Valentine Nail Art

I am a very spirited person when it comes to almost everything. I like to really get into things, which includes painting my nails to match whatever holiday is coming up. Red and blue on the Fourth of July and red and green for Christmas. Last year I did a similar Valentine design, but with the traditional red and pink. I'm keeping things a little more subtle this year, but still celebrating the holiday on my nails!

For this nail design all you need is a good beige and white nail polish. I recently bought Essie's "Sand Tropez," and it is without a doubt my favorite nail polish I have ever had. I've had it on my nails for about 2 months. As for white, L'Oreal's "I Will" #220 is a great and doesn't come out streaky. 

Start with a good coat of your beige polish. I always do two coats of polish. (Please ignore my wrinkly dry hands and hangnails.)

Now for the heart. I don't use any special tools or toothpicks. Just get a tiny bit of white polish on the end of your brush and make a little angled mark, to form half of your heart. (Cue "Half of My Heart" lyrics by John Mayer.) The shape of most brushes is kind of rectangular, so use that to make the half. You don't have to make any strokes. I'm sorry if I just talked in circles and that didn't make any since at all.

Repeat the step again, making an angled mark on the other direction to form a full heart! Wait for your heart to dry then top off your nails with a top coat. Now you have subtle but spirited little Valentine nails!