Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer

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Summer came in full force weather wise about two weeks ago. We are already seeing triple digits almost everyday. I love the heat, but this early makes me a little unnerving for what the rest of the summer will look like. Yesterday marked the first official day of Summer, so before putting my Summer TDL out there I wanted to take a look back and see what I crossed off my Spring installment. Pat on the back Annie, you did pretty good!

1. Host a spring dinner party...
I'm so mad I didn't do this. Really striving to make it happen soon. Using these tips to maybe make it a bit easier!

2. Attend the Oklahoma City Arts Festival-CHECK! I actually went twice!

3. Take some kind of cooking, pastry or coffee and latte making class-almost CHECK!
I can't give away too many details for certain reasons, but this is getting accomplished very soon.

4. Go to a crawfish boil/convince a friend to have one-CHECK!

5. Eat outside as much as possible-CHECK, CHECK, CHECK! I would even more now if it wasn't 100+ outside.

6. Cheer on the OKC Thunder at a playoff game...
This unfortunately did not get accomplished:( My thunder held strong for a while, but not long enough for me to make it to a game.

7. Make this Coconut Carrot Cake Cheesecake-CHECK! We can't forget the double cheesecake mistake of Easter2k16.

8. Perfect how to poach an egg...
Still working on this task! I hear the key is using the freshest egg you can. Hoping to hit up a farmer's market soon to get some farm fresh eggs!

9. Host a Cinco De Mayo party-CHECK!

Okay so 6 out of 9 seems pretty good to me. Now to craft up my Summer TDL. Any suggestions?


Bites of My Life

It's amazing how much I can fit in a day without having work getting in the way. Errands, shopping, lunch with old friends, recipe testing, house cleaning, laundry, meetings, dentist visits, workouts; I could get used to that life...Unfortunately/fortunately this is my last week off. So many delish bites last week in the form of food, vibes and visitors. Time to pack it all in before funemployment is over. 

-No grocery shopping last week meant helping mom clean out her fridge. I don't think she minded.
-I discovered turmeric milk last week. It's a great nighttime drink full of health benefits that do your tummy well while you sleep. 
-This Cashew Butter and Jelly smoothie recipe got slurped up almost everyday for breakfast last week and the recipe is up for you to enjoy!
-Sister and I spent our Wednesday recipe testing scones. We came up with blackberry dark chocolate and (not pictured) grapefruit brown sugar!
-The Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts came to town this week. I made an appearance twice. I'm always more interested in the "culinary arts" portion. 
-It's one of my favorite events of the year, and probably the thing I knew would be easiest to cross off my Spring TDL.
-A salad date with one of my favorite friends to catch up with. We could sit and talk for hours!
-Wallpaper vibes in Pencil Shavings house during a local neighborhood home tour.
-Such a special day for my city and a special day for my besties completing their 3rd Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon! 


Bites of My Life

As mentioned in last week's bites post I got a new job!!! It will be a job that is much more "me" per se. Think food, restaurants and social media. With the starting of my new job, means the end of my other job. My first big girl job to be exact.

Though this job had it's peaks and pits, I learned so much. There is something to be said about your first job out of college. (Christina from The Blissful Balance coincidentally put all my thoughts into words in to her post today). Your first job doesn't have to be your last and it doesn't have to turn into a career. I learned what I like and don't like in a job. I'm a millennial generation Y where I think I have a right to do whatever I set my mind to. I took action to find something more, and I'm hopeful this new job adventure is going to be just that. 

Next on tap...oldest sis, Claire is in the middle of a job switch too and will be home in OK this whole week. I can't wait for a week of sister family food time!

-Regular nachos upgraded with sweet potato chips as the base! Check out last week's recipe for Sweet Potachos.
-My favorite after dinner snack, rice cake with AB, gogi berries and granola.
-Peanut butter blossoms also got an upgrade with the swap of almond butter in place of PB. Tucking this recipe away into my "go-tos."
-Was surprised with loving goodbyes on my last day at my first big girl job. 
-#GabeTheBabe had his first puppaccino experience on Friday, safe to say he loved it. 
-Smoothie bowl game strong these past couple warm days.
-Saturday morning mimosas.
-Just some crawdaddies posing for a pic before they turned into our lunch!
-Can check "go to a crawfish boil" off my spring TDL.


Bites of My Life

I've been writing these bites of my life posts every Sunday night for the past three years. I love them. I love getting to take a minute to reflect on the past week. Some weeks are better than others and some more productive than others, but I still love to be reminded of how I spent the past seven days. Time travels fast these days. It's cool to have a reason for slowing down and reflecting on time well spent!

I'd say this past week was time well spent! I always feel recharged when spring arrives, but Easter being so early this year was an extra boost. It's a holiday filled with so much meaning that never fails to fill me up and remind me of the importance of life on earth! Here's to more time well spent in the coming days, weeks and months!

-Crock-Pot Carnitas easily became one of my favorite meals I've made and what I'll recommend to anyone! You don't want to miss this recipe!
-My Spring TDL is up and I'm already working to cross things off! 
-When cheese is involved, it really ups the happy hour ante.
-Nourished Food Bar is a healthy little gem in OKC! They just started a meal delivery service and to help promote, ran an Instagram contest for one free delivery. And I won! Thank you nourished for the incredible lunch!
-How could I not celebrate #NationalPuppyDay now that Gabe is around?
-If you are looking for some lunch ideas, look no further than What's Gaby Cooking's Loaded Power Salad. The basil vinaigrette is the most incredible thing I can't even, and the salad has enough oompf to keep you satisfied through the work day.
-It was a lay low weekend leading up to Easter. Leftovers and a 9:30 bedtime on a Friday is something I will never complain about.
-Miscommunication on who was making what, ended up in Kathleen and I making the same dessert. We turned it into a who made it better competition and claimed ourselves both winners.
-Pretty much every holiday it my house gets treated like Thanksgiving. The food spread is always top notch.


Spring TDL

These seasonal to-do lists are starting to become some of my favorite posts to come up with. Cue Summer TDL and Fall TDL. Sorry winter, you got left out. Some of the things on my list I've been holding to out to do, but others I had to think about. These posts let me sit down and think on what I want to enjoy in the coming months. I'm a planner as I've shared before, so it also gives me a plan on what the spring season may look like. Also, there really is no better feeling than crossing things off your to-do list. And when everything on your TDL is fun, why not strive to get them done!

1. Host a spring dinner party

Because as much as it's about the art, it's really more about the food.

3. Take some kind of cooking, pastry or coffee and latte making class.

4. Go to a crawfish boil/convince a friend to have one.

5. Eat outside as much as possible.

6. Cheer on the OKC Thunder at a playoff game.

7. Make this Coconut Carrot Cake Cheesecake.

8. Perfect how to poach an egg.

9. Host a Cinco De Mayo taco party.

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Anything on your spring to-do list this season?