Bites of My Life

Around here kids are already going back to school, and I'm starting to feel a bitten from the fall bug. I came home from work today and lit my pumpkin scented candle, I was was also this close to buying fall decorations at Home Goods. I see a pumpkin recipe in the future...

I'm trying to hold on to every last bit of summer, but I'm slipping into the next season. I've also felt like I've been in a rut recently. A rut in all aspects of life, just a little stagnant. Maybe a new season would change that?

Rut aside, the current state of the union includes helping open a new restaurant, completing week 1, baking up a storm despite it, celebrating 27 years of sister with "white water rafting" and our favorite pie, and of course, the olympics. Gymnastics, synchronized diving, swimming and track and field fire me up, what about you?

-Pop, fizz, clink, champagne emoji, our 5th Oklahoma and 100th location nationwide opened last Monday!
-Bought a filet of smoked salmon last week. Worked it into as many meals as I could!
-Finally found a chia pudding recipe I like. This recipe has you heat the milk and chia together. Can be eaten warm or cold. Topped mine with figs and gogi berries!
-You all know I'm an apple and AB girl through and through, but there is something to be said about a creamy banana and nut butter. These banana coins got a drizzle of cashew butter, almond butter and a sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt!
-Cherry Lime Le Croix. Yes yes yup yup.
-Sometimes work involves gramming gorgeous cocktails, not mad about it. 
-It also includes taste testing the fish dishes for our next concept.  
-Nothing I love making more than my signature sugar cookies!
-Whole 30 has been nothing shy of delish. This was my best (and prettiest) lunch yet!
-Going for the gold with this new cookie pizza recipe, check back tomorrow for the recipe!
-This weekend breakfast on repeat Saturday & Sunday it was so simple and good. Two sunny side eggs cooked and sprinkled with turmeric on top, side of blackberries and broiled grapefruit with cinnamon. 
-Sis requested my Cherry Peach Pie for her birthday, so I through sprinkles in the crust to make it a bit more festive!


To Get You Through Your Tuesday

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Clear your schedule tonight. At 8/9 central LC returns

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Perfect gift for a friend who is moving away, a family member in another state, or to just love on your home state. Except they don't have Oklahoma yet, so that's rude. 

Growing up is expensive.

For those times you spill coffee all over your white shirt.

This is a littler hard, considering my job revolves around social media. But I'm taking in these tips when it comes to my personal feeds. 

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