Bites of My Life

Coming off an extended weekend back in Oklahoma City full of work, lots of family time, lots of food and two, 2nd birthdays. I headed north on I-35 last Wednesday. I was greeted by my two favorite little nieces and my long lost New York sis. The main reason bringing me home was for my monthly visit back to headquarters for work and to help with our Jones Assembly 2nd anniversary party needs. It worked out perfectly with Claire’s visit home, Elle’s 2nd birthday, a wedding shower, a new restaurant opening, and a great summer weekend. I didn’t get back to Dallas until Monday around lunch and I’m still trying to get back in the swing of things.


-I met Molly and Paige through the same outlet but at separate times. They have both been in Dallas much longer than I, but now that we are all in the same city together a meet up was necessary. And by meetup I mean getting our butt’s in shape at Paige’s cycle class. If you are in Dallas and haven’t made it to Class Studios yet you are missing out.
-My favorite clean-out-the-fridge meal. Working on putting this into a recipe post, so look forward to that!
-Two people I miss the most in the same photo! Loved loved having Claire home and getting to see Elle Belle!
-Sister blow-outs because why not?
-New amazing OKC restaurant alert! Run don’t walk to Frida. Was so glad we got a reservation in during their first week open.
-Oh I just really love time when we are all together! Not pictured John our photographer, and dad out chauffeur parking the car ;)
-The real reason I was home was to help finalizing planning and set up for our 2nd Anniversary party at The Jones Assembly. It’s crazy how two years can seem like 10- ha!
-Original crew all together for the weekend and it was a great one!
-When in OKC, brandy ice’s are a must. We stopped by my #3 spot (Michael’s Grill) Saturday night. You can see my brandy ice run down here.
-Staying at mom and dad’s now is legit like being at a hotel. My bathroom had a robe, slippers, cotton squares and lotion all waiting for my arrival!
-Two years old and cuter than ever!
-Not my funfetti cake recipe, but sis nailed it with this three-layer for Elle’s birthday!


Bites of My Life

Popping in on a Wednesday for one last bite as an official OKC resident. I cross the border tomorrow to stake ground in Texas. But let’s recap a really great last week before I go.

bites 304.jpg

-You may remember me mentioning my co-worker Ethan back during my stint at Topgolf. We hadn’t seen each other since we left that job three years ago, but we ran into each other at a stoplight, literally, which then proceeded to plans to get drinks before I moved. It was like things never changed when we got together!
-If you love ginger like I do, run to TJ’s for this lemon and ginger sparkling water.
-To celebrate Global Running Day, Chlo and I traded our normal path to run through the prettiest area of the city followed by a Whole Foods breakfast after.
-Exhibit A of Whole Foods breakfast. Somewhere on our run our conversation made a turn to yogurt. We satisfied the craving immediately with a non-dairy yogurt and fruit and granola from the breakfast bar.
-A work happy hour to celebrate my work-wife’s HR certification and a last toast before my move. PSA if you didn’t know, I’m keeping my job just working remote. ILY Social Order!
-My friends threw me the best going away party last Friday. We grilled out, there was a balloon garland, adorable cookies and a few too many rounds of flip cup that resulted in a few too many tears…
-Wedding #2 to celebrate our princess bride Em alongside my best friends from high school.
-Quick break from packing for this clean out the fridge meal: grapefruit, salami, pickles and mustard. I wish I could say this was weird and strange, but I often eat meals that look just as odd as this.
-Mom made this orzo and farro salad alongside this sheet pan meal for a last Sunday dinner and it was delicious night of and just as good for leftovers these past few nights. Would be amazing to take to a summer cookout.

p.s. Did you catch last week’s post on the Best Brandy Ice in OKC?

Forever grateful for you Oklahoma. I’ll be back soon (in a month 🙃)


Bites About Town: Best Brandy Ice in OKC

I feel a little too confident that I am the perfect person to deliver today’s post. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my twenty-something years, it is that I love fruity beverages, girly cocktails, and dessert drinks. All things that you may be embarrassed of or try to hide by chocking down a glass of red wine (which I also love). However I’m not afraid to admit my fondness for drinks that often leave you with a hangover. Piña Colada? I’ll take five. Club special? More please! Brandy Ice? Never just one.

Enter today’s “Bites About Town” post, featuring non other than, the brandy ice. A brandy ice seems to be fairly regional and oddly popular in Oklahoma. So today’s post also seems fitting as I’m on my outs of OKC before moving to Dallas next week. If you google a brandy ice, only descriptions for brandy alexanders come up. They are basically the same thing, but a brandy alexander is made with cream and a brandy ice is made with ice cream.

You can read my past “Bites About Town” where I talked about the best salad and matcha lattes in the city. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more on brand. Salads, matcha and brandy ices. Yup, sounds about right. Ok, without further a do..


Junior’s Supper Club
Things to note: The OG. Junior’s has been around for 46 years and is a staple in OKC. Known for their red walls and brandy ices. They come in small or large. They are thick as can be and and are all around perfection from the texture to the flavor. A brandy ice at Junior’s is my favorite way to end the night. You may go for the BI, but find yourself staying for the live jazz music and chex mix.
Verdict: 5


The Drake
Things to note: The Drake’s brandy ice is not your typical brandy ice. There are little flakes of ice in it lending it more toward a slushy than a milkshake. Not my cup of tea.
Verdict: 3

major props to Cheever’s for taking this photo just for today’s post!

major props to Cheever’s for taking this photo just for today’s post!

Things to note: This is a hidden gem! People often finish their meal with a Pecan Ice Cream Ball when dining at Cheever’s, but don’t sleep on their brandy ice. I had Cheever’s for the first time a couple months ago and it was, well, delicious. It’s well balanced and has a great texture. A win all around.
Verdict: 5

photo courtesy of  Facebook

photo courtesy of Facebook

Mahogany Prime Steakhouse
Things to note: Mahogany makes a great brandy ice. Nothing to write home about, but not glaringly bad. However, I will order anytime I go!
Verdict: 4

photo courtesy of  Instagram

photo courtesy of Instagram

The Ranch
Things to note: This brandy ice is big. As you can see in the picture above with two straws, this brandy ice is best to be shared. However, I’ve never shared. I love the chocolate drizzle, but the martini glass bothers me. A classic brandy ice should be served in a tulip shaped glass.
Verdict: 4

I apologize for this blurry attempt at portrait mode.

I apologize for this blurry attempt at portrait mode.

Broadway 10 | Bar & Chophouse
Things to note: I love this brandy ice. It resembles more of a a vanilla flavor than chocolate that you often get in BI’s. It is topped off with chocolate shavings, but I find them to be the perfect addition. I highly recommend sitting at the bar at Broadway 10 to order a brandy ice and snack on the complementary bacon.
Verdict: 4


Michael’s Grill
Things to note: So cold they have to serve them with a plastic spoon because a metal one will freeze! Michael’s brandy ice lends more toward the texture of frozen yogurt.
Verdict: 4


Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club
Things to note: I want to love this brandy ice. Visually it looks perfect, but the flavor resembles that of lead paint. Harsh I know, but it’s the truth. I wish I could say this stopped me from ordering them… The brandy in this particular BI could be lightened up juuuuusst a bit.
Verdict: 2

Okay there’s my schpeal.

And the winner goes to… TIED between Cheever’s and Junior’s. You can’t mess with a classic like Junior’s, but Cheever’s did and they succeeded.


Bites of My Life

Only a week and a half left of being a permanent Oklahoma resident. I’m cleaning out the fridge, training our new employee, selling all my unnecessary junk, packed half my house, celebrated turning 26 again, danced my booty off at good friend’s wedding, and trying to get every last minute with everyone I can’t live without before I cross the state line. This 😱emoji so accurate to many aspects of my life right now.


-Clean out the fridge meals have commenced. I’m refusing to buy groceries except for some lettuce and a few apples until I move. This turkey burger salad situation wasn’t too weird, but I’m looking forward to seeing how I can combine frozen party meatballs and canned chickpeas into a meal…
-PSA I’m keeping my job (and got a promotion!!!), but still moving to Dallas. To make it all feasible, we hired a marketing coordinator to work with me and be my boots on the ground in OKC while I’m remote. Bailey started last week and she is already killing the game.
-Marie Kondo meets loosing 1,000 square feet of living space meets family members who equally want to lighten their load equals one big ole garage sale. And a successful one at that.
-A belated birthday dinner with family on Friday ended my favorite way. Brandy ices have my heart.
-Pink is our color and pink is our other color (if you know what I’m referring too, double points to you).
-Lady gang celebrating the Mlady’s!
-Up close of this incredible pancake from Sunday brunch here.
-OKC’s baby skyline always has a way of showing off.
-True life: I’m a lighter hoarder. Things i found out while moving. Anyone need a long neck lighter??


Bites of My Life

This past week/weekend is notoriously one of my favorite weekends of the spring. The weather usually is always beautiful by end of April, the Arts Festival has popped up, the OKC Memorial Marathon takes place and some kind of wedding celebration has known to fall on this weekend too. Proof here, here, and here.

I’ll be 100% honest, this weekend made me second guess my move from OKC. There is so much pride for the city that takes place this time of year (the memorial marathon being the reason). However, adventure awaits down south and OKC will always be here, so will my love for the big league city.


-New Spring/Summer menu launched at The Jones Assembly and my eyes are all over this well crafted cheese board.
-The new spot in town is both convenient and delicious. Highly recommend the grain bowl at Stitch.
-Unintentional pink on pink on pink deserved to be documented.
-I’ve been going to the Arts Festival since I was tiny, and I’ve always been more interested in the “culinary arts.”
-Somehow we used this photo booth opp as a way to throw it back to our pom and cheer days to celebrate Bailey and Andrew’s upcoming wedding.
-The weather has been gorg-e-ous lately, so I took advantage of it Saturday afternoon.
-Up early at Gorilla Hill to watch runners go by. Elle really dressed for the occasion in her banana yellow.
-After years of watching from the sidelines, I finally got to participate int he OKC Memorial Marathon - relay style!