Let Me Entertain You

The fun part of a new season is the new entertainment that comes with it. New TV shows, new (and old) movies, books, yes books, blogs, songs and more. Let's take a bite of how I've been spending/wasting my time shall we? Thanks for the post inspiration MB!

What I'm Reading ::
On my nightstand: Present Over PerfectSavour

In my mailbox monthly: Bon Appétit

In my inbox daily: The Newsette

What I'm Watching / movies ::
New releases: Sully, Girl on the Train

As I fall asleep: Dan in Real LifeYou've Got Mail (the best fall movies)

THis is Us // Starring my #1 Gilmore Crush Jess aka MIlo Ventimiglia

THis is Us // Starring my #1 Gilmore Crush Jess aka MIlo Ventimiglia

What I'm Watching / TV :: 
On Tuesdays: This is Us (WATCH IT!!! Especially if you are a fan of the the next two shows listed)

On Netflix: Gilmore Girls, Parenthood

What I'm Listening To ::
My current fav: This Girl by Kungs vs. Cookin'

All day everyday: oldies by Van Morrison

On my neighborhood walks: OKC Over Easy, Bon Appetit podcasts

What I'm Playing ::
Even though I'm no help to the team: Kickball (They just keep me on around because I bring snacks and make up cheers).

How have you been entertaining your days this fall? Next up for me, a dinner party of sorts. Something that I always plan to do and never get around to. 


Spring TDL

These seasonal to-do lists are starting to become some of my favorite posts to come up with. Cue Summer TDL and Fall TDL. Sorry winter, you got left out. Some of the things on my list I've been holding to out to do, but others I had to think about. These posts let me sit down and think on what I want to enjoy in the coming months. I'm a planner as I've shared before, so it also gives me a plan on what the spring season may look like. Also, there really is no better feeling than crossing things off your to-do list. And when everything on your TDL is fun, why not strive to get them done!

1. Host a spring dinner party

Because as much as it's about the art, it's really more about the food.

3. Take some kind of cooking, pastry or coffee and latte making class.

4. Go to a crawfish boil/convince a friend to have one.

5. Eat outside as much as possible.

6. Cheer on the OKC Thunder at a playoff game.

7. Make this Coconut Carrot Cake Cheesecake.

8. Perfect how to poach an egg.

9. Host a Cinco De Mayo taco party.

images Header/1/3/4/5/7/8/9

Anything on your spring to-do list this season?



Happy Friendsgiving!

To be honest, I can't believe I haven't had a Friendsgiving before now. Friendsgiving has become pretty trendy in the past few years, but we all know I'm not afraid to jump on a trend bandwagon. Friendsgiving pretty much combines all of my favorite things. Friends, food and Thanksgiving. 

Our first Friendsgiving was a success. It was potluck style so everyone contributed something making it very easy on myself. All paper everything made clean up so easy. I had a little too much fun planning for this night, I'm already brainstorming next years...

My contribution was this Pumpkin Galette. This is a recipe I pulled from the archives of my Pinterest. I've had it pinned for so long waiting for an opportunity to make it!

Not that I thought the food wouldn't be good, but I was extremely impressed with what everyone made. I love how most people brought old family recipes to share . There was Kathleen's ham, Bailey's sweet potatoes, Alex's stuffing, Madeline's green beans, Katie's cheesy au gratin potatoes, Sarah's butternut squash salad, Sarah Beth's brussels sprouts, Katie's corn casserole, Coralee's caesar salad, Sister Schubert's rolls (the best) brought by Kenzie!

Lindsay's date cookies, my pumpkin galette, Kathleen's apple cider cheesecake, Maddie's cherry pie, Lauren's pumpkin cookies, Alexis's chocolate candies, Elaine's pecan pie, pumpkin pie from Lauren, and Katie's caramel marshmallow popcorn! Not pictured was all the cheese to start the night courtesy of Stacia, Betsy, Trinian and Taylor.

Morning of I was nervous there wouldn't be enough wine. There was wine for an army, and then some!

10 Friendsgiving tips:

  1. Make it pot-luck. Create a menu of what is needed and have everyone sign up to bring something. A well rounded menu of apps, meat, veggies, sides, rolls and dessert.
  2. Use paper everything for easy clean-up. I ordered these kraft colored eco plates and wooden disposable silverware from Amazon and then bought napkins from Target.
  3. DIY your decorations. Keep it minimal because the food will do most of the decorating. I kept everything neutral and stuck with a kraft and gold color scheme, and little pops of fall flowers. I made a banner from glitter scrapbook paper and little signs for the dessert, drink and food table. I rolled out kraft wrapping paper over a white table cloth for the food table and used chalk to decorate. Throw it away at the end and clean up is a snap.
  4. Have wine, lots of wine. The perfect thing for people to contribute if they aren't comfortable cooking a dish.
  5. Have oven space, for those dishes that need re-heating. 
  6. Make sure to have hot plates or dish towels to set the hot dishes on.
  7. Have serving spoons and knives for the food and dessert.
  8. Make a playlist. My Dinner Party playlist is my go-to for events like this. 
  9. Purchase to-go boxes so everyone gets to take home leftovers. I ordered these boxes, and everyone loved it.
  10. Once it's party time, don't stress just have fun. All the work is done!

I'm so thankful for these friends, Friendsgiving, and a new tradition!


Edible Bites

Summer has officially started and I'm starting to settle into it. It really kicked off with the launch party for Edible OKC. I was lucky to attend the celebration of this amazing new food culture magazine that has been brought to our city. The evening was all kinds of perfection, I'm just hoping more summer nights can be spent like this. 

Edible is a national magazine with communities all over the US. The fabulous Jen Snow is the editor and publisher and the one responsible for bringing it to OKC. Once I caught wind of Edible I jumped into researching exactly what it was. I've had the privilege of getting to know Jen and learning more about it. 

"Publishing six times a year, our insightful features and stunning photography tell the stories of restaurants nestled within the brick and mortar buildings in our historic downtowns, newly cultivated farms, exciting artisans, talented chefs, baristas, winemakers, brewers, cheesemakers, home cooks, bakers, and beekeepers. They are the pulse of our community, fueling the exuberance that surges throughout Oklahoma City today."
Edible OKC launched yesterday, but first, a party was in order. The coolest folks, the coolest food, and the coolest drinks all gathered in one of the coolest spots of the city to celebrate Edible! The Rooftop at Plenty Mercantile set the tone for the night. Strung lights hung over head while I sipped on an Okie G&T and an Anthem Blonde while scarfing down a few two many bacon wrapped somethings and continuous helpings of artisan cheeses and pimento dip. 
A night can't go wrong when good food, drinks and people are involved. Big shouts to my partner in crime Maddie for indulging in local foodie goodness with me. I was in my prime and she happily let me be. 

Like I said, Edible is now live in OKC! If you are local you can pick up a copy in places like Whole Foods, Kitchen No. 324, and Cuppies and Joe. You can also subscribe to get it delivered straight to your door. A digital copy is also linked on their website. You may recognize someone familiar on page 4. If you aren't in OKC, check to see if Edible is in a community near you!
Follow Edible OKC on Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Snacks and Apps

After having a little get together at my house last week, I realized I like to entertain even more than I thought. I've watched my mom entertain with grace over the years, but never thought my control freak side would be able to manage it. 

When a friend asked me to host a jewelry trunk show at my house, I immediately thought of it as an opportunity to get good friends together and serve good food, so I quickly said yes! 

I did as Ina has always taught me, and made half of the appetizers and bought the others. She always says your guests won't have any fun if you are running around trying to take things out of the oven and can't enjoy the party. So, for my snacks and apps, I made pumpkin dip served with apples and graham crackers and dried fruit mascarpone crostini. I also bought little cherry tomatoes and olives for people to snack on.  

I've been eating this dip around the holidays since I was little. I updated it a bit, but it tasted just like the original. It's super simple and a huge crowd pleaser. 

Pumpkin Dip
*adapted from my mom's recipe

1 cup pumpkin puree
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 cup cool whip (I used lite)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
3 granny smith apples, sliced
graham crackers, quartered

Fold together all the ingredients for your dip in a medium size bowl using a spatula. And that's it! Serve with sliced apples and quartered graham crackers. 

*Mom's recipe called for sour cream, but I love the healthy swap of Greek yogurt instead!


Next up, my dried fruit and mascarpone crostini! These were equally a hit. I got several "Annie! What is this spread?" My fiends were very intrigued with mascarpone and loved it even more when I let them know it was basically italian cream cheese. 

Dried Fruit and Mascarpone Crostini
yields about 32 crostini

1, 8 oz container of mascarpone (if you can't find it in your grocery store, just plain cream cheese will work too!)
2 thin baguettes
any kind of dried fruit (I used cranberries and figs)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Slice your baguettes at a diagonal into 1/2 in slices. Place on a baking sheet and bake for 4 minutes on each side or until crisp without being too brown. Spread a nice layer of cheese on each baguette. Sprinkle with dried cranberries or half of a dried fig. Drizzle with a small amount of honey!

Also as Ina would say, "How easy was that?" Now enjoy these foolproof  appetizers, perfect for holiday parties coming up!...Okay my Barefoot Contessa references are over. 

Happy entertaining!