Strawberry Fig and Almond Butter Smoothie

So that fig frenzy I mentioned the other day, here is exhibit A. Figs are in peak season right now so get them while they are hot. When I set out to make this smoothie I was using this recipe as a guide. Not being a big banana girl, I replaced them for!

Not that I know what a peanut butter and jelly sandwich tastes like, but I kind of feel like this smoothie resembles the flavor of one. My homemade almond butter is really roasty tasting similar to peanut butter, or so my roommate tells me. Then the combination of the figs and strawberries sets off the jelly flavor. Call it what you want, but this smoothie is superb. A fun change from my regular morning green smoothie!

Like I said figs are at their peak right now, so they are typically very ripe when you find them in the store. Before they go bad, slice up a couple and keep them in your freezer! This recipe calls for 3 fresh frozen figs, I just freeze them cut in half!

Strawberry Fig and Almond Butter smoothie
yields 1 smoothie

1 cup almond milk
1 Tbsp. almond butter
3 figs, frozen or fresh
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
dash of cinnamon

In a blender, blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy! Top with more cinnamon, some figs and granola if you choose!