On My Home Wishlist

So currently mom and dad are my roommates...oh the joys of moving home after graduation. Okay living with them is not bad, my parents are cool (you're welcome you guys) but still, I'm ready to have my own place again. In a few weeks I'll be moving into my new house. It's the cutest darn place I just can't wait! This has my brain swirling with decorating ideas. First up is a curated bar cart. 
gold / pink / white
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7
I've wanted a little vintage bar cart for a while. Yes I know they are trendy and kind of cliche for 20-something girl houses, but that's my life so who cares. I've found various ones all around $200 or under, well except for that pink one, but a girl can dream! IKEA strikes again with one of their hacks using a $35 bookshelf and some decorative peg legs. See how The Everygirl does it here. That might be the bar cart winner! I can't wait to get all settled into my house! Pictures to come the moment I do!

LC's Barbie Dream Home

Oh LC: my icon, my girl crush, my muse. Not only did Lauren Conrad just have the most perfect wedding and marry the most handsome man, but she also recently let InStyle magazine take a peek inside her fabulous Beverly Hills penthouse. It's a far step above Barbie, but it does have that dream home feel to it. 
Lauren mentions that she styles her home like she styles her clothes. Lot's of neutrals and investment pieces. 

If only LC and I could sit at that breakfast nook together with oatmeal and coffee and gab about Laguna, Stephen, Teen Vogue and Speidi...

Her touches of mustard yellow have me swooning. I love how she gives this often dated color a sense of glamour and chicness. 

I did a little digging and found some before pictures of her penthouse. She bought the space back in the Spring of 2012, but has completely transformed it since. Proof that LC's taste is as impeccable as ever.

It's safe to say LC gave this penthouse the elegance it deserves. With a view of the 90210 like that, you have to have an interior to match! Bravo Lauren, you have impressed us once again. 

View the full story & video on InStyle or in the current October issue. You can also get her look with inspired pieces from Brit+Co's post!
How would you design your dream home? Mine would defiantly have a breakfast nook just like Lauren, a kitchen the size of Texas, a walk in closet, a bathtub and be decorated in navy, white and gold!

Witty & Delightful

Target has been rolling out an amazing collab this year. They partnered with some of their favorite pinners to create Pinterest party worthy products, and I am so on board. 
They first caught my attention when they partnered with Joy Cho of Oh Joy! She has continued to design whimsical party goods since her initial collection last spring. They also did work with Jan Halvarson of Poppytalk, and most recently released their witty & delightful collection with the wonderful Kate Arends from Wit & Delight.

Pictured above is the wonderful Kate. I had never read her blog until my sister helped me catch wind of her Target collection. I instantly found myself completely distracted in my capstone class and completely enthralled in her blog

These are a few snapshots from the rustic and whimsical launch party Kate threw for the September 14th launch of her collection. The Minneapolis based blogger filled this studio space with good food, better people and her great products as the focal point. I wish I could have been invited to the party so I could eat the luscious cheese board in front of Kate. 

Kate's collection is perfectly described by using the title of her blog, it is witty and delightful. She uses black, white and gold to create party goods and barware. My favorite pieces include the Oh Beer! bottle opener and her funny phrase pencils (click the link to see all the phrases enlarged). The "beerly beloved" one really gets me. Below are more of my favorites! 

Kate and Joy's party products are available on Target.com. Jan's Poppytalk products are sold out, but you can see all three of the pinner's collections on Target's Pinterest page. I'm now brainstorming different party ideas so that I have a reason to buy all of their goodies! 

I must say, everything is so well priced and so darn cute I'm just going to have to buy it all. This always seems to happen...darn it, Target strikes again.

Bedroom Reveal

I have been pinning bedroom images for years just waiting to have the chance to finally decorate a room exactly how I want. I couldn't wait to move into my little campus house and finally bring my ideas to life. 
Patchy walls, a bare bed and hand me down furniture just waiting to be brought to life.
White, white and more white. Oh, and a few touches of navy and gold. Now follow me as I give you a 360 tour of my room. 

Along the wall across from my bed, my clothes and TV are displayed prominently for easy viewing. The clothing rack serves more as a decorative piece being that I actually have plenty of room in my closet. As for my TV, you can expect Food Network to be playing 24/7. 
Moving around the room we come to my dresser and mini gallery wall. This dresser has been in my room since I was born. Gold handles and a coat of shiny white paint have transformed it from the hand painted pink, blue, and green Laura Ashley design that it had when I was 6.
I've never been much of a bedroom person. I would rather be in the middle of the action hanging out with anyone who is around in the central room of the house. Now that I have this perfectly curated space, I can hardly get out of bed. I eat, study, blog and create in my room at all hours of the day.
If I'm not in my bed, I actually sit at my desk. Most people have a desk in their room just as a place to throw junk on, but I actually use my desk on a regular basis. I'm more productive if I'm sitting up with a table space in front of me. Yes, the drawer of my desk is filled with random knick knacks, but I try to keep the top clean of clutter. 
I have a crush on my room. It's my favorite thing right now and I'm always enveloped with positive vibes when I walk into it. 


Home sweet H&M home goods! See what I did in the title their? The H and M are capitalized cause I'm punny and stuff. 
Anyway, have y'all seen the home department at H&M? It is goooood! I knew they had a home line, similar to Zara's, but I hadn't checked it out yet. I was happy to find out the H&M in Georgetown was fully equipped with their home goods. The thing is, although I walk by the store everyday I had yet to go inside and see it because whoever does their window displays decided to put their least beautiful (nice term for ugly) things in the window, totally causing me to turn my nose up and keep walking by. 
That was until my ultra fabulous boss was raving about the line, so I figured I'd actually step inside the store this time. Complete 180. Everything is white, cream, bronze, silver, black or some shade of pretty. 

I wish I was staying in D.C. for a more substantial amount time so I had a reason to decorate my dorm with all of the H&M pretties! Unfortunately that's not the case. But, I do have my cutie house in Norman waiting for my return. Not to wish away the summer or anything, but it is time to start getting some things together for my house back home. 
I think I can pretty much guarantee that the silver bin, marble tray and one of the throw pillows will be getting shipped home from D.C. to Norman!
You must go check out all of the goods they have online, and if you are near an H&M with the home stuff in store go see for your own eyes! Oh, and did I mention how insanely cheap everything is? And by cheap I don't mean the quality. Their products are still constructed perfectly, but they also have the perfect price tag!