DIY Tassel Garland

I finally finished my tassel garland. This is a DIY I have had on my list for forever and I finally did it. I'm really making head way with my summer to-do list. I started at the beginning of the summer, but it was one of those things were I would sit down and work on in it for about 15 minutes then have to do something else. It really doesn't take that long I just never hat the time to sit down and do it!

I actually made two. One for my bedroom above my bed, and the other in our living room above the TV. I'm so happy with how they came out! I'm thinking about becoming a professional garland maker...maybe not, but I wouldn't mind.

Follow my steps below to learn how to make your own tassel garland!

Things you need:
tissue paper (any colors you want, I bought a huge multipack at Michael's)

Step 1. Fold your tissue paper in half hot dog style. Then cut in half hamburger style.

Step 2. Take the folded end of your tissue paper and fold it down about one inch.

Step 3. Cut about 1/2 inch strips all the way up to where you folded the top down. Don't cut all the way to the seam, just to the bottom of the fold.

Step 4. Unfold your tissue paper and lay it out flat.

Step 5. Start to roll your tissue up. Roll it as tight as you can, but make sure you keep all the strips flared out to the sides. They tend to get twisted up once you start rolling.

Step 6. Once rolled up it should look something like this. Now twist the center so it is really tight.

Step 7. After you twist the center it should look like this. Take the center, with the two halves hanging down, and hold it with your pointer finger and thumb. Begin to twist the halves together. Keep holding with your pointer finger, so a little loop is created.

Step 8. Ta-da! One tassel down! 

Step 9. My garland used about 15 tassels, but feel free to make as many as you want. After all your tassels are done, lay them out in the order you want to string them. String the twine through the loops of your tassels, and that's it, tassel garland!

One of my garlands finding a place above my bed.