DIY Treat Bags

Yesterday I posted the recipe for my little Homemade Pop Tarts I made for all the galentines in my life. Today I'm showing the super simple DIY Treat Bag I put together to deliver them in. 

With just a hole punch and some twine I was able to take regular ole lunch sacks and transform them into cutie little goodie bags! What's inside helped too:)

brown paper lunch sacks
hole punch
pink twine
pink cardstock paper

To get the decorative edge, punch five holes along the top of your sacks. Fill them with whatever is going inside then fold over the top an inch and a half. Punch two more holes along the top to string your twine through. Cut about a foot long piece of twine and tie a knot through the top two holes you just created. 

To make the tags, I used a small heart cookie cutter to trace it on the cardstock. Cut them out and punch a hole in the corner. String it on the twine, and finish with a bow!

Anyone baking up some Pop Tarts or passing out Valentines today? Happy holiday weekend!