Bites of My Life

Currently sitting on the floor of my living with a tissue stuffed in each nostril (TMI?) watching the new episode of KUWTK. Christmas cold you are not invited and can leave now. My head is in a fog so enough of this, keep scrolling for more interesting life happenings!

bites 231.jpg

-Pressed stop instead of snooze on my alarm for sister's early morning Barre3 class, but woke up late/just early enough to make it to Beyond pilates as self redemption. #mondays.
-Cherry Vanilla Almond shake to kick off the week. Frozen cherries, vanilla Arbonne protein, almond extract, ice and almond milk. 
-6:00 AM flow to celebrate my favorite studio's 6th year! Congrats Soul!
-Verde Turkey Chili on repeat last week. Loved seeing so many others doing the same. (here's looking at you Lexie, Madeline, Whitney and sis).
-Golden Milk and not pictured, copious amounts of chocolate chips (my current dessert of choice) were Wednesday's "bite while I watched" during Riverdale. Did you see last week's post??
-Too close for comfort one-on-one time with #GabetheBabe this weekend. 
-Yolk porn atop a smashed avo on rice cake for Saturday brekkie. 
-New yoga find this weekend. Come flow with me at 405 Yoga, it's the real deal! 
-Made Rachael's Good Eats raw chocolate bark to have as a dessert option this week instead of my current chocolate chip obsession. 


Hop Till You Drop


If you know me at all or have followed me on social media for 5 seconds you have probably heard or seen me mention StudioHop


Quick facts about StudioHop... StudioHop is a multi-studio membership where you get access to some of the best fitness studios around the city all at one monthly price. The membership is $135 a month, but if you use my promo code AnnieHop20 you get $20 off your first month! $115 a month is a steal for everything you get access to. 

StudioHop originated in Dallas, but is now in Fort Worth, Austin, Tulsa, New Orleans and yours truly OKC! OKC studios that participate in SH include Union Performance, Beyond Studios, Four Graces Pilates, Soul Yoga, This Land Yoga, Yoga at Tiffany's, Body Mind Yoga, Hidden Dragon Yoga, The Yoga Box, Yoga Bliss, Cycle 3 Sixty, Moxieride, Higher Ground Runner and Urban Row. Easily reserve your class through the SH app or online


Now why I love StudioHop... I've been doing StudioHop since February, and can't imagine working out with out. I'm a studio junkie. In a studio setting I find motivation having an instructor pushing me as well as getting to work alongside new or familiar faces who have the same goals. As compared to the intimidating solo act of maneuvering a gym.  

I'm also slightly ADD, so the ability to hop from one studio to the next, one workout to the next, day after day is ideal for me. Yoga one day, bootcamp the next, followed by pilates mid-week. Not only does this satisfying my spazziness, it's also great for your body. Studies have shown how changing up your workout creates results. You never want your body to get stagnant. Keep it working and challenged by changing up it's routine. 


My StudioHop favorites include Union Performance, (hi friends ^^), Beyond Studios (remember when #teamtakeabite took over?), Soul Yoga, Yoga at Tiffany's, The Yoga Box and Four Graces Pilates. StudioHop just released their survey for the "Best of 2017" awards. You bet I'm filling this out highlighting all my favorite classes and instructors! If you're a hopper, make sure to nominate your faves too! Chelsea's lunch class at Union Performance, any class Dallas teaches at Four Graces, the Reform & Run format class at Beyond, Stacy and Janelle's classes at Soul Yoga, the list goes on for all my favorites!


Because of StudioHop I am able to continue my practice of yoga, challenge my body at bootcamp and discover my love of pilates. I had never taken pilates until StudioHop and I'm not sure what took so long. Because of the access and luxury of being able to try so many different studios and workouts I was able to find this new workout (to me) and fall in love with it. 


A few things to note about StudioHop...the studios included are not dog friendly, despite Gabe's impressive downward dog ;) You are limited to 5 classes per studio per month. Another thing to mention, if you cancel a class within 12 hours of it's scheduled time you will be charged a $12 late cancel fee. If you don't show up it's $15. My tip** don't sign up until a few hours before a class to make sure you will be making it. In OKC we have the luxury of classes typically not booking up fully so you can afford to sign up closer to time. 


If you have any questions about StudioHop, please ask! I'm happy to share more about it and my experience. If there is class on SH you want to try, call/text/email/DM me and let's try it together! And last but not least don't forget to use my code AnnieHop20 for $20 off your first month!

p.s. shoutout to Farm Fresh Designs for my adorable Kale Workout tank! And to KGC Photography for all the pics. 


Bites of My Life

Last week was active, literally and figuratively. I always feel like my week gets off to a nice slow start then ends up going 100 mph by the end of the week. I have a feeling this week will be no different. A concert, roadtrip to Tulsa, multiple fitness classes, soccer game, lunches, dinners, and getting prepped for the week, I'm exhausted from the weekend and currently enjoying a nice slow Monday from the comfort of my living room. 

Bites 216.jpg

-I've been doing my best to stay committed to eating Whole30 during the work week. That means Lunch Boards on repeat. 
-I somehow made my Perfect CCCs even more perfect, did you see the updates in last week's post?
-Elle's favorite nap spot is in Aunt Annie's arms. 
-Lake Street Dive at The Jones had me playing marketing manager by day, roadie by night. Please notice my walkie talkie making me look concert offish. 
-Learn acro yoga got checked off the bucket list this weekend while celebrating StudioHop launching in Tulsa! If you are in the Tulsa area, my code 'AnnieHop20' still works to get $20 off your first month!
-Lemon Turmeric Energy Bites for a healthy sweet treat. Recipe coming tomorrow!
-Post-workout snacks after a sweaty Sunday at Beyond 500. 
-#TeamTakeaBite went beyond. Thanks for having us Beyond Studios!
-Embarrassed at how quickly we demolished this fruit and charcuterie board, even with the large meal we had following. Sunday Supper at mom and dads is the best way to end the week.


Bites of My Life

I started re-watching Gossip Girl last week so it's been a pretty good week. Bachelorette, new recipes, a new roommate, wedding pictures, and yoga, filled the days too. The fact that it's August though pretty much has my mind blown. I'm still denying the fact the summer has to end, so I'm not letting it. I have so many things to check off my to-do list still! 
This week is off to the perfect start this morning. A start to sister's birthday week includes breakfast and The Today Show at my house! I hope to keep the days slow and intentional this week. I want to savor every last bit of the carefree summer days before they get replaced with busy autumn months. 
-I can't stand you Kaitlyn, but at least you made the right decision. 
-I had quinoa fried rice running through my blood last week!
-Sister's wedding pictures came in on Thursday and I'm mildly obsessed. The funnest way to relive the best day. Only problem is how obnoxious I realized I can be. I'm talking mouth open, hands in the air, trying to get in every picture taken, kind of obnoxious. 
-Roommate Lindsay finally got moved in last week. We had the best time showing her OKC's best spots this weekend. I actually played tourist with her at our city's food truck festival, first time for both of us. 
-Made a b-line for the Mediterranean food truck. Got this incredible oregano chicken over rice with falafel.
-Not even two minutes after ordering it got completely knocked out of my hand...I was on the verge of tears. Don't mess with me and food. Bit my lip and went back to order it again, the truck threw in a free baklava because they felt bad for me!
-Pulled myself out of bed Saturday morning to celebrate our Lululemon's 2nd birthday at #SweatstockOKC! A full day of free classes out in front of the shop. Photo creds.
-An amazing yoga class by our favorite teacher with my day one yogi!
-Post sweat sesh refueling at The Red Cup
-A sea of S'well.
-Cookie butter rice krispies for friends and co-workers because I have to get this jar out of my pantry before I gorge the whole thing.
-Sunday night carbs during the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise. When one bachelor door closes, another opens. This show never ends. 


Workin' Girl

Today I'm talking about a different kind of work. Although I have loved incorporating more business casual into my wardrobe for my new internship, I also love buying work out clothes. Working out is way more fun when you dress the part. When I was in middle school, a couple of my friends and I got really into tennis so we went to Target and all bought little tennis skirts. We swore it made us better. 
Lululemon has been around for a while, but seems to really be taking off. Lululemon is an addiction. You buy one pair of leggings and they hook you. If you aren't ready to fall down that rabbit hole I advise you to refrain. Unfortunately, I fell down the hole and I'm now completely obsessed. 
I put together a little workout gear round-up to show off all my favorites for the different kind of exercise I enjoy. But let me get you in on a little trick. If you dress in cute workout clothes you can convince everyone you spent the morning working out when really you laid in bed all day then just wanted to dress confortable. I would call this my favorite kind of "working out." 
for the yogis...
burn out tank, my friend has this tank and I envy it every time she wears it
in the flow crop, my other friend just got these seamless crops and they are so comfortable
yoga mat, lulu has a great mat, but a simple Target mat will work
for the barre girls....
tumbler, picked this guy up at class last night
will crop, I have these in pant form and they are without a doubt my favorite, the high rise makes them so comfy
power y tank, simple but looks great and feels great
for the runners...
breeze by short, I'm sorry but how cute are these?
yurbuds armband, the clear screen on this is still touch sensitive so you can change your music without having to take your phone out
nike free, finally got some frees! 

I've recently been trying out hot yoga and have really enjoyed it. I used to think the heat would make me feel claustrophobic, but there is something so cleansing about it. Barre is my number one work out of choice. It is a combination of yoga, pilates and ballet. As a former dancer, it works great for me. Then there is the traditional running outside. Sometimes there is nothing better than getting some fresh air with a morning run.
What is your favorite way to work out? May I suggest barre3 or hot yoga! 
xo annie