Bites of My Life

Happy Monday, I mean Wednesday, what? I'm confused. Welcome to the shortest/longest/strangest feeling work week. Taking last Friday off to move out of my house, turned the weekend into 5 days and now the work week is only 3. The restaurant my company has been working tirelessly over the past 2+ years is just days away from opening. This means the coveted 3 day week will be more like a straight 3 week work week. Seeing everything fall into place is extremely rewarding and exciting. 

Last week I moved out of my sweet little home of the last two years. A new place to call home is on the horizon, but I'll never forget the people, things and memories at Mahler Pl. A very long weekend of multiple cook outs, multiple days by the pool (finally) and a few days of rest to catch up on sleep made for a very successful 4th of July! 

-After two straight years of piling into our living room to watch The Bachelor(ette) every Monday, the last Bach watch party at Mahler Pl. called for copious amounts of Domino's eaten on the floor. 
-Happy birthday to the girl who celebrates everyone more than herself! 
-More pizza had to be consumed to morn not living together anymore. 
-Day 1 of the holiday weekend and Vim Vitae's reduce bloat juice was already needed...
-2 batches of festive Perfect CCCs were made over the weekend! Pro tip, serve them with my Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for a real crowd pleaser! 
-Guacamole needs a place at every cookout. 
-On a mission to make everything I ate over the weekend festive. 
-Another episode feat. ME coming soon to OKC Over Easy
-Peach, Avocado and Cucumber salad from the newest issue of BA. The perfect accompaniment to our Sunday night steaks and potatoes. 
-Flamingos > Swans.
-Only a corner of all the snacks that were consumed. Calorie overload is a must on holidays. 
-"There's only 3 of us, but we love the 4th" ;)