Bites of My Life

Fun fact, this is my 300th “bites of my life” post. 3-0-0 woah!

I had a great week which included a quick trip to Dallas to find an apartment (spoiler I found one!!), and early birthday party, a graduation party for one of my college besties and then all day Sunday spent with family and more importantly mom!


-Lemon Bar smoothie to kick off the week. Recipe by one of my new favorite instagram follows @weeknightbite!
-DIY flavored La Croix with the help of fruity essential oils.
-An OG TAB recipe post. These thai cashew lettuce wraps are always a crowd please and so easy.
-Down and back trip to Dallas on Thursday to go apartment shopping. I found the cutest place in walking distance to this delicious salad.
-I’ve spend the past year and half volunteering and serving on the young professionals board for a local non-profit, Cleats For Kids. Overwhelmed by their amazing staff who gifted me this cake for my upcoming move. I’m so inspired by them and the work they do.
-When half of your best friends all have birthday’s in May, you throw yourselves a joint birthday party!
-Patio hangs with my new little koala bff Hallie!
-No better smell or taste than homemade bread. This batch was gifted, but excited to learn from my sweet friend Teri so I can take bread making to Dallas!
-Crispy smashed potatoes for Mother’s day alongside smoked brisket by dad and this salad.


Bites of My Life

I’ve kind of gotten back into running the past few weeks. I used to run all the time in college, but weak knees and getting burnt out, had me write it off completely. Until recently. While in Newport Beach a couple weeks ago, and seeing people out running along the beach and all through the city, I had a craving for it. I bought new running shoes and jumped on the treadmill (it’s still middle of winter here). I’m a short distance kind of girl only running 2 to 3 miles at a time, only a few times a week. However, it feels great. I have to be cautious of my knees because they don’t love it, but it feels so good to just take off and get the endorphins flowing. I had also been in a workout rut and running is helping pull me out of that.

It’s a nice balmy 26 degrees today…I’m one to enjoy all seasons, but winter you can go now. I would kill to go on a walk or run outside! Anyone else craaaaaaving spring?


-Started the week with lunch with mom, featuring one of my favorite salads. No really, I named it my fave in my quest for the Best Salad in OKC.
-Got asked to teach a photography class for the bartenders at The Jones Assembly. So fun getting to share my trade secrets and to see them really absorb what I was saying. Here is me with my open mouth breathing-means business-serious picture-taking face.
-Saving this recipe for a little longer, but let the anticipation build for these Thin Mint Brownies!
-Valentine’s Day steaks with our favorite sauce and not pictured pound cake with strawberries and homemade whipped cream. BIL John was out of town, so mom, dad, Kat and Elle and I cherished our little Vday dinner together!
-Book 2 out of my 24 goal done. This one was great!
-Valentine flowers not from mom and dad ;)
-Dallas for the weekend to see Rainbow Kitten Surprise and other things…
-When you partake in an organized 500 person bar crawl you are bound to see a few people you know!
-A little health after a day of bar crawling. The Sunrise Bowl from True Food Kitchen did the trick.


Extra bite: Discovered Jess Ann Kirby after Ellen linked to Jessica’s post about body image. Jessica is a lifestyle blogger but goes beyond just fashion and food. She touches on so many topics pertinent to my life. I spent all morning going down a rabbit hole reading some of her recent posts.

Sound bite: can’t stop listening to Mt. Joy after they opened for RKS on Friday. Do yourself a favor and listen in. My favorites are I’m Your Wreck, Sheep and Dirty Love.

BIG Bites of My Life

I blame the holidays for this, but I’m combing three bites posts in one. Lot’s to read, so I won’t bore you here. If you are willing to take an extra big bite, carry on, if you give up before the end I understand.

bites 283.jpg

Week leading up to Christmas…

-Easily one of my favorite recipes, and I love that it is many of y’alls too. This Crock-Pot Verde Turkey Chili is best in the winter and can be made Whole 30.
-Trying ashwaganda for the first time. I’ve been hearing of it’s many benefits to combat stress, but hadn’t tried it until recently. It tastes pretty earthy and I am still looking for the best way to mask that, but I will let you know when I do. Picked up this golden milk mix before the holidays too. The perfect drink to wind down with during the chaotic season.
-Worked/ing on eating more veggie friendly breakfasts instead of oatmeal and smoothies during the sugar filled holidays. Hooked on a version of this sweet potato hash inspired by my friend Lauren.
-Collagen hot cocoa swept insta before Christmas and I happily jumped on the train. Posted my recipe here.
-2nd Annual Cookie Decorating Party! A fun new tradition my best girls and I started last year.
-Sucker for a good snack spread. Hummus and cucumbers, salami and olives and baked brie for my girlfriends to counteract all the icing and cookies we ate…
-If you know you know. And if you’re night ends here, you know it was a good one.
-Here we go a wassailinggggg! Mom’s wassail is a staple at the holidays!
-Christmas Eve Eve traditions run deep with this group!

bites 283.2.jpg

Christmas Week…

-More cookie decorating because that’s what you do at the holidays. Used my Signature Sugar Cookie recipe which is the OG recipe Santa asks for every year.
-Dad and I always on the puzzle grind come the holiday season.
-As our family grows, it also get’s small in some instances. Just me, mom and dad this Christmas Eve, but celebrated the night with church, spaghetti and meatballs (we used this recipe for the sauce and it was perfect) and a late night walk through the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, just the three of us!
-Tucker tradition of OJ/mimosas with raspberries on Christmas morning. Served along side our traditional sausage crescents and new tradition of this cranberry orange bread.
-Our littlest family member was so sick, but powered through Christmas. And loved her kitchen gadgets gift from Aunt Annie :) Toast and coffee anyone?
-It’s a GRIL!! We found out back in September that Kathleen and John were pregnant with their second baby. We anxiously had to wait until Christmas to find out the sex. Best news ever that Elle is getting a little sister.
-CopperBoom! Never taking this sweatshirt off. Thank you Kathleen!
-I love for Tucker holiday meals. Beef tenderloin, twice bakes, glazed carrots and our family Christmas salad.
-Remember that golden milk mix I mentioned earlier? I used it to flavor this smoothie bowl and I highly recommend. Frozen cauliflower, some ice, vanilla Arbonne protein powder, oat milk, little almond butter, topped with chia seeds, cacao nibs and pecans.
-2018 was the year of reading. And I blogged about it.
-My London girl is back in the USA, better yet Fort Worth (for now, but hopefully for longer coming soon)!!
-We’ve been coming to Fort Worth for OU weekends since our freshman year of college thanks to The Felton’s! Glad that some things never change!

bites 283.3.jpg

First week of 2019…

-Balloons ready to DROP for NYE at The Jones.
-Who else has to eat black eyes on New Year’s Day? BEP or no luck for the year!
-All the groceries to get back in the swing of things post holidays.
-Celery juice trend ain't stopping anytime soon. Clear skin, smooth skin, look and feel of hair, reduced eczema, less bloat it helps it all!
-S N O W. We got about 3 inches unexpectedly this week. And funny thing about this picture is I took it at about 10pm, but it looks so bright from all the white!
-Snow day lunch at home consisting of my Spicy Red Pepper and Tomato soup, gala apple and rosemary Flackers (my new obsession).
-The Defined Dish’s Hibachi Chicken with Magic Mustard sauce lived up to the hype~~
-My favorite part of my job is when I get to taste all the fun concoctions our bartenders and chefs come up with. Exhibit A, this Oreo inspired beer cocktail.
-Always love a quick Dallas trip.


Bites of My Life

I mentioned last week that October is going to be a busy but fun month. Kicked off the fall festivities over the weekend with the big annual OU/Texas game. Everyone clears out of Oklahoma to head southbound to battle the Longhorns at the Cotton Bowl which takes place each year during the Texas State Fair. I’ve been going for years, but my friends and I couldn’t help but dwell that the weekend gets better with age. Home from the weekend and ready to tackle another jam packed week and weekend. Less than 3 months left of 2018, here’s to savoring the moments before the year is gone!

bites 272.jpg

-Wine in our grocery baskets: a new site for all Oklahomans. Last Monday marked the change of our alcohol laws in OK. We welcomed wine in grocery stores and cold beer in liquor stores with wide open arms. A stock up of two buck chuck was necessary to celebrate the change!
-Absolutely loved this meal from the Fall Reset I’m doing —> Cider Chicken: Chicken thighs, brussels sprouts and apples with a grainy mustard and apple cider sauce.
-Best day of the month is when my Bon Appetit magazine shows up in my mailbox!
-Homemade Chicken Vermicelli cooked up by my roomie’s boyfriend! We have started a routine of 1 out of the 3 of us cooking dinner once a week and rotating.
-Hey Ladies! I’m still reading over here and I’m really excited about this one I picked up last week!
-Rolled into Dallas for OU/Texas weekend around lunchtime on Friday. Steered my girlfriends to True Food Kitchen for lunch. I love it, they loved it. Antioxidant tea and the Seasonal Ingredient Salad for me!
-Fletcher’s Corny Dog for breakfast is an OU/Texas tradition!
-Corny dogs and fair beers had us tickled apparently.
-Nitrogen Ice Cream? Who’s had it? Cold and sweet finish to a hot (literally) and sour (game loss) day!


Web bite for the week: read this if you too pretend you are living inside a romantic comedy.

Bites of My Life

A few snow (ice) days kept us trapped at home last week, followed by pouring rain as we ventured down to Dallas for best friend and pre-wedding celebrations, followed by gorgeous 60 degree weather. Oklahoma you keep us on our toes, but I don't mind!

bites 242.jpg

-Protein shakes aside, the mascara, face primer and CC cream from Arbonne's makeup and skincare line are gold. 
-My favorite shake to keep me full and satisfied. Vanilla Almond amped up with a little almond extract!
-New Lite Bite post is up! Crushing on this meal from last week!
-Sneaking in greens on our "snow day" despite really wanting s'mores, popcorn, chili and all the treats.
-So far I have finished 2, almost 3 books in 2018 and it's only February. I don't even know who I am anymore. #TeamDoesn'tRead.
-The most delicious eats and drinks at José to kick off our 24 hour stint in Dallas. Highly highly recommend this spot next time your are in Dallas. 
-Weekend 1 of celebrating #KatieFoundHerMattch, can't wait for round 2 this weekend.
-Tea and Food Network in bed. How every Sunday should start.
-Quinoa has come back for vengeance recently and I'm loving it. Working on getting this greek quinoa bowl posted this week!