Bites of My Life

Woah buddy. Emotions of the current events hit me like a ton of bricks this week. The surrealness of graduating college, the stress of trying to find a job, and thinking about how I only have two weeks left with all of my friends in the same place was not a fun realization. 

Monday started off emotional after bidding my dear Kappa days goodbye at my last chapter meeting. Kappa brought me opportunities and friendships I was undeserving of. The feeling continued on Tuesday. I've always had a plan, been very confident of my future, not much of a crier and honestly not very emotional. The combination of stress, sadness and unknowning just burst inside me and I found myself feeling a way I don't often feel. Thank goodness I was at home to have mom speak words of encouragement and understanding otherwise I'd be a ball of built up emotion still. A good cry here and there is all a girl needs. 

After making it known to myself that it's okay to be sad and know it really is all going to be okay, I'm feeling much better now. Like I said, I'm a planner and I wasn't planning to be so sad. But then I realized the fact that I'm so sad just goes to attest how amazing my college years have been to me. 

Moving past the emotions now, I tried to celebrate the rest of the week with date parties, birthday parties, good food and good weather. 12 days people until I'm a college graduate. I apologize for gushing all of my feelings, but that's life and you're just taking a bite of it.

-After 4 years of rush, initiations, date parties and being best friends, PC '11 finally had our last chapter on Monday. 
-Stopped into my favorite place, Chirps and Cheers, on Tuesday to find some foodie cards that perfectly describe my life. My favorite - "Sometimes I stay up late just to put more reasonable distance between snacks"
-An unexpected meltdown was cured with dinner, wine and chats with mom to make it all better.
-Wacky Wednesday.
-Took it upon myself to have an ultimate lazy day on Thursday. This meant breakfast and everything else in bed. 
-New recipe coming this week from the new Milk Bar cookbook!
-The OKC Arts Festival happens once a year and it is repeatedly one of my favorite yearly traditions. It's a celebration of art, especially my favorite-culinary art!
-The visual art isn't so bad either. 
-Hello delicious creation- Cookie Butter on a Rice Krispy treat.
-Date party one of the day.
-Date party two of the day. After crashing early I realized why college is only four years because I'm getting too old for this. 
-Awesome Sunday morning with Marge cheering on two of our best friends run in the OKC Memorial half marathon. Proud of Claire and Maddie and proud of my city!