We Can Work It Out

So Stevie Wonder is not the point of this post, but do I love his version of The Beatles' "We Can Work It Out." His song did give me inspiration for the title of this post because I've been humming it ever since I decided to post about this new line of workout clothes by Outdoor Voices.
I can't take the credit for finding this brand because oldest sis Claire is Miss New York and is always ahead of the curve. She sent Kathleen and I a link to their site and "subtly" hinted they might make good birthday or Christmas gifts for her (noted). The three of us usually like similar things, so I too, quickly fell in love with their stuff. 

Everything looks above and beyond comfy. I love all of the light grays and heather fabrics. I'll go ahead and use my outdoor voice to tell you how much I love this stuff. 

"we can work it out, we can work it oooouuuuttt!"