Bites of My Life

Que post-holiday weekend depression. Friends, fireworks, sunburns and food babies, it was a splendid 4th of July in Annie world. It was a low maintenance and relaxing holiday, just what I needed. Coming up this week, we have a special roomie birthday to celebrate! This summer has been all about celebrating the big and little things. A celebration a day keeps the doctor away!
-Favorite part of my evening walks is being constantly smitten by adorable houses. This cutie had monogrammed cushions on their porch chairs, swoon.
-Fish tacos for dinner taken up a notch with grapefruit salsa and candied jalapeños! Salsa made by roasting corn, red onion and green bell pepper together mixed with cut grapefruit, salt, pepper and lime juice!
-The feedback to my Perfect Green Smoothie is making my heart smile and tummy growl! Nancy, your smoothie is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! See more green smoothie makers on my Facebook!
-Real world life=tupperware lunches.
-Got to get back together with my Yelp crew for a night of bites and wine tasting, not a bad mix!
-My bestie turned 22 and she deserved all the celebrations!
-Toasted the holiday weekend with a glass of rose' and an amazing dinner at Kitchen No. 324! Got to pick up the new issue of Edible OKC too. Look at that cover!
-A few more swings at Topgolf and I'll be ready for a real course...wishful thinking!
-#tradition. This recipe is a clear winner. 
-Ulti pool day with our new friend! 
-4th of July pre-burger bites. Spinach dip and baked artichoke pesto!
-We may not have been at the lake, but we made up for it with our 4th of July staycation!