Bites of My Life

Last week started and ended well I can’t say it didn’t, but several parts of last week had me feeling off and foggy headed. I mentioned this to a few people today and got similar responses. Were they just agreeing with me to sympathize or was the Mercury in retrograde again?? I mention this because last weeks photos look like roses, food and sunshine, but a picture isn’t always worth a thousand words…

Anyone else off last week? Maybe the Texas heat wave is just making me loopy!


-A basic lunch, but one that always hits the spot (and is super easy yet still impressive. My co-working space co-workers were all oohing and over of this simple meal). Two brown rice cakes, one with smashed avo the other with almond butter and fruit of choice.
-The Defined Dish’s Thai Larb is becoming a weekday staple, I use sambal olek instead of fresh chilis and serve it salad style.
-Doing things with Outdoor Voices and Olivia in the midst of the Texas heat and Klyde Warren Park! There is some kind of free workout going on everyday here (which I love to take advantage of).
-Wine Wednesday with one of my Dallas besties and her new V I E W.
-Hosted a giveaway with Made by Maddie last week to show off these incred new tin plates she is carrying on her site. The response to the giveaway was insane (over 1,000 entries)!! She has more colors coming in, but you can shop her plate inventory here.
-In other MBM how great are these lemons she gifted me!
-After having an off day Thursday it was to refreshing to grab dinner with a new friend at one of our mutually favorite spots, Honor Bar.
-To help be more productive on Fridays, I like to work from a coffee shop where I can have some inspiring surroundings and treat myself to a matcha. Went to Merit last week and the matcha was hundo p.
-Taylor in town!
-My bestie came down and we had the best time bopping around Dallas.
-I love a successful random fridge meal.
-Trying out a new overnight oats recipe that, mainly so I can use my new meal prep jars. The recipe -> 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/3 cup almond milk, 2 tablespoons chia seeds, 1 teaspoon almond butter and lots of cinnamon.


Binge bite: If you aren’t watching Queer Eye on Netflix, stop what you are doing and add it to your queue. I started watching it a few weeks ago after my sister recommended it and I can’t stop watching. It is the most uplifting positive show and they way the fab 5 changes these people’s lives gets my crying every time. I started on the current season 4 and I’d recommend you do the same!

Also while we are on the binge watching category, I’m HOOKED on the Gourmet Makes videos from Bon Appetit. Y’all know I love BA, but this video series has taken my obsession to another level. I’ve watched every video Claire has made, but her recent experiment with gourmet Pop Tarts was a favorite. And also had me cravvvvving a Pop Tart.

Bites While you Watch: TV Binge Edition

'Tis the season for binge watching TV shows. I think it has to do with the weather change and the feeling of winter's arrival that suddenly makes you not want to leave the couch. I also attest binge watching to happening during the busier seasons of life. Anyone else? I used to be notorious for starting a new TV show during finals week. Scandal - finals week 2013, One Tree Hill - finals week 2014. Life is crazy, but sure I'll binge 5 hour long episodes in one night...

I've done two different installations of "Bites While You Watch" seen here and here. Today's install is all about what to eat while binging TV shows on Netflix. Because what is binge watching without snacks.

And yes this post is 100% inspired by my recent obsession with all things Riverdale. If you aren't watching it jump. on. board. 

Bites While You Watch-TV Edition.jpg

Riverdale -- diner style milkshakes
My mouth instantly waters every-time they show the cast at Pop's sipping shakes. I'll take strawberry just like my #1 Jughead. 

Big Little Lies -- latte
With only 6 episodes, BLL is the ultimate/easiest binge watching show. Anyone else covet over the foamy lattes Jane, Madeleine and Celeste sip on at the ocean side cafe? Had me craving one during each episode. 

Gilmore Girls -- Chinese take-out, coffee and Mallomars
Basically just all the junk food + coffee. Rory and Lorelai are known for their outrageous eating habits of take out, burgers and copious amounts of coffee. Also Mallomars. They always remind me of Lorelai's birthday episode when Rory spells out Happy Birthday in Mallomars. 

This Is Us -- comfort food
Despite making you cry every episode, This Is Us also gives you the best warm fuzzy feelings the same way comfort food makes you feel. A cozy dinner like this is perfect for curling up on the couch with an episode of This is Us. 

Scandal -- red wine and popcorn
It's not an episode of Scandal if Olivia isn't pouring herself a glass of vino in her iconic long stemmed wine glasses. 

Binge, bite and enjoy!

Copper Boom

If you know where Stars Hollow is, who Amy-Sherman Palladino is and what a Gilmorism is, then stick around. If you can't answer yes to any of these questions, then this blog post probably isn't for you.
After the announcement of Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix October 1st, the Gilmore fan base has really come together and re-established our obsession with our favorite Gilmore Girls. There have been various BuzzFeed's, quizzes, articles and ABC Family marathons getting everyone ready for the brilliance that Netflix is about to bring us.
I grew up watching Gilmore Girls everyday after school at 4 o'clock on ABC Family. I'd sit on the couch eating a pint of Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream, "doing my homework," and having my mom roll her eyes and say, "Annie-I've even seen this episode 100 times, turn it off and do you homework." Then I'd have to assure her, "Yes mom I have too, it's just background noise, I'm not watching, I really am doing my homework." haha jokes on you mom. 
The fact that I'm about to have access to Gilmore Girls 24/7 hasn't really set in yet. My life is about to be filled with numerous Gilmorisms, Lorelai's life lessons, episodes with Jess and Logan on repeat, watching "You Jump I Jump Jack" over and over, skipping most episodes where Dean and Rory were together, wondering if the coffee at Luke's is really that good and finally wishing I could stay the night at The Drangonfly Inn. 
Gilmore Girls was my life all of middle school and high school and it's about to be apart of my life again. I can't wait. GG was so apart of my life, Kathleen and I even dedicated a whole day one summer to pretending like we were in Gilmore Girls. We had coffee at Luke's (our house), took a trip to the video store (Blockbuster), had a cafe lunch at Westin's (McLaren's, for all you Edmonites), and, Kathleen help me if I'm making this up but I'm pretty sure we paid a visit to Grandmother's and referred to her as Emily. 
Did you know you can take a tour of the Stars Hollow set at the WB studies in LA? Ya I want to do that. 
Like most Gilmore-crazed fans, I've taken all the quizzes, read all the BuzzFeeds and taken advantage of all the ways to brush up on my GG knowledge before it airs next Wednesday. 
Some fun facts I've learned along the way...Rory actually hates coffee and would drink Coke out of her coffee cup while filming. There was almost a Jess spinoff show after he ran off to visit his dad in California. And the worst, Paris originally auditioned for the part of Rory, can you imagine?
Kathleen challenged me in the Vultures quiz yesterday, she beat me, wha wha, but we both got "Luke," as our result. I have to be honest, I was never a Luke fan, I was especially never a Luke and Lorelai fan.
Some of my favorites are:
Favorite boy from Lorelai's life...Christopher. Yes, I know, but for the sake of Rory I always wanted them to end up together.
Favorite boy from Rory's life...Jess, ah Jess!
Favortie episode...You Jump I Jump Jack. In omnia paratus.
Favorite gilmorism...Copper Boom! It comes from the episode when Rory moves into college. I just think it's a fun phrase and I surprisingly can find ways to sneak it into everyday conversations. 
In my research for this post I came across quite the collection of Rory and Lorelai pictures. Entertain yourself with seeing how they changed throughout the seasons. 




BAM! weird...what was this photoshoot for??

and this, what?

and again...Rory, you a little tired?
Sing it with me now, 
"If you're out on the road
Feeling lonely and so cold
All you have to do is call my name
And I'll be there on the next train
Where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow where you lead"