Bites of My Life

A perfect little short week followed up by a perfect big fun weekend. Just had a few days of work to get through last week before I was Dallas bound for the annual Red River Shootout. A special visit from a friend, a sushi making class and Hello Fresh meals to cook made the week skip along quite quickly. 

Woke up at the crack of dawn to head south Friday morning. Got our shopping out of the way early before it was a full fledge best friend reunion. I was skeptical of how my first post-grad OU/Texas weekend would go, but it was easily one of the best. It's now a built in weekend every year where all of my friends will be in the same place at the same time. It even meant a reunion with my sweet Molly! Her team may have won, but we aren't letting our schools get in the way of things. It was a year too long since our last meet up, and we are not letting that happen again. Molls says she is coming to OKC and I am telling all of you to help hold her accountable. 

My Sooners may have lost, but the weekend was an overall win. Until next time Texas, you always show me a good time.

-A much deserved visit from a best friend called for a delicious new salad recipe. Recipe can be found in my Recipe Dump post.
-Quitting my day job and become a sushi chef. Finally got to mark "learn how to make sushi" off my cooking bucket list.
-Hello Fresh arrived on our doorstep again this week. The cumin spiced chicken with zucchini pearl couscous was my favorite from the box!
-Scurried through the week to speed down to Dallas for OU/Texas weekend. First stop Nordstrom for lunch and new shoes.
-Get us all back together and it's guaranteed good time. 
-Highlight of the weekend. Hi Molls!!! We may be rivals, but blogger besties comes first.
-Fletcher's we meet again. #teammustard
-Recovered from the Sooners loss and a long day at the fair with copious amounts of Torchy's Tacos queso.
-Couldn't make a trip to Texas without a stop to Trader Joe's. Pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds, pumpkin cornbread mix, pumpkin soup and pumpkin body butter filled my basket.
-Last stop before Oklahoma was for an Eatzi's breakfast.
-Another batch of carrot ginger dressing whipped up for a friend who is obsessed as I am. 
-Finished off a great weekend with a Mexican style quinoa homemade from our last Hello Fresh package. 


Bites of My Life

From the looks of it I took a few too many bites last week. Reality is my food was just really pretty. I was scrolling through my camera roll for today's bites post and it was food, only food. Except for one puppy visitor we had at work last week!
I got bit by the fall bug this weekend. With our glimpse of cooler temps, I was immediately off to the store to by fall flowers for my porch and pumpkin puree for new recipes. I'll admit that I even went all basic white girl and got a PSL on Saturday. Let's just accept it and move on. Fall is here and I'm crushing on this season change. 
-Tried recreating my pitaya bowl I had in Newport. Not bad but needs some tweaking before I share the recipe.

-Unveiled my secret signature sugar cookie recipe last week. This recipe is so special to me and y'all are just special enough for it to be shared with!
-Tricky Tuesday! I disguised my morning green smoothie as a chocolate shake with spinach, almond butter, coconut water, strawberries, bananas and cocoa powder.
-Has anyone tried Hello Fresh? If not I highly recommend it! We tried out the 3-box meal for 2 people and fell in love. First night we made the Spice Rubbed Chicken with roasted figs and onions over basmati rice and green beans. 
-Night two was surprisingly our favorite. An interesting mix of freekah, brussels and crisp apples. 
-Our last night was seared salmon over farro and roasted beets, topped with a horseradish beet dill salsa. Each night we looked forward to putting together our meal. We felt like we were playing a game, putting together the puzzle pieces to create each recipe. 
-With one of my co-workers fostering puppies, we get occasional visits from his baby furry friends. Say hello to Winston Carlise!
-On a soft boiled egg grind after my breakfast at Zinc in Newport. 
-Tried creating my own pumpkin zucchini bread recipe. Tried to make it a little too healthy and it failed. It looked really pretty but more recipe testing is in my future.
-Fresh vine ripe tomatoes and figs are the star ingredients of a new lunch recipe coming up this week.
-Recreated another Newport recipe for dinner Sunday night. Panko crusted fish tacos inspired by Bear Flag Fish Co.
-And because every week should end on a sweet note, a little froyo acted as the cherry on top. We felt a little better about it knowing our dessert was benefiting No Kid Hungry with Orange Leaf's limited edition cups!