On My Home Wishlist

So currently mom and dad are my roommates...oh the joys of moving home after graduation. Okay living with them is not bad, my parents are cool (you're welcome you guys) but still, I'm ready to have my own place again. In a few weeks I'll be moving into my new house. It's the cutest darn place I just can't wait! This has my brain swirling with decorating ideas. First up is a curated bar cart. 
gold / pink / white
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I've wanted a little vintage bar cart for a while. Yes I know they are trendy and kind of cliche for 20-something girl houses, but that's my life so who cares. I've found various ones all around $200 or under, well except for that pink one, but a girl can dream! IKEA strikes again with one of their hacks using a $35 bookshelf and some decorative peg legs. See how The Everygirl does it here. That might be the bar cart winner! I can't wait to get all settled into my house! Pictures to come the moment I do!