Dallas Home Tour


Greetings from Texas! I’ve officially been here for a month and half and feeling rather settled for a somewhat short time frame. People couldn’t believe how quickly I got things unpacked and organized, but that’s just how I roll. I’m the kind of person who gets home from vacation and unpacks my suitcase and starts laundry the second I walk in the door.


My Dallas apartment is a little 650 square foot one-bedroom that I couldn’t love more. I love the white walls, marble countertops and windows. I’ve become my mother’s child and only rely on lamp light, so the natural light is incredible.


I’m oddly lucky to have had almost everything I needed for my new space. I bought one rug and that is it. Being the baby of the family has huge perks, and in this case, years of furniture falling into my lap. Almost all of the pieces you see have been with me from college, to my first house post-grad, and then my second house, and now my apartment.

Majority of my furniture is years, even decade old hand-me-downs. My navy velvet chair? It used to be a silk chartreuse toile fabric and I’ve known it to be in my parents formal living room since I was born. My mom recovered and gifted it to me a few years ago. I love how most pieces have a little story and memory attached to them. See my coffee table? It’s from the OU Kappa house.


My dining room table is older than me. I spent all my years growing up eating dinner at that table and it continues to serve me the same in my own place. As for the chairs, they are new, and cheap! My artwork ranges from HomeGoods finds, to Gray Malin, to Craig Tucker (my dad) originals!! I have a large canvas above my couch - painted by dad! As for the few new pieces, most of my homewares are from HomeGoods, Amazon, RugsUSA, and Ikea. I’ve linked as much as I can in my ‘Home Sweet Home’ list on Amazon and at the bottom of this post.


I got this acrylic bar cart for Christmas last year. It’s from HomeGoods, but I found a similar one here. Due to space issues we piled up all of my cookbooks on the bottom shelf, but I actually love all the pops of color they give off.


Many o’ Perfect CCCs have already been baked in this oven. The kitchen space is limited, but just right for one! If you are looking for the perfect housewarming gift, please check out my friend Kate at Kate & Co. She monograms the cutest towels, cocktail napkins and more. My best friends sent me off with this pink turkish towel before I left and I love having it prominently displayed on my oven.


Kudos to my incredible parents for assisting with the move and being the ultimate coffee table stylers and shelf hanging folks I know.


My home is where my heart is (and where Southern Charm is always on loop).


I’ve linked as many pieces as I can in my ‘Home Sweet Home’ list on Amazon as well as individual links below. If you have questions about a specific piece, feel free to ask in the comments or email me!

Bedroom Rug (similar)
Ikea Leirvik Bed Frame
West Elm Bedding
Wamsutta 500 Count Sheets
Beige Pom Pom Throw (similar)
Ikea Floating Shelves
Mini Light Box
Acrylic Picture Frames
Acrylic Chair
Acrylic Bar Cart (similar)
Eames Chairs, set of 4
Coffee Table Books
Nest ‘Bamboo’ 3-wick candle
Living Room Rug
Navy Throw Pillows (similar)
Pink Monogrammed Turkish Towel
Pink KitchenAid Mixer
Wooden Salt Container
Williams Sonoma Monogrammed Marble Cutting Board

DIY Happy Birthday Sign

I kind of hate the whole term "crafting" or "crafty" or "crafts." Thanks to the sorority world "crafting" has become a stereotypical pastime. I associate these words with new mommies or middle age women making burlap wreaths or detailed scrapbooks. You know what I mean? Those people who scour the aisles of Hobby Lobby and have a whole room devoted to "crafting." 

This isn't saying I don't like to be creative or making things with my hands, but the word "craft" just makes me squirmy inside. I like creative and well made things not crafty painted canvases with mushy gushy pinteresty quotes. Pardon my rant, moving on.

A couple of weeks ago was one of my roommate's 21st birthday and the house was in need of a little celebratory decorations! I came up with this little birthday sign and it just turned out so cute! 

What You Need:
craft colored paper
paper cutter
hole punch
tissue paper

To Make:

1. Create a word document with the page format in landscape. Using a bold block font in about a 450 pt. size type out whatever you want your sign to say. (Make the font large enough so two letters fit on each page).

2. Print your saying onto the craft paper. Trim each letter into a rectangle then angle the bottom to crate a pennant like design. Essentially just cutting a triangle out from the bottom.

3. Hole punch the top corners of each letter.

4. Using my instructions on how to make a tassel, create one to go between each letter. I cut my sheets of tissue paper in half to make mini tassels. 

5. Now that you have your letters and tassels string them on to your twine. You can make one long sign or split each word up like I did. See below.

So this isn't a craft, but instead a creative project! You can get even more creative and use this DIY for a holiday, or include someone's name, or for a shower or party! Use green and red for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween, etc. 



Home sweet H&M home goods! See what I did in the title their? The H and M are capitalized cause I'm punny and stuff. 
Anyway, have y'all seen the home department at H&M? It is goooood! I knew they had a home line, similar to Zara's, but I hadn't checked it out yet. I was happy to find out the H&M in Georgetown was fully equipped with their home goods. The thing is, although I walk by the store everyday I had yet to go inside and see it because whoever does their window displays decided to put their least beautiful (nice term for ugly) things in the window, totally causing me to turn my nose up and keep walking by. 
That was until my ultra fabulous boss was raving about the line, so I figured I'd actually step inside the store this time. Complete 180. Everything is white, cream, bronze, silver, black or some shade of pretty. 

I wish I was staying in D.C. for a more substantial amount time so I had a reason to decorate my dorm with all of the H&M pretties! Unfortunately that's not the case. But, I do have my cutie house in Norman waiting for my return. Not to wish away the summer or anything, but it is time to start getting some things together for my house back home. 
I think I can pretty much guarantee that the silver bin, marble tray and one of the throw pillows will be getting shipped home from D.C. to Norman!
You must go check out all of the goods they have online, and if you are near an H&M with the home stuff in store go see for your own eyes! Oh, and did I mention how insanely cheap everything is? And by cheap I don't mean the quality. Their products are still constructed perfectly, but they also have the perfect price tag!