Bites of My Life

Only five days left in my home of the past two years. The place that helped me grow from a post-grad to real world adult. The place that hosted multiple Bachelor watch parties, two friendgivings, handfuls of pre parties and post parties. The place that I lived with two of my dearest friends, where we cried, laughed, cooked, cleaned, worked out in, played games, binged Netflix documentaries etc. I've been spending the past week working overboard, attempting to hold on to my social life, and pack up two years of memories little by little.

This has been a bittersweet summer for multiple reasons, but I really can't complain. Growing up is weird thing, I think I'll stop now ;) 

-Cleaning out the panty before I move this Friday, means finding a can of TJs veggie chili and embracing it despite it being 90 degrees outside.
-Bets on if I can go a week without the avocado omelette at En Croute...odds not in my favor.
-Post yoga smoothie bowl on the back porch. 
-From pencil skirt to mini skirt. Gave this 3 year old skirt a face lift. 
-Solid colors, solid night. #blairhitchproject
-A gorgeous Saturday and my day off required lunch to be on a patio and include cocktails.
-An Okie luau.
-Sunday Funday soft opening at The Jones Assembly. 
-Tucker Time Sunday night eats. 


How to Drink More Water During Colder Months

I am a cold person. Always cold, always bringing a jacket, always asking people to turn the air off or roll the windows up in a car. I drive my car with the seat heaters on the second October hits. I love the cold weather, but I have to to face it with preparation otherwise I ain't digging it. 

Cold water is about the last thing I want to sip on when it's 40 degrees out. Although, it is equally important to stay hydrated in the winter as it is the hot summer months. Cold air dries out our skin and can dehydrate you. I read even if you aren't sweating water vapor can escape through your breath, leaving you dehydrated. Drinking water is great for your kidneys, maintaining your appetite, and flu and cold prevention. I've found a couple ways to help me stomach the H2O when the weather gets as cold as my ice water. 

1. You've probably read it before, but hot lemon water is such a good way to start your day. Not only is it detoxifying and great for your skin, it's the perfect warm drink to pull you out of bed on a cold morning. I go through 1- 2 lemons a week and just cut them into 1/8s and store them in a container in my fridge. Each morning, I wake up squeeze a lemon into a mug, add water and microwave it for 2 minutes. I frequently will do it throughout the day when I'm shivering over my computer and can't stomach a glass of cold water.

2. Seasonal flavored water. I love adding fruit or mint to my water in the summer. I often keep a big pitcher in my fridge and refill it through the week. Right now I'm doing the same but changing up my usual lemon, and cucumber to a combo of orange and cloves. I cup the oranges up in wedges, dot the slices with whole cloves and throw a few extra in as well. I love how my cup of water has this vague holiday taste to it! Makes it much easier to sip down when it gets me in the holiday spirit!

Drinking herbal teas is another way to stay hydrated when plain water just won't cut it! Any tips on how you stay hydrated in the winter? Please share so we can all #takeasip together!


How to Get Rid of Morning Headaches


Do you ever wake up with headaches? They are the worst and it is no way to start your day. I love to self diagnose myself when I get sick. I know that is the last thing you should do, but lets be honest, we all do it. When I have a cold, I turn to the internet for quick fixes, when I'm hungover I look for home remedies and when I get raging headaches I love to search for the best way to end it quick. Last week I woke up with a headache from H-E-double hockey sticks. I had a day full of to do lists and I didn't want a headache to be hanging out with me all day. 

I found this article from Dr. Oz to be really helpful. It lays out what types of headaches there are and what the cause and cures for them are. 

Migraines and hormonal headaches usually take place on the side of your head. Migraines are more extreme sometimes causing you to become nauseous. Hormonal headaches are caused when your estrogen levels drop, leading reason why women have more headaches than men.  Magnesium is needed to calm these monthly triggers. Magnesium can be found in food like spinach, chard, potatoes, and bananas. 

Tension headaches are the ones where it feels like a band is wrapped around your head, usually caused from stress that you are holding in your neck or shoulders. Try placing a heating pad around your neck or on your shoulders to help ease the pain. 

Cold and flu related headaches pop up from being dehydrated due to loss of water and essential salts. Drinking lots of fluids and eating foods like watermelon or cucumber help with hydration.


When my hellish headache struck I fixed it with these easy home remedies. I'm no doctor, but it worked for me and I hope it works for you. 

1. Drink a huge glass of water. Headaches are typically always due to dehydration.


2. Make some green tea with mint. The soothing power of mint helps ease the tension in headaches. I drink this tea daily. 


3. Lay down in a dim room with a cold or hot rag on your forehead. I know mornings are rushed but if you have at least 10 minutes, lay back in bad, shut off the lights and rest with a cold or hot towel on your head. Either temperature should help, whatever seems better for your situation.


4. Make a smoothie with spinach and bananas. Migraines and hormonal headaches can be fixed with a dose of magnesium. Try making a smoothie packed with tons or spinach and banana. My matcha smoothie helped cure my aches, but this and this recipe should too!


5. If you must, pop two Advil. 


DIY Treat Bags

Yesterday I posted the recipe for my little Homemade Pop Tarts I made for all the galentines in my life. Today I'm showing the super simple DIY Treat Bag I put together to deliver them in. 

With just a hole punch and some twine I was able to take regular ole lunch sacks and transform them into cutie little goodie bags! What's inside helped too:)

brown paper lunch sacks
hole punch
pink twine
pink cardstock paper

To get the decorative edge, punch five holes along the top of your sacks. Fill them with whatever is going inside then fold over the top an inch and a half. Punch two more holes along the top to string your twine through. Cut about a foot long piece of twine and tie a knot through the top two holes you just created. 

To make the tags, I used a small heart cookie cutter to trace it on the cardstock. Cut them out and punch a hole in the corner. String it on the twine, and finish with a bow!

Anyone baking up some Pop Tarts or passing out Valentines today? Happy holiday weekend! 


Wrap It Up

It's almost here, it's almost here, Christmas day is almost here! "I absolutely loooove Christmastime!" Eloise anyone? If you know me well, you know I like checking things off my to-do list and being as productive as possible. 

This year I was a little down to the wire, which let's be honest stressed me out a bit, but all the shopping and wrapping is finally done.

I'll be honest again, I judge a book by it's cover. So when it comes to wrapping up my gifts, it's all about presentation. Last year I went all out with yarn pom pom balls and Christmas trees adorning my gifts. This year, I kept things more simple by using custom giftwrap from Tiny Prints!

I added a little personal touch to some of their wrapping paper designs by changing the colors and adding my name to the paper. Like I said before, it's all about presentation! Yarn, ribbon, candy canes and bows helped spice them up a bit too!

I mean how cute do these look under the tree? Only 6 sleeps till Christmas!