Bites About Town: Best Brandy Ice in OKC

I feel a little too confident that I am the perfect person to deliver today’s post. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my twenty-something years, it is that I love fruity beverages, girly cocktails, and dessert drinks. All things that you may be embarrassed of or try to hide by choking down a glass of red wine (which I also love). However I’m not afraid to admit my fondness for drinks that often leave you with a hangover. Piña Colada? I’ll take five. Club special? More please! Brandy Ice? Never just one.

Enter today’s “Bites About Town” post, featuring none other than, the brandy ice. A brandy ice seems to be fairly regional and oddly popular in Oklahoma. So today’s post also seems fitting as I’m on my outs of OKC before moving to Dallas next week. If you google a brandy ice, only descriptions for brandy alexanders come up. They are basically the same thing, but a brandy alexander is made with cream and a brandy ice is made with ice cream.

You can read my past “Bites About Town” where I talked about the best salad and matcha lattes in the city. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more on brand. Salads, matcha and brandy ices. Yup, sounds about right. Ok, without further ado..


Junior’s Supper Club
Things to note: The OG. Junior’s has been around for 46 years and is a staple in OKC. Known for their red walls and brandy ices. They come in small or large. They are thick as can be and and are all around perfection from the texture to the flavor. A brandy ice at Junior’s is my favorite way to end the night. You may go for the BI, but find yourself staying for the live jazz music and chex mix.
Verdict: 5


The Drake
Things to note: The Drake’s brandy ice is not your typical brandy ice. There are little flakes of ice in it lending it more toward a slushy than a milkshake. Not my cup of tea.
Verdict: 3

major props to Cheever’s for taking this photo just for today’s post!

major props to Cheever’s for taking this photo just for today’s post!

Things to note: This is a hidden gem! People often finish their meal with a Pecan Ice Cream Ball when dining at Cheever’s, but don’t sleep on their brandy ice. I had Cheever’s for the first time a couple months ago and it was, well, delicious. It’s well balanced and has a great texture. A win all around.
Verdict: 5

photo courtesy of  Facebook

photo courtesy of Facebook

Mahogany Prime Steakhouse
Things to note: Mahogany makes a great brandy ice. Nothing to write home about, but not glaringly bad. However, I will order anytime I go!
Verdict: 4

photo courtesy of  Instagram

photo courtesy of Instagram

The Ranch
Things to note: This brandy ice is big. As you can see in the picture above with two straws, this brandy ice is best to be shared. However, I’ve never shared. I love the chocolate drizzle, but the martini glass bothers me. A classic brandy ice should be served in a tulip shaped glass.
Verdict: 4

I apologize for this blurry attempt at portrait mode.

I apologize for this blurry attempt at portrait mode.

Broadway 10 | Bar & Chophouse
Things to note: I love this brandy ice. It resembles more of a a vanilla flavor than chocolate that you often get in BI’s. It is topped off with chocolate shavings, but I find them to be the perfect addition. I highly recommend sitting at the bar at Broadway 10 to order a brandy ice and snack on the complementary bacon.
Verdict: 4


Michael’s Grill
Things to note: So cold they have to serve them with a plastic spoon because a metal one will freeze! Michael’s brandy ice lends more toward the texture of frozen yogurt.
Verdict: 4


Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club
Things to note: I want to love this brandy ice. Visually it looks perfect, but the flavor resembles that of lead paint. Harsh I know, but it’s the truth. I wish I could say this stopped me from ordering them… The brandy in this particular BI could be lightened up juuuuusst a bit.
Verdict: 2

Okay there’s my schpeal.

And the winner goes to… TIED between Cheever’s and Junior’s. You can’t mess with a classic like Junior’s, but Cheever’s did and they succeeded.


Bites of My Life

4th of July, please don't ever fall on a Wednesday again. I beg of you. Weirdest week ever. Not a bad week in hindsight, just weird. I know most of you can agree. The double two day week wasn't the worst either. 

Lot's of festive food, summer food, breakfast food and all around delicious food last week. As you can see more of below. This week is looking like a birthday celebration, taco tuesday, VIP movie screening and then off to the lake. Chat next Monday! 

bites 260.jpg

-Eat the rainbow. My favorite way to eat. Ingredient details including a killer dressing recipe in my post here.
-Breakfast with mom at our favorite, EnCroute.
-All the office vibes in our new workspace. More pictures to come I'm sure, but for now, back to Kathy Lee and Hoda.
-Y'all know me and my love for festive food. So festive fruit to start the 4th was a must.
-4th of July, please don't ever fall on a Wednesday again. All smiles despite.
-Celebrating America and my girl Maddie's bday!
-Breakfast with dad, trying out Buttermilk. A biscuit breakfast spot but couldn't resist the smoothie bowl!
-Sunday spin with my girl. 
-Little fish is almost a year old!


Bites of My Life

June? Already? How did we get here so fast. How are we halfway through the year? Mind boggling I tell you mind boggling. Days, weeks, months are flying by at super speed. I'm trying so hard to hold on to each moment, but they are flashing by, especially lately.

Work is moving at rapid fire these days (more on that later), but I can honestly say I'm loving every minute of it, so I can't complain. Although, sweet Take a Bite has taken a bit of a back burner because of it. I apologize for the lack of anything but a wimpy "bites" post each week. But come July I'm hoping I'll have some extra time on my hands for more TAB love. I couldn't even tell you the last time I cooked a real meal. Now that is depressing and a clear sign of how busy I am. 

-I haven't had a chance to blog much on TAB, but I did guest post last week on The Well. Read my post here
-On a weird turkey burger kick. Cutting corners and using TJ's frozen patties, but loving this deconstructed burger version I've been serving myself. 
-Finalizing our dessert menu for The Jones Assembly means ice cream for lunch! Blueberry, watermelon, cucumber and grapefruit sorbet. Yes cucumber sorbet. It was amazing.
-Training has begun for The Jones Assembly. Which just means things are getting closer and closer to opening!
-Pro tip: ask for plantain chips with your guac at Barrios, and definitely order the salmon ceviche!
-My work here is done. Successfully turned the texan into an OKC lover. *pats myself on the back*
-Work on a Saturday ain't so bad when it involves your bestie and matcha lattes.
-Could shower this cutie bridey for days! Cannot believe you are about to get married! 
-The brussels caesar is low key my favorite thing at The Drake


Bites of My Life

Work isn't slowing down, and neither is anything else. I'm not mad about it though. When things are busy, more gets done and in my experience more fun is had. It's like when you have barely time to do anything, you try to slip in as much fun as you can have.  

-Celebrated 4 years of teaching barre3 for sis last week! Still killing the game even 7 months preggo!
-Sweetly surprised when my drink order came out pink unknowingly. Order this: the sweet almond herbal tea from Elemental Coffee, add steamed almond milk. 
-A little post-college Monmouth Duo party. 
-A summer version of my go-to lunch!
-When the craving comes on strong and you can't leave the grocery store parking lot without ripping open the bag of popcorn. I wish I could say this doesn't happen often...
-First time trying Chick-n-Beer! With none other than my adventurous eating PIC, dad!
-It's too convenient that my new favorite coffee shop is walking distance from my work. 
-Bibimbap is one of my family's favorite things at our favorite restaurant in the city. Kathleen's version comes in a very close second. 
-The Hall's Pizza Kitchen officially opens today! Got a sneak peek last Friday and already have plans to go back this week. Their burrata is calling my name!
-Baby K can't come soon enough, loved getting to shower sis this weekend.
-Crawfish, barbecue and beer (and club specials) oh my. 
-Love a day just for you mammasita!

p.s. take a look at last week's Key Lime Pie recipe post if you missed, it's a must make dessert! In fact, I'm making it again tomorrow!


Bites of My Life

Late night bites, but bites none the less. Happily jumping back into bed tonight after my lack of sleep from the weekend. All worth it though after being reunited with all of my best friends to celebrate our Madeline before she gets hitched this summer. The first to go in our nitch, so we had to celebrate accordingly. 


-Scrambled with a side of matcha. 
-More Jones Assembly menu tastings last week and I single handily took down this whole jar of candied bacon. 
-Our chefs have been cranking out the most delicious eats, like this blood orange and burrata dish with lavender infused olive oil. On the menu this summer at The Jones
-When your friend texts you to simply come over to teach her how to make a moscow mule, but then your night turns into a quest around town to find the best moscow mule in the city. Stay tuned for more reviews, but Sidecar is already impressing us. 
-Because I can't drink alcohol and not munch on something. And because Sidecar get's all of their food from their sister restaurant Broadway 10, you know anything on their menu will be delish. 
-The week continued with brunch tastings for The Jones. Wood fired frittata, yes please!
-Wheels down in Scottsdale and first stop was for brunch and multiple mimosas. 
-First day in the sun in about 8 months and in traditional Annie fashioned, got fried to a crisp...
-#madsbach had all the views in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ
-I fell in love with the frozen mojito at Sumo Maya a year ago and have been counting down the days until I knew I would be reunited with it again. 
-All reunited for our gal!
-Serious restaurant crush at The Henry before heading out of town.