Bites of My Life

I hate/love the word galentine. But when you don't have a valentine but love Valentine's Day, I'm happy to celebrate with all my best gal pals. Galentine was apparently the theme of last week by the looks of this bites post. That and food, my real valentine if we are being honest. 

bites 241.jpg

-Salads, vino and a VIP Valentine event at Salata
-Galentine since '93.
-Fun fact: . When I was younger I wanted to grow up and be an artist. So much so, that my password for everything growing up was artistAFT. Brought out my inner Artist AFT at Tuesday's wine & palette event. 
-Chocolate Covered Strawberry protein shakes for a healthy but festive start to Valentine's day. 
-I <3 CCC's!
-Pictured: the delicious new Korean bowls at Gogi Go in Midtown, not pictured: the Benadryl and medicine induced nap I took after this meal. I'm finding out more than I would like that my love for ethnic and asian food means that I should always ask if peanuts are in a dish. Apparently peanuts are the OG nut of ethnic cuisine.
-Fight or flight? I'll choose flight every time, especially when we are talking about beer. If you haven't been to Twisted Spike Brewery in OKC, I highly recommend. 
-Belated breakfast for dinner galentine party called for everything to be in the shape of hearts. 
-Sweet treats and healthy treats at our galentine party!