Bites of My Life

As mentioned in last week's bites post I got a new job!!! It will be a job that is much more "me" per se. Think food, restaurants and social media. With the starting of my new job, means the end of my other job. My first big girl job to be exact.

Though this job had it's peaks and pits, I learned so much. There is something to be said about your first job out of college. (Christina from The Blissful Balance coincidentally put all my thoughts into words in to her post today). Your first job doesn't have to be your last and it doesn't have to turn into a career. I learned what I like and don't like in a job. I'm a millennial generation Y where I think I have a right to do whatever I set my mind to. I took action to find something more, and I'm hopeful this new job adventure is going to be just that. 

Next on tap...oldest sis, Claire is in the middle of a job switch too and will be home in OK this whole week. I can't wait for a week of sister family food time!

-Regular nachos upgraded with sweet potato chips as the base! Check out last week's recipe for Sweet Potachos.
-My favorite after dinner snack, rice cake with AB, gogi berries and granola.
-Peanut butter blossoms also got an upgrade with the swap of almond butter in place of PB. Tucking this recipe away into my "go-tos."
-Was surprised with loving goodbyes on my last day at my first big girl job. 
-#GabeTheBabe had his first puppaccino experience on Friday, safe to say he loved it. 
-Smoothie bowl game strong these past couple warm days.
-Saturday morning mimosas.
-Just some crawdaddies posing for a pic before they turned into our lunch!
-Can check "go to a crawfish boil" off my spring TDL.