Bites of My Life

I only feel a little bad when my bites posts are only full of food. I promise I have a life with un-edible things too. Although, this week was all about the noms. I stayed kind of on track, but it's time to grind out the fourth and final week of the Barre 3 challenge. Lord knows I need it coming off this food filled week. Coming for you strong B3. 

Things you miss from the picture below are; the first sights of sun in what seems like weeks (hallelujiah), a throwback 90s concert, trips to the Asian market, Mexican supermarket & Whole Foods #diverse, and quality bonding time with my puppy niece while her mom and dad are away.    

-Ultimate leftover shrimp fried rice. The perfect pairing for bachelor Ben viewing.
-Mason jar oatmeal is on repeat for an on-the-go breakfast during these freezing mornings.
-All my favorite healthy work snacks. Can't quite make it through the workday without some. 
-Added a little zest to your hump day with the recipe for Zesty Chicken Salad (It's like really stinking good).
-Not your average brownie, coming this week!
-Hands in the air for this Maple Pecan Crusted Salmon for our B3 meal of the week. 
-I woke up for breakfast, my friends woke up for brunch, but we didn't get out of the house until lunch. So Saturday's "breakfast" turned into veggie chili from The Red Cup
-The pregame snack to my favorite brunch. 
-You know that show The Best Thing I Ever Ate, on Food Network. If I was on it, this would be my bit. The Green Eggs and Ham from Stella just get me. Creamy herb baked eggs with prosciutto. It doesn't get better.