Bites of My Life

Today has included the first snow of the season, the first OU basketball game, holiday baking, decorating my little house for Christmas and now snuggling up in front of the TV with a double feature of You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle. Today has been too perfect. P.S. It's currently Sunday while I'm writing this.
Before I get too ahead of myself, last week included verde turkey chili with leftovers to last all week, the "polar vortex" that blew in (making walking to class such a joy...), multiple bowls of soup, multiple cups of tea, and finally a quickie trip to Dallas to help sis find her dream wedding dress!
-Verde Turkey Chili doctored up with loads of Fritos and avocado.
-Phood for the soul.
-Homemade Irish Coffee--this is how you do happy hour when its 30 degrees out.
-When in Dallas, sit at the bar and eat fried avocado fries. 
-Breakfast at Start. A new real fast food concept in Dallas that I'm totally on-board with. I got the veggie sausage pancake sandwich. Indulgent but healthy!
-It's official, she #SYTTD! Champs cheers to finding sis's dream dress!
-Found the dress at our first stop, so it left the rest of our day in Dallas for lots of eating and lots of shopping! So, let me tell you about my new favorite restaurant, True Food Kitchen. "Honest food that tastes really good." We got the gorgonzola onion and fig tart (not-pictured), the red chili shrimp, inside out quinoa burger and Autumn Ingredient salad. Read my full review here. I'm dreaming about the chance I get to go back.
-A DOUBLE YOLK! Good luck to me. Stay tuned for what this good luck baked up!
-Woke up Sunday to little flurries filling the sky, but after a few hours, Norman quickly became blanketed in a thick layer of snow!
-Snow day soup. 
I'm now going to sleep with a spoon under my pillow at the hopes of a no-school, snow day tomorrow!  It worked! NO SCHOOL!