Bites of My Life

Only five days left in my home of the past two years. The place that helped me grow from a post-grad to real world adult. The place that hosted multiple Bachelor watch parties, two friendgivings, handfuls of pre parties and post parties. The place that I lived with two of my dearest friends, where we cried, laughed, cooked, cleaned, worked out in, played games, binged Netflix documentaries etc. I've been spending the past week working overboard, attempting to hold on to my social life, and pack up two years of memories little by little.

This has been a bittersweet summer for multiple reasons, but I really can't complain. Growing up is weird thing, I think I'll stop now ;) 

-Cleaning out the panty before I move this Friday, means finding a can of TJs veggie chili and embracing it despite it being 90 degrees outside.
-Bets on if I can go a week without the avocado omelette at En Croute...odds not in my favor.
-Post yoga smoothie bowl on the back porch. 
-From pencil skirt to mini skirt. Gave this 3 year old skirt a face lift. 
-Solid colors, solid night. #blairhitchproject
-A gorgeous Saturday and my day off required lunch to be on a patio and include cocktails.
-An Okie luau.
-Sunday Funday soft opening at The Jones Assembly. 
-Tucker Time Sunday night eats.