Bites of My Life

Double the bites post, double the apologies for sucking at blogging lately. I had all intentions of posting last week, but life happens and then you get a cold, that turns into a sinus infection, that turns into a week of wanting to do anything to feel better, and do nothing that has to do with blogging. 

But today you are getting a bite of my life. A double dip kind of bite (even better in my opinion). Getting this post together and live is partially driven by my yoga friend, Victoria. Hi Victoria!

Despite my lack of getting anything out there, but a measly bites of my life post, Victoria mentioned to me in our yoga class last week that she doesn't mind that I've only been posting BOML lately. She said she loves the weekly snapshots! I'll be honest. If I were a reader I would probably never read my BOML. I pretty much only write them for me. For an online journal of my life, so I can look back and see what I did each week over these past few years. (Which I do. I love to go back and read old BOML)! But to hear other people actually read these kind of post too, well, I guess I better be better about actually getting them out there! So thank you Victoria for being the fuel behind my lack of energy to post these days. 


-After outfitting our team at the restaurant in Hedley & Bennett, I've been coveting my own H&B, but now I'm a proud owner of my owner and member of the #apronsquad!
-Lavender Acai smoothie. Still perfecting the recipe but a goodie for sure!
-Say hello to my new mint chocolate chip bestie!! I've wanted a cruiser for about the past 6 years and now she is all mine!
-#froseallday coming soon to The Jones Assembly.
-Holding on for dear life while we biked and bar hopped!
-Bridesmaids assemble! Pre-wedding festivities have commenced for Madeline + Zach!
-My favorite way to start the day. Avocado omelette @ En Croute!
-Showing off what I've been doing the past months to mom and dad last Sunday!


-Kicking off sick week summer 2k17 with a bowl of veggies and goods to try to kick my immune system back into gear! Not pictured the copious amounts of Emergen-C, Cold-Ease, Ibuprofen, Zyrtec and antibiotics. 
-When you buy a waterproof disposable camera for Memorial Weekend and you finally get the prints back! I felt like I was in 2003. Never know whatcha gonna get!
-Like I said before, my favorite way to start the day! 
-Treat yourself Wednesday! Highly recommend Amanda's Aesthetics for a facial if you're local!
-The basic bitch salad @ The Jones. Yup, we went there. 
-Loved getting to show my friends where I've been hiding the past few months. 
-FIG SEASON is here!!
-My favorite kind of lunch. 
-Father's Day fish tacos! I used this recipe for the tacos and this for the corn