To Get You Through Your Tuesday

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Clear your schedule tonight. At 8/9 central LC returns

And November 25th

Loving doing this detox yoga before bed or Saturday mornings after long Friday nights.

What does being healthy really mean?

Rose` all day, in a can

Perfect gift for a friend who is moving away, a family member in another state, or to just love on your home state. Except they don't have Oklahoma yet, so that's rude. 

Growing up is expensive.

For those times you spill coffee all over your white shirt.

This is a littler hard, considering my job revolves around social media. But I'm taking in these tips when it comes to my personal feeds. 

Sis is hosting, but here is everything you need for your Olympics viewing party.

Beware of Zika and other crazy Olympic stats.


Hump Day Treat

How Making a Murder so quickly turned into a cultural phenomenon

The most accurate valentines card.

Cute valentines for co-workers that don't "succ."

7 ways to unwind after work. #3 is my everyday and I'm really trying at #6.

How to figure out your dream job.

Then how to grow old with yourself.

How to get a good 'ole belly laugh.

Almond butter latte like woah.

And lastly, Juicy suit no tag backs!


On a Tuesday

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After many failed attempts, finally a guide on how to recreate my favorite breakfast (the goodie featured in my Facebook picture).
The mini wheats are as good as they look.
How I'm using my paycheck.
Want to live till you're 100?
This is gold.
Tips on physiological interaction, invest in some gloves.
How big, how blue is Florence's new album?

Best d*** pumpkin soup.

My favorite part of getting sushi.
A conservative bachelorette party based off my one of my favorite rom coms.
A beautiful way to stay informed, have you updated yet?

Happy last day of summer!


I'm trying to not get bit by the fall bug, but sweaters are calling my name. Eyes on the prize of keeping my endless summer going. Still working on checking things of my TDL, but I have a few other things currently on my mind. 

Bring on the fall fringe.
These lentils.
Friends who blog are my favorite.
Also my current blog crush
I'm in a fig frenzy 1 / 2 / 3.
California dreaming. 2 weeks!!
New house has me pinning like crazy!
No. 5
Chocolate chipless cookies. 
In case you didn't know


And the Oscar Goes to...

First things first, print off your Oscar ballot.
Take a look at past "Best Actress" winners gown's with this infographic. I'll always remember Hilary Swanks navy backless dress in 2005 and Halle Berry's brown mesh and adorned dress from 2002.
Pop the champagne or pour your self a glass of wine. Use this drinking game to know when to take a sip.
Now for the food. With the Grammys, Super Bowl and Miss Universe pageants all happening recently, it seems like my friends and I have just used this as an excuse to make a feast of snacks to eat while we watch. The Oscars are no excuse, so here is a list of themed foods to binge eat while watching.
For some fancier fare, here is a list of more gourmet Oscar party snacks
And last, I stole this from Kathleen's link list on Friday, but I love these fun movie party hacks. I'm sort of obsessed with those chocolate dipped potato chips!
Shamefully, Boyhood was the only Best Picture nominee I saw. But it wins the award in my book! Happy Oscar Sunday!