Bites of My Life

Happy Valentine's week! I love Valentine's Day, I always have! Pink, red, hearts, candy, sweets, what's not to love? Sure, it puts pressure if you are in a relationship or reminds you how single you are (raises hand), but I've always had the 2nd grade mindset when it come to Valentine's Day. You know, homemade cards, treats, and parties. Read up on a few of my archived Vday treats found here, here, some nail art here, playlist here, and DIY here and here.  

bites 240.jpg

-I FINISHED A BOOK!!! Anytime this happens, it deserves to be celebrated and acknowledged. I'm world's worst reader. But, I've actually almost finished 2 books now and I'm starting a new one today! 
-Coffee date with my name twin talking social media detoxes and nutritional detoxes. 
-Have you read my updated OKC City Guide??
-Hi! I cut 9 inches off my hair this week, bye!!
-I went there. And my "I'll just have one spoonful," turned into too many to count. Cookie Butter you are kryptonite and i have a love/hate relationship with you. 
-Not all smoothies and protein shakes turn out pretty. This attempt at an acai protein shake turned out 50 Shades of Gray. 
-Strawberry Shrub and Basil Soda aka a non-alcoholic drink our bar staff is working on at The Jones. I couldn't take my mouth off the straw. 
-I normally rush out of bed to go to a workout class on Saturday mornings. I signed up for a later yoga flow, so I spent the chilly Saturday morning watching lot's of Food Network, Home Again (Pico Alexander, marry me?) and eating breakfast in bed. 
-Falling so in love with 405 Yoga. If you have not been yet, come with me! 
-When you crave a smoothie bowl but it's 25 degrees outside, you eat it by the fire. 
-Fun, fancy and furry to celebrate Gabe and Caroline!
-Fresh turmeric and ginger being chopped and frozen to use in smoothies and protein shakes. See how I do it by looking at my "bites" highlight on instagram.