DIY Yarn Gift Wrapping

I'm so excited about this little post! I am guilty of judging a book by it's cover and I'm no different when it comes to presents. I love a pretty wrapped package. Wrapping presents is one of my favorite things to do at the holidays, next to baking of course. I always helped my mom wrap presents growing up. 
For these yarn wrapped gifts, I bought kraft paper from the dollar store and different colored yarn from the craft store. Follow below for the steps on how to create your own yarn gift wrapping!
1. First take your yarn and wrap it around your package however you like. I did a cross in this example, but I also just wrapped in one direction or used a combination of colors. 
2. Now for the pom pons: For smaller pom pons, wrap the yarn several times around three or four of your fingers. For bigger pom pons, wrap yarn around your whole hand. Once it is wrapped pretty thick, slip the yarn off your fingers.
3. Cut a small piece of yarn and place it horizontally under the wrap. Tie the yarn up in a knot so it created loops on either side of the tie. Make sure you leave a little tail so you can attach the pom pon to your package. Then, cut through the loops. Here is another DIY on pom pon making.
4. Trim up your pom pon so it forms a ball shape.

{Use different colors and different sized pom pons to cluster together!} 

{Green yarn wrapped around in a cone shape to resemble a Christmas tree}
Be sure to send me pics if you use this DIY for your Christmas gifts. Happy wrapping!
xo annie