DIY Valentine Garland

It's a return of the yarn pom pons. Instead of Christmas, I'm incorporating them into my Valentine's Day decorating. Today I have a little DIY for pom pon garland!
I'm a big Valentine's Day fan. I'm not talking about the sappy romantic Valentine's Day, I like the sweet lovable Valentine's Day that means putting little notes in your friends mailboxes in the 3rd grade, wearing pink and red all day and getting chocolates from your daddy.

To make the garland all you need is yarn and a pair of scissors.
Start by wrapping the yarn around two fingers. Wrap around about 50 times. This will give you the perfect little pom pon.
Slip the wrapping off your fingers and cut a little piece of yarn to tie around horizontally.
Make sure you keep a little tail so your pom pons can be tied onto the garland later.

Now you have cutie little pom pons! Next, simply tie them onto a long piece of white yarn and cut off the tails to create your garland.

xo annie