Bites of My Life

Currently sitting on the floor of my living with a tissue stuffed in each nostril (TMI?) watching the new episode of KUWTK. Christmas cold you are not invited and can leave now. My head is in a fog so enough of this, keep scrolling for more interesting life happenings!

bites 231.jpg

-Pressed stop instead of snooze on my alarm for sister's early morning Barre3 class, but woke up late/just early enough to make it to Beyond pilates as self redemption. #mondays.
-Cherry Vanilla Almond shake to kick off the week. Frozen cherries, vanilla Arbonne protein, almond extract, ice and almond milk. 
-6:00 AM flow to celebrate my favorite studio's 6th year! Congrats Soul!
-Verde Turkey Chili on repeat last week. Loved seeing so many others doing the same. (here's looking at you Lexie, Madeline, Whitney and sis).
-Golden Milk and not pictured, copious amounts of chocolate chips (my current dessert of choice) were Wednesday's "bite while I watched" during Riverdale. Did you see last week's post??
-Too close for comfort one-on-one time with #GabetheBabe this weekend. 
-Yolk porn atop a smashed avo on rice cake for Saturday brekkie. 
-New yoga find this weekend. Come flow with me at 405 Yoga, it's the real deal! 
-Made Rachael's Good Eats raw chocolate bark to have as a dessert option this week instead of my current chocolate chip obsession. 


Bites While you Watch: TV Binge Edition

'Tis the season for binge watching TV shows. I think it has to do with the weather change and the feeling of winter's arrival that suddenly makes you not want to leave the couch. I also attest binge watching to happening during the busier seasons of life. Anyone else? I used to be notorious for starting a new TV show during finals week. Scandal - finals week 2013, One Tree Hill - finals week 2014. Life is crazy, but sure I'll binge 5 hour long episodes in one night...

I've done two different installations of "Bites While You Watch" seen here and here. Today's install is all about what to eat while binging TV shows on Netflix. Because what is binge watching without snacks.

And yes this post is 100% inspired by my recent obsession with all things Riverdale. If you aren't watching it jump. on. board. 

Bites While You Watch-TV Edition.jpg

Riverdale -- diner style milkshakes
My mouth instantly waters every-time they show the cast at Pop's sipping shakes. I'll take strawberry just like my #1 Jughead. 

Big Little Lies -- latte
With only 6 episodes, BLL is the ultimate/easiest binge watching show. Anyone else covet over the foamy lattes Jane, Madeleine and Celeste sip on at the ocean side cafe? Had me craving one during each episode. 

Gilmore Girls -- Chinese take-out, coffee and Mallomars
Basically just all the junk food + coffee. Rory and Lorelai are known for their outrageous eating habits of take out, burgers and copious amounts of coffee. Also Mallomars. They always remind me of Lorelai's birthday episode when Rory spells out Happy Birthday in Mallomars. 

This Is Us -- comfort food
Despite making you cry every episode, This Is Us also gives you the best warm fuzzy feelings the same way comfort food makes you feel. A cozy dinner like this is perfect for curling up on the couch with an episode of This is Us. 

Scandal -- red wine and popcorn
It's not an episode of Scandal if Olivia isn't pouring herself a glass of vino in her iconic long stemmed wine glasses. 

Binge, bite and enjoy!