Bites of My Life

Working on Saturdays make having Mondays off so worth it. My work schedule is a little all over the place. It has its ups and downs, but getting to sleep in, blog in my bed on Monday morning instead of late Sunday night, and getting to wake up and bake really start my week off right. Sorry this post didn't come earlier this morning, but like I said there was sleeping and baking and Today Show watching to do. 
My posts have been far and few between. I've been lucky to squeeze in one extra post alongside Monday's Bites, but its time to pick it up. I have some posts up my sleeve so be checking in this week! Also, give me a follow on Snapchat (annietucker93) for in between post bites! Today you'll find an inside scoop on my next recipe post. 
-A new load of cookbooks I get to dive into thanks to my shop mom:) Expect recipes and reviews to come!
-Maddie roomie turns 23!
-Day 2 of birthday celebrations at Third Eye Blind.
-Quick, easy and delicious coconut chicken and veggies for a home cooked Friday night dinner!
-Meet Topanga! I wish I could claim her. 
-Tropical vanilla acai bowl for a Sunday morning detox. 
-Lots of love for these wedding shower decorations. If I'm ever half as good as my mother in entertaining and decorating, I'll be happy.
-All hail these caramelized peach and lavender scones. How Sweet It Is strikes again.
-Summer Sunday supper.