probably heard or seen me mention StudioHop


Quick facts about StudioHop... StudioHop is a multi-studio membership where you get access to some of the best fitness studios around the city all at one monthly price. The membership is $135 a month, but if you use my promo code AnnieHop20 you get $20 off your first month! $115 a month is a steal for everything you get access to. 

StudioHop originated in Dallas, but is now in Fort Worth, Austin, Tulsa, New Orleans and yours truly OKC! OKC studios that participate in SH include Union Performance, Beyond Studios, Four Graces Pilates, Soul Yoga, This Land Yoga, Yoga at Tiffany's, Body Mind Yoga, Hidden Dragon Yoga, The Yoga Box, Yoga Bliss, Cycle 3 Sixty, Moxieride, Higher Ground Runner and Urban Row. Easily reserve your class through the SH app or online


Now why I love StudioHop... I've been doing StudioHop since February, and can't imagine working out with out. I'm a studio junkie. In a studio setting I find motivation having an instructor pushing me as well as getting to work alongside new or familiar faces who have the same goals. As compared to the intimidating solo act of maneuvering a gym.  

I'm also slightly ADD, so the ability to hop from one studio to the next, one workout to the next, day after day is ideal for me. Yoga one day, bootcamp the next, followed by pilates mid-week. Not only does this satisfying my spazziness, it's also great for your body. Studies have shown how changing up your workout creates results. You never want your body to get stagnant. Keep it working and challenged by changing up it's routine. 


My StudioHop favorites include Union Performance, (hi friends ^^), Beyond Studios (remember when #teamtakeabite took over?), Soul Yoga, Yoga at Tiffany's, The Yoga Box and Four Graces Pilates. StudioHop just released their survey for the "Best of 2017" awards. You bet I'm filling this out highlighting all my favorite classes and instructors! If you're a hopper, make sure to nominate your faves too! Chelsea's lunch class at Union Performance, any class Dallas teaches at Four Graces, the Reform & Run format class at Beyond, Stacy and Janelle's classes at Soul Yoga, the list goes on for all my favorites!


Because of StudioHop I am able to continue my practice of yoga, challenge my body at bootcamp and discover my love of pilates. I had never taken pilates until StudioHop and I'm not sure what took so long. Because of the access and luxury of being able to try so many different studios and workouts I was able to find this new workout (to me) and fall in love with it. 


A few things to note about StudioHop...the studios included are not dog friendly, despite Gabe's impressive downward dog ;) You are limited to 5 classes per studio per month. Another thing to mention, if you cancel a class within 12 hours of it's scheduled time you will be charged a $12 late cancel fee. If you don't show up it's $15. My tip** don't sign up until a few hours before a class to make sure you will be making it. In OKC we have the luxury of classes typically not booking up fully so you can afford to sign up closer to time. 


If you have any questions about StudioHop, please ask! I'm happy to share more about it and my experience. If there is class on SH you want to try, call/text/email/DM me and let's try it together! And last but not least don't forget to use my code AnnieHop20 for $20 off your first month!

p.s. shoutout to Farm Fresh Designs for my adorable Kale Workout tank! And to KGC Photography for all the pics. 


Bites of My Life

Work isn't slowing down, and neither is anything else. I'm not mad about it though. When things are busy, more gets done and in my experience more fun is had. It's like when you have barely time to do anything, you try to slip in as much fun as you can have.  

-Celebrated 4 years of teaching barre3 for sis last week! Still killing the game even 7 months preggo!
-Sweetly surprised when my drink order came out pink unknowingly. Order this: the sweet almond herbal tea from Elemental Coffee, add steamed almond milk. 
-A little post-college Monmouth Duo party. 
-A summer version of my go-to lunch!
-When the craving comes on strong and you can't leave the grocery store parking lot without ripping open the bag of popcorn. I wish I could say this doesn't happen often...
-First time trying Chick-n-Beer! With none other than my adventurous eating PIC, dad!
-It's too convenient that my new favorite coffee shop is walking distance from my work. 
-Bibimbap is one of my family's favorite things at our favorite restaurant in the city. Kathleen's version comes in a very close second. 
-The Hall's Pizza Kitchen officially opens today! Got a sneak peek last Friday and already have plans to go back this week. Their burrata is calling my name!
-Baby K can't come soon enough, loved getting to shower sis this weekend.
-Crawfish, barbecue and beer (and club specials) oh my. 
-Love a day just for you mammasita!

p.s. take a look at last week's Key Lime Pie recipe post if you missed, it's a must make dessert! In fact, I'm making it again tomorrow!


Bites of My Life

Post vacation depression. Why must all good things come to an end? After 72 hours, it has me craving more. Cheers to you D.C. you really know how to put on a show! Besides the weekend in my favorite city, there was the bachelorette, work meetings, a fair effort at cleaning out the fridge and a birthday celebration for big daddy T.

-Quinoa Fried Rice: my ultimate clean out the fridge/haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks kind of meal. 
-This matcha obsession is getting a little out of hand. Evoke knows how to serve it up.
-Happy Birthday dad! I love celebrating you.
-Finally made it back to my favorite city with my favorite D.C. loving bestie!
-I loved taking Barre3 when I lived in D.C, but it was the perfect start to my Saturday getting to take a class at the new 14th St. location!
-Back in Georgetown for the afternoon, back to my old stomping grounds.
-Chaia took tacos to the next level. I've been stalking them on insta since they opened and they didn't disappoint.
-Amazing dinner, better company. Marsha, Virginia, Heidi and Charlie roll out.
-Oh Roses's. I went into this dinner knowing you'd be good, but I didn't know you'd be that good.
-Cappuccino and mushroom tart please! Le Dip still cranks out a delicious brunch!
-Sunday night ramen night. After so many Milk Bar treats, I can finally say I tried their big brother restaurant Momofuku. And I didn't even have to go to New York to get it!
-Cheersing to the best weekend with Milk Bar cereal milk ice cream.


Bites of My Life

It's mind boggling to me to think this time last year I was graduating from college. This past year has flown by. It's scary to think that time is going to keep getting faster and faster. Thinking back on the past year has me slow down and process all that I've accomplished, overcome, experienced, seen, eaten, etc. It may be bold, but this past year ranks as one of my favorites.

-Using the crock-pot makes me feel like a 40 year old woman, but it's kind of awesome coming home to an amazing dinner waiting for you. Used this recipe and then had dinner made all week!
-Three years at Barre3 for my favorite sister/instructor! 
-One of my favorite recipes I've shared in a while! Thank you to everyone who has already made my Avocado Toast Grilled Cheese, especially this OKC local food truck!!
-The puppies just keep popping up!
-Squeezing in some greens between the weekend carbs and sweets.
-Here's to their graduation and me getting the best neighbors in a few weeks!
-A fun (long) night out in my college town called for a lazy morning and awesome Sunday breakfast.
-Dad has been wanting to try his hand at recreating Bibimbap inspired from one of our favorite restaurants. He asked me to be his sous chef, and I think we agreed we made for a winning team. 
-Picked up dessert for our Korean meal after a stop at the asian supermarket!


Barre3 Complete

Last Sunday marked the last day of the Barre3 January challenge. I completed 21 in class studios, several 10-minute workouts and tried a handful of new recipes. Looking back on the past few weeks, I definitely gained a lot. I gained more strength (whats up 3 pounders, this is heavy in barre3 world) and gained a better mindset. A mindset that when you work toward a goal, it actually can happen.

There were also some weak times. The last week was probably the worst. I didn't feel as vibrant and inspired as I did the first few weeks. My body was hurting and tired, and even after taking a class my body still felt heavy and not "fresh" like I usually feel after a Barre3 class.

This week, now that the challenge is over, I feel great. I think stepping back and realizing what I did for myself, on the inside and outside, has made me really proud. Committing to the workout, the lifestyle, and the community really worked. I've always been a Barre3 cheerleader and I still am now. 

I loved the chance to take Barre3 while I was in Tulsa. Connecting with people you've never met over something you mutually love is so inspiring. 

I also loved getting to take classes with so many of my good friends, sister, mother, and fellow challengers.

I can't deny the recipes were the best part of the challenge. I loved the challenge to try the amazing recipes Barre3 has created. Not necessarily a hard challenge for me, but more so a good excuse to take time and cook amazing dishes instead of throwing all the random things from the fridge on a plate.  

Recipes included Chicken Tikka Masala, Pistachio Crusted Tilapia, Zesty Chicken Salad, Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry and Maple Pecan Crusted Salmon. My go-to green smoothie got thrown in here-and-there for an additional nourishing meal. 

A month of great exercise and great food. I plan to continue the pattern moving forward. In saying that I can't send you off without another great recipe, so so keep scrolling for Maple Pecan Crusted Salmon. It has this amazing peppery yet sweet crunchy topping. Also to note, Kathleen is not a salmon eater so I made hers with chicken and it was equally as delicious. I served it with tossed mixed greens, red onion, roasted sweet potatoes and diced green apples.

Maple Pecan Crusted Salmon
serves 3-4

1 1/2 lb. salmon (about 5-6 oz filet per person)
olive oil, for brushing
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup pure maple syrup
1 cup pecan halves
1 tsp. ground black pepper
1/2 tsp. salt

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. In a food processor, pulse the last four ingredients (maple syrup, pecans, pepper and salt) until it combines to a smooth texture.

Place the salmon on a lined baking sheet, brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Press the pecan topping evenly over the top of each filet.

Bake for 25-30 minutes or until cooked through. Serve with a salad or roasted vegetable and enjoy!

Thanks b3, it was a great month!