Bites of My Life

This one is going to be long, just a warning. College graduation is the definition of bittersweet. This word has never made more since to me in my entire life. An incredible weekend it was though sharing last moments with friends, being surrounded by family and wrapping up the last of my college career. Never will I take a test again, cram for a quiz, sit through long lectures or enroll in a class. Nor will I live in the same town as all my best friends, go to a date party, attend a chapter meeting or be a student ever again. It's bittersweet I tell you.

After having record breaking rainfall and crazy spring storms all week, I was about to go mad. It was the like the rain was foreshadowing all the tears I would be crying this weekend. Our big outdoor graduation barbecue plans were canceled, we got stuck spending way too much time inside (some of that underground in shelter), and nearly had graduation rained out. All I can say is, it made the week that much more memorable. 

After one last long night in Norman, I packed up and left my college town for good yesterday. I bawled the whole way home, then cried some more and cried some more. I moved home with my parents and celebrated a great day with my family for Mother's day. Tomorrow starts my first full day in my new city. On the horizon are big girl job interviews, moving into my own house and settling into the next chapter of my life. Today is my 100th bites post. What a great way to mark all the new bites to come!

-Avocado is a game changer in smoothies/smoothie bowls. So dang creamy.
-Got to share barre3 in the Myriad Gardens with Marge and Whit! A perk of moving back to OKC.
-Sirens blaring and tornadoes sweeping down the plains. Classic finals week having to take shelter from Oklahoma storms!
-Last "morning with marge" :( Great life chats and lots of coffee and tea these past few weeks!
-Whole Foods goodies to brighten up the dreary week we had.
-Last Thursday at our home way from home.
-Little do you know it's actually raining in this picture. We'll do anything to document our dear Kappa days. 
-Cue post-grad life.
-The weather may have washed out our big grad party plans, but it's safe to say we made the best of it!
-Celebrations always call for cookies!
-Lunching at Whole Foods for the first day back home.
-Steak and potatoes, moms request. 


Grad Gift Guide

Moscow Mule kit (Use code Fiesta25 ONLY today to get 25% off) // "The World Is Your Oyster" print // Scout Bags storage bin // Madewell tote (monograming available) // Caphalon frying pan // Mark & Graham personalized champagne flutes // Bose bluetooth speakers // Jon Hart weekender bag
Moscow mules and glasses of champagne to toast the next stage of life, sophisticated luggage for business trips or girl trips, portable speakers for dorm room jam sessions or background dinner party tunes, functional storage for moving into a first apartment or into a tiny college dorm (the lid is sturdy enough to double as extra seating), an inspiration art print for decoration and a reminder to never settle, a pretty leather bag to carry papers in to work or your books to class, and a frying pan for cooking up the next stage of life. And because who else has seen the episode of Laguna Beach when Kristen's dad gets her a frying pan for graduation?
Whether you know a high school or a college graduate this gift guide appeals to both! Having personally gone through both and seeing two older sisters graduate as well, I have a pretty good handle on what is appropriate, functional, necessary and fun!  

Bites of My Life

Five days people, five days until I have to say goodbye to college. I really can't come to grips with it. I'm not helping the situation by listening to sentimental songs, looking back through old pictures and reminiscing on old memories, but the tears won't stop. They are bittersweet tears. Sad because it's over, but extremely happy looking back on what an incredible and impactful four years it has been.

Each day the past few weeks have been memorable. I'm savoring each last bite. My intentions for this last week is to celebrate not dwell on the sadness. I'll be a big bad college grad when we meet next week. Oh and don't ask what I'm doing after graduation. I don't know yet and don't need to be reminded. Tip: don't ask that question to anyone you know gradating, we don't want to hear it. But if you are looking to buy them a gift, check back tomorrow for a grad gift guide!

-Egg Soup was the second recipe I made from Milk Bar Life. It's essentially just a soft boiled egg with toast, but it still deserved a spot in Christina Tosi's new book. Make sure you check out the Sugar Cookie Squares I made last week from MBL.
-I want to eat this everyday of my life! Zucchini Noodle Carbonara recipe also posted last week.
-Translation: "If you can dream it, you can do it." After being abroad my roommate brought back the most thoughtful gifts. She thought this coffee cup was appropriate because I was graduating. I cried. 
-One of my favorite salads that I successfully ate everyday for lunch last week. Chines Chop Chicken Salad comes from my friend Claire, but hopefully I'll get the recipe posted on TAB soon! 
-Abbey DeSpain safety returned from Spain! We celebrated with our favorite - pancakes for dinner. 
-The college days are coming to an end and I'm not letting go of some of my best friends very easily. 
-Friday Fry-Day!
-I've been stealing my roommates bike for long bike rides around campus. 
-Last hoorah with my pledge sisters. It was the the party of all parties. 



Bites of My Life

Woah buddy. Emotions of the current events hit me like a ton of bricks this week. The surrealness of graduating college, the stress of trying to find a job, and thinking about how I only have two weeks left with all of my friends in the same place was not a fun realization. 

Monday started off emotional after bidding my dear Kappa days goodbye at my last chapter meeting. Kappa brought me opportunities and friendships I was undeserving of. The feeling continued on Tuesday. I've always had a plan, been very confident of my future, not much of a crier and honestly not very emotional. The combination of stress, sadness and unknowning just burst inside me and I found myself feeling a way I don't often feel. Thank goodness I was at home to have mom speak words of encouragement and understanding otherwise I'd be a ball of built up emotion still. A good cry here and there is all a girl needs. 

After making it known to myself that it's okay to be sad and know it really is all going to be okay, I'm feeling much better now. Like I said, I'm a planner and I wasn't planning to be so sad. But then I realized the fact that I'm so sad just goes to attest how amazing my college years have been to me. 

Moving past the emotions now, I tried to celebrate the rest of the week with date parties, birthday parties, good food and good weather. 12 days people until I'm a college graduate. I apologize for gushing all of my feelings, but that's life and you're just taking a bite of it.

-After 4 years of rush, initiations, date parties and being best friends, PC '11 finally had our last chapter on Monday. 
-Stopped into my favorite place, Chirps and Cheers, on Tuesday to find some foodie cards that perfectly describe my life. My favorite - "Sometimes I stay up late just to put more reasonable distance between snacks"
-An unexpected meltdown was cured with dinner, wine and chats with mom to make it all better.
-Wacky Wednesday.
-Took it upon myself to have an ultimate lazy day on Thursday. This meant breakfast and everything else in bed. 
-New recipe coming this week from the new Milk Bar cookbook!
-The OKC Arts Festival happens once a year and it is repeatedly one of my favorite yearly traditions. It's a celebration of art, especially my favorite-culinary art!
-The visual art isn't so bad either. 
-Hello delicious creation- Cookie Butter on a Rice Krispy treat.
-Date party one of the day.
-Date party two of the day. After crashing early I realized why college is only four years because I'm getting too old for this. 
-Awesome Sunday morning with Marge cheering on two of our best friends run in the OKC Memorial half marathon. Proud of Claire and Maddie and proud of my city!