Bites of My Life

Work isn't slowing down, and neither is anything else. I'm not mad about it though. When things are busy, more gets done and in my experience more fun is had. It's like when you have barely time to do anything, you try to slip in as much fun as you can have.  

-Celebrated 4 years of teaching barre3 for sis last week! Still killing the game even 7 months preggo!
-Sweetly surprised when my drink order came out pink unknowingly. Order this: the sweet almond herbal tea from Elemental Coffee, add steamed almond milk. 
-A little post-college Monmouth Duo party. 
-A summer version of my go-to lunch!
-When the craving comes on strong and you can't leave the grocery store parking lot without ripping open the bag of popcorn. I wish I could say this doesn't happen often...
-First time trying Chick-n-Beer! With none other than my adventurous eating PIC, dad!
-It's too convenient that my new favorite coffee shop is walking distance from my work. 
-Bibimbap is one of my family's favorite things at our favorite restaurant in the city. Kathleen's version comes in a very close second. 
-The Hall's Pizza Kitchen officially opens today! Got a sneak peek last Friday and already have plans to go back this week. Their burrata is calling my name!
-Baby K can't come soon enough, loved getting to shower sis this weekend.
-Crawfish, barbecue and beer (and club specials) oh my. 
-Love a day just for you mammasita!

p.s. take a look at last week's Key Lime Pie recipe post if you missed, it's a must make dessert! In fact, I'm making it again tomorrow!