Bites of My Life

Well hello twenty sixteen! I hate to see 2015 go, but 2016 was easily welcomed. Last year went out just perfectly and the new year has already come in strong. With some unexpected time off from work last week, the ultimate bestie reunion, a wedding for two sweet friends, good bites and great sips, a few goodbyes and a couple hellos, it's time to get this new year cranking. 

I love the new and fresh mindset a new year brings.  My hopes in 2016 are for new opportunities, new attitudes, new challenges, new sights to see, new relationships to form and as always new recipes to try. Here's to the year of new!

-A festive yet detoxing cranberry smoothie after a week of holiday indulgences. Working on perfecting the recipe before I post it. 
-Still thinking about these popovers and planning when I'm going to make them again. 
-The most eclectic Christmas leftovers/clean out the fridge lunch.  
-Whole Foods never seizes to amaze me. Their cioppino is restaurant good. 
-Not sure if it was the 5 hour energy I took or if it was the excitement of seeing my british bestie again, but my heart was beating out of my chest. 
-You didn't come to Fort Worth unless you went to Joe T's. 
-The gift that keeps on giving arrived last week. Kathleen gifted me with a 3 box subscription to Try the World. It's basically Birchbox for international food. You can expect multiple posts about this little blue box.
-#ReadytoRock the new year. 
-Kate the great is shipping out today for a semester at sea. One last squeeze before she sets sea. 
-Resolving to get out and do more instead of letting fun opportunities pass. This meant a Saturday local brewery tour. Not pictured - all of our samples... 
-Nothing beats breakfast in bed.
-Perfect end to the week with church and lunch with dad.