Bites of My Life

Work, work, and work some more. I worked a full 7 days this past week. I'm tired.

bites 239.jpg

-The best dessert are Healthy Funfetti Cake Balls.
-How she gets cuter by the day is beyond me, but it's true.
-Obsessed with this dessert hack. One Siete tortilla heated up with nut butter spread over it, rolled up and cinnamon sprinkled over the top. 
-Copy-cat Starbucks Java Chip Frapp, made healthy and even more delish!
-A v glamorous dinner made and eaten in my car after work on the way to bible study. My meals look more like this rather than when you see them styled over a marble back drop. 
-I got to be a judge at Chocolate Decadence and I felt really cool and important. Pictured here, the dessert my co-judges and I picked. A warm molten cake topped with cold hazelnut ice cream all inside a chocolate shell broken by pouring hot caramel syrup over it. 
-Bumbling with OKC's new Queen Bee!
-If I had one of those bumper stickers that said "i brake for.." it would say Hall's Pizza Kitchen's burrata. An extremely delicious Friday night with company to match!
-Inevitable that I wake up almost every Saturday morning in need of a little detox greens to counteract whatever happened the night before.
-Getting mom and dad on the protein shake train. Strawberry banana for mom, very berry for me and spicy pineapple for dad!
-Photoshoot days at work are pretty and delicious. 
-All the cheese and all the carbs for the Super Bowl.