Bites of My Life

Taking my first bite of 24! I mentioned a few weeks ago that this month was treating me too well and I was pointing fingers at the reason being because it was my birthday month. Yes, I think that did play a roll, but with everything going on right now, I think it's more just timing that is making May the month of the year! I have been extremely busy with both work and play. Baby showers, wedding showers, work events, a lake trip, two restaurant openings, looking for new house...I'll stop now. Hence the lack of any kind of post this last week. Keep reading for the short version recap of the past two weeks! 

-Last time with all 3 at Mahler Pl. before we go our separate ways. Couldn't ask for better people to live under the same roof with in these pivotal past two years. 
-When food like this is pumping out of the kitchen at work, it's hard to not go on a complete carb only diet. I suddenly want/need all the breads, biscuits and baked goods. 
-Every day I'm continually validated by my job and the people I work with. Want to join the crew? Apply here
-Typical Oklahoma storm watch. Feet up, wine poured. Twisters shmisters.
-Kitten is leaving us to be a big cat in Chi town! A proper adios fiesta was in order before she departed! 
-A big night for The Jones Assembly two Saturday's ago. Can't wait to open our doors to the public at the end of June!
-When I volunteered to help throw a shower for sis, I obvi took over the food task. It was a very What's Gaby Cooking inspired spread. 
-I clearly didn't wear the right foot wear for futbol. I'm just going to leave this picture right here and not get into the weird details of why I was kicking around a soccer ball last week. 
-Like, so, #ontrend. Scarf found here.
-Breakfast//lake edition//birthday edition.
-Move over LeCroix, there's a new basic betch in townl
-Hot dogs, baked beans, and patriotic berries. All the eats for this holiday Monday!


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