Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer

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Summer came in full force weather wise about two weeks ago. We are already seeing triple digits almost everyday. I love the heat, but this early makes me a little unnerving for what the rest of the summer will look like. Yesterday marked the first official day of Summer, so before putting my Summer TDL out there I wanted to take a look back and see what I crossed off my Spring installment. Pat on the back Annie, you did pretty good!

1. Host a spring dinner party...
I'm so mad I didn't do this. Really striving to make it happen soon. Using these tips to maybe make it a bit easier!

2. Attend the Oklahoma City Arts Festival-CHECK! I actually went twice!

3. Take some kind of cooking, pastry or coffee and latte making class-almost CHECK!
I can't give away too many details for certain reasons, but this is getting accomplished very soon.

4. Go to a crawfish boil/convince a friend to have one-CHECK!

5. Eat outside as much as possible-CHECK, CHECK, CHECK! I would even more now if it wasn't 100+ outside.

6. Cheer on the OKC Thunder at a playoff game...
This unfortunately did not get accomplished:( My thunder held strong for a while, but not long enough for me to make it to a game.

7. Make this Coconut Carrot Cake Cheesecake-CHECK! We can't forget the double cheesecake mistake of Easter2k16.

8. Perfect how to poach an egg...
Still working on this task! I hear the key is using the freshest egg you can. Hoping to hit up a farmer's market soon to get some farm fresh eggs!

9. Host a Cinco De Mayo party-CHECK!

Okay so 6 out of 9 seems pretty good to me. Now to craft up my Summer TDL. Any suggestions?


Spring TDL

These seasonal to-do lists are starting to become some of my favorite posts to come up with. Cue Summer TDL and Fall TDL. Sorry winter, you got left out. Some of the things on my list I've been holding to out to do, but others I had to think about. These posts let me sit down and think on what I want to enjoy in the coming months. I'm a planner as I've shared before, so it also gives me a plan on what the spring season may look like. Also, there really is no better feeling than crossing things off your to-do list. And when everything on your TDL is fun, why not strive to get them done!

1. Host a spring dinner party

Because as much as it's about the art, it's really more about the food.

3. Take some kind of cooking, pastry or coffee and latte making class.

4. Go to a crawfish boil/convince a friend to have one.

5. Eat outside as much as possible.

6. Cheer on the OKC Thunder at a playoff game.

7. Make this Coconut Carrot Cake Cheesecake.

8. Perfect how to poach an egg.

9. Host a Cinco De Mayo taco party.

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Anything on your spring to-do list this season?



Fall TDL

New season, new TDL. I had a more than perfect summer, but I wasn't very accomplishing at checking things off my summer to-do list. Fall is always bit more productive, so I have high hopes of checking everything off this season's TDL. I'm printing it off and putting a copy where I can see it. Everything on the list are things I really want to do. Some I've wanted to do for a while, some that go with the season and some that have carried over from summer. Ready, set, lets do things!

1. Make unconventional pumpkin recipes. Like thisthisthis and this.

2. Have a fall themed cookout outside by the chiminea. S'mores and hot chocolate must be included. 

3. Rent bikes and ride around town. We have this little bike rental program in OKC and I have yet to take advantage of it! ( I stole this from my summer TDL because I still haven't made it happen).

4. Make at least three cookbook recipes.

5. Have a full-fledge Thursday night Scandal watch party. Lots of popcorn and lots of red wine. 

6. Finish a book. I've been reading the same book since February...

7. Plan a friendsgiving!

8. Take a day trip to Tulsa. A city just an hour and a half a way with tons of hidden gems.


9. Take a food photography class. 
Brit+Co has one for $20! (I also stole this one from my Summer TDL because it needs to happen).

10. Cozy up in a cabin for a weekend. 


Summer TDL

Usually after the Fourth of July, it seems like summer is on the downhill slope. The good thing about working and not having to go back to school is that I can really end my summer whenever I want to. That being said, I'm instating summer all year round!!! 
I've had a little summer to-do list on my phone for a while now, but haven't gotten around to checking many things off my list. With my "never ending" summer I have all the time in the world to get my to-do list done. On a more real note, I want to start actively checking things off the list! 
1. Make a killer homemade ice cream recipe, like this one!

2. Practice my grilling skills, this one utterly failed last night so I have some work to do.

3. Rent bikes and ride around town. We have this little bike rental program in OKC and I have yet to take advantage of it!

4. Make s'mores. Fancy or classic, it's just a summer staple. 

5. Re-instate Wine Wednesday. We had all the plans in the world to do this every week during the summer. It's happened once...

6. Visit the farmer's market to pick up a week's worth of produce. 

7. Take a mini vaycay to SoCal. This one is possibly in the works! It may not happen until the fall, but then again, my summer is never ending:)

8. Make a picnic and enjoy it in the park. 

9. Take a food photography class. Brit+Co has one for $20!

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I'm a big list maker. I'm one of those people who writes something in on my TDL after I've already done it, just so I can cross it off. Productivity drives me! Writing this post was on yesterday's to-do list, check! Happy girl to get that done. Stay tuned to see if I get everything checked off my Summer TDL!

Summer To-do List--Completed

Although my summer ended a few weeks ago, after Labor Day this weekend, summer is officially over.
At the beginning of the summer I made a to-do list to force me to try things or get things done I'd been wanting to for a while. I'm proud to say I completed 5 out of my 8 goals. That's more than half so I'm feeling pretty good about myself.
So let's see, I cooked all summer, finally made recipes I'd been dying to make. I had breakfast for dinner with some of my best friends, DIYed an abstract canvas and made multiple tassel garlands! I even channeled my inner yogi
A couple things got passed over on the list, but it's fun to look back and see the little things I accomplished this summer!
I hope everyone has a great long weekend! I have a football game and a shopping trip on the agenda!
xo annie